Britney Spears - Little Me (Just Yesterday)

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Just yesterday You were looking up to me And you would ask me what I thought But now I'm sitting here All alone with my tears Lookin' at my life That I've bought Where did I go? (yeah) My eyes, they will show Little me, Please forgive me I couldn't see You hurting inside

Britney Spears again baby blackout did in it just little lyrics me more one oops the time unreleased yesterday zone

listen to her voice. just listen to it. none of that autotuned bullshit jive records gives her.... just britney.
i love this song, song for my \
britney is amazing
i wish they had the entire song! its very good and soft
Aarón E R
Amo su voz real. I love her natural voice
Ala Uddin
Angelo Cabooter
leuk liedje
Aragona Lino
I can't believe this is s insane
Ariel Damasceno
amo essa musica...
Ashley Hazan
😣❤ this music
well its a good thing that she become the X Factor judge now, right?
what album is this from?
Bjorn la Tulippe
AHHHH i remember this songg. damn this was so long ago. I remember the days i just became a hardcore fan spending days behint youtube watching almost EVERY video of her. something new would pop up every day if I typed her name. chatting with other fans, finding ways to support her. collecting unreleased songs like these.. this takes me back. something my own friends will never understand, but it was such a nice time! We were a good team!
@MsCheshireKitteh yeah because she even sings \
Britney Idol
yes.... little me please forgive me I couldn't see your hurting inside!!!! \u003c3
Britney-Sandy Croft
from no album. It's unreleased.
@jerikitaxr21 He is pop not hip hop you fucking sped..
Bárbara Brilhante Guedes
Cassie B
download link?
Charlie Escumpeh
if brit made her own record label. she'd totally know how to bring old school pop music alive.
Cheshire Cat
I love this song, I sometimes wonder if she was singing about Jamie Lynn or herself. :c Her voice is amazing and this song is nice. So many of her unreleased tracks are epic!
Chloe Jones
Original doll. Original doll was an album of all her unreleased songs. but unfortunately the ablum failed to release :(
Christian Vega
Thats why shes switching Sony! Cause jive dosent recognize her writing talent!
Dani Duque
why they never let release her own songs?😢 this it's beautiful 😭😍😭😍😭
Edyta P
Magic .... her voice is wonderful :D
Flower white
AMAZING... \u003e\u003c
Oohhh God\u003c3\r\nYour songs are so emotional\u003c3\r\nI can't stop thinking your smile\u003c3\r\nI LOVE YOU BRITNEY\u003c3\r\nAnd no one can't stop this my angel\u003c3
Grace Victoria
why cant she change record label and release all of these amazing songs, honestly so unreal this song \u003c3
Jake Pearson
It was unreleased from original doll (the album that never was :( )
Jerika Ricardo
who cares about britney spears michael jackson is better cause he is the king of hip hpo
Johan Francisco AR.
WO!:...............aun que muchos hable de ti TU ERES EN REALIDAD UN \
John lohan
@salaug92 and imagine there not the full lyrics :')
Karmeli K
Did the song really ends that way..?
Kerry Appleyard
Gorgeous song! Love u Britney! :)
Klayton Montgomery
The thing I love about Britney is that she packs so much emotion in her songs, without belting her heart out.
Kyler Freeney
LiAd GuRmAn
How can it be that this song wasn't released\n
Madeleine Pickup
this sounds kinda like someday
It's for Jamie Lynne. She wrote it as a gift for her sister's birthday.
Maria Sothmann
Michelle Van
I have to give major props to you. I have to agree with you because everyone is talking about how there has to be a conspiracy to every little thing that happens in this world and they never let it be. As Britney said in the song that she controlled her life and how it was brought up, no one else.
Mitch Krause
That doesn't really make sense tho because this song was written before Jamie Lynn's pregnancy and everything. And with everything that happened in her life at the time this was written (2006) it makes sense that this is about her younger self.
Mona Jean Lisa
Oh the spelling errors...
Multi Faolan
it's very good!!!
Nadia Corso
una hermosa canción :)
Nico Regueiro
this is so sad :'(
O Jovem Griff
Roland Davis
i love britney!\u003c3
Rumeysa Haydaroğlu
It's a big mistake that it's unreleased.
Gracias por existir!!
Salvador Saenz
this song is from \
Silent moon
Her voice is amazing, and her emotions this song is just breaking everything :)\nLove Britney, i dont care she is fat or no, she is bald or no, she falled in drungs or no. Her smile,beuty, her songs is the best
I think this is just the same verse repeated to sound like a full 3 minute song but I really do love it.
Stasq T
Her music is fresh even 10+ years later ♥ I love you so much Britney ...
Summer Quartz
Does anyone know where I can get this song ? ~ although it’s unreleased ?
Tania Segales
This song is so beautiful ❤
@timmyh27 AMEN SISTER
Thaís Santos
all the songs on this album was not released it's so sad why :''(
Victor França
reminds me I Run Away and I love it
\u003eshe's actually singing to her younger self\u003c\r\n\r\nThank you!! That's what I've been sayIng for years, and people always argue with me. Imo its obviously about herself. Besides, most people dont want to be thought of as their big sister's or brother's \
A fan with the right software should take all these demos and master them :)
@MrBritneysBitch \
She wrote the song !!! I wish they release the album now
This song is dedicated to Jamie Lynn, aww ♥
danielle henderson
It just hit me when she said little me! So sad, crying nw. Love u forever Brit \u003c3 xx
britney is so talented.....i love her voice
Remenber that I sing to my baby sister this lovely song when she became pregnant at age 19 years old :'(
i always cry when i listen this song
she is singing or speaking to herself...the \
julio césar de almeida
merece fazer parte do setlist de vegas...
no, it isnt about jamie's pregnancy, brit wrote it before jamie gets preggo... i guess, before she had jayden james... i guess, cause of her relation ship with kevin.
kate santi
awwwwwwwww..I love this sonnggggg \u003c3 I am not really Brit fan but this song is amazing,.I wonder if she can do country songs coz this sound a lil country..
maria weena anonuevo
i think this song is about her talking to her inner self.. i dont think this is for her sister.
oğuzhan demir
I'm not a big fan of Britney but this song is really amazing
roxeirys romero
Awww i love this song
A very impressive and sweet ballad. Major props to Britney, the writers, and the guitarists.
saul antonio martinez luna
i love you.. britney
I agree. I've been a fan for years and I always will be, no matter what.