Evanescence - Call Me When Youre Sober (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Call Me When You're Sober" performed by EvanescenceMusic video by Evanescence performing Call Me When You're Sober. (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC

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666 the number of the beast
Adriana Martinez
2018 and this song still goes hard 👌🏽
Amy Lee - singing about her ex before Taylor Swift made it cool
Alannah A
Dare I forget that she has a baby now.
Aleksandra Perovic
Ali Johnston
This T Swift is how you make a break up song, you're welcome ;)
Ana Caroline Carpinetti
Saudades desse tempo! 2018 🇧🇷
Andreza Jesus2017
Rock é vida ❤💞💞💞
Aram Olağan
Araya Keeratikunlanat
That guy sitting across from her is so hot wtf
So Amy can be my girlfriend any day, but who is this beautiful man?!
Ben Finnell
Little red riding hood befriends the wolves.
Betty Smith
that little giggle at the end.. damn she is sexy.
Boogey Man
Amy Lee made me develop a fetish for dark haired girls with bright eyes.
Canal 2 Minutos - com Ciro Mota
Lagrimas no oceano
Canal Gentalica
She looks like the little red cape about to be eaten by the evil wolf.
I used to be in love with that man/wolf AHAHAHA I feel so embarrassed.
Cory C E Y Metal Fabrication
If she’s not the most beautiful woman alive then I don’t know who is.
Craig Smith
I really like the symbolism of Little Red Riding Hood at the head of a Wolfpack. As it should be.
Crystalyn Price
I was IN LOVE with the guy in the music video as a kid lmao
Dakota Migues
Yo I remember playing this out loud in my middle schools library during freetime just to show everyone how metal I was.
Damaris Villagra
Alguien el 31 de diciembre 2018 ? En realidad la estoy escucho mientras espero el año nuevo para empezar con el pie derecho
I miss the music from 2009 so much, \nEvenescence - Call Me when You're Sober\nParamore - Misery Buisness\nBullet for My Vallentine - Tears Don't Fall\nSystem of a Down - Chop Suey!\n\nAnd the list goes on and on....
Dudu Azevedo
uma das melhores músicas de evanescence.
Amy lee musa do Rock ... essa canção me encanta e.e
Edjane Dija
Don't cry to me\nIf you loved me\nYou would be here with me\nYou want me\nCome find me\nMake up your mind\n\nShould I let you fall, lose it all?\nSo maybe you can remember yourself\nCan't keep believing, we're only deceiving\nOurselves and I'm sick of the lie\nAnd you're too late\n\nDon't cry to me\nIf you loved me\nYou would be here with me\nYou want me\nCome find me\nMake up your mind\n\nCouldn't take the blame, sick with shame\nMust be exhausting to lose you own game\nSelfishly hated, no wonder you're jaded\nYou can't play the victim this time\nAnd you're too late\n\nSo don't cry to me\nIf you loved me\nYou would be here with me\nYou want me\nCome find me\nMake up your mind\n\nYou never call me when you're sober\nYou only want it 'cause it's over, it's over\nHow could I have burned paradise?\nHow could I? You were never mine\n\nSo don't cry to me\nIf you loved me\nYou would be here with me\nDon't lie to me\nJust get your things\nI've made up your mind
Elizabeth Hoffman
i love love that dress so much! I want a that dress.
Ernest Griego
She has such a beautiful; powerful, strong voice!
Fluox Trix Channel
Muito bom 2018 !
Franco Jesús
90 million views!!!!!!! This is art, Amy don't stop made music!!!
Gabriele Mezzadri
Grammar Police
Hevesli TV
2018 ?
Ian S
Anyone from 2019? 😆
Juan De River
Jung Hoseok
Jéssica Lourenço
Brazil ❤🇧🇷
Karina Alfionita
Who's here in 2018? 😊
Keith Foester
i still think that guy is very good looking eating the apple
Lockwood Andrea
Man... Has this song hit my core in my life!
Shaun Morgan should be flattered that she wrote this about him...
Mahdi Kalhor
2019 ?
Margarida Bueno
Saudadeees muita me inspirou muitooo curto dmais
Maria Reich
That boy is so handsome ;-;
Amy without makeup looks much better.
Mirela Silva
Brasil alguen??
Myriam Acuña
Que linda voz
Naomi Victoria
SO many memories, cant believe how long ago it was since this was released!
Natalia Oliveira
muito gótica e vampiresca sim
90's kids had the best season of musics.. Today's music can be.. ok? But nothing like the 90's and early 2000's musics..
Olivia Stogryn
I would to see her in american horror story
Quentin Lacombe
J'adore évanescence
Os olhos da amy lee são hipnotizantes !
RachelleP White
I'm 60 years old and I absolutely love EVANESCENCE! From the very beginning I fell in love. I'll be a fan forever.
Rey David Banda Herrera
cancion de mi adolesencia
Ricky Raven
A beautiful goth rock song. Amy's vocals sear right through your soul like her cat eyes.
Rusty Shackleford
When he bites into the apple 😩💦💦💦💦
2018 ❤😍
Sam Mundy
I just noticed the Beauty and the Beast element to this.
Samantha Cazier
Is it just me, or does Amy have the most beautiful voice ever?
Scott Woodham
This song helped me quit drinking
Snehartho Dey
So, this is the one written for Seether's Shaun Morgan!
I seriously can't stop watching this video. Love the video's vampirey gothic theme and song 😍
Taufiq Raffael
this video should remastered in FULL HD or 4K format.. because music video is masterpiece!
Thaileah McPeters
I use to listen to this song when I was 12 but now that I recently just had a similar experience, this song popped up in my head and now I understand it.
Goth chicks man...
Vinicius Souza
Alguem em 2019?
A girl actually won in a fight between a man and a woman.. this kicks breakdown by seether(they used to be in avrelationship)
Víctor Kasanova
Beautiful girl. :v
Warachara Upapong
The wolves are adorable in the video, I love wolves. I think they're cuter than chihuahua or tiny poodles. But thats just my opinion.
XPGaming Girl
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:32\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Yanina Ramirez
You Can Call Me Vette
You Want Me Come Find Me...\n😉 👈no middle finger emoji on my phone. Winky face will have to suffice!👉 😉
Yulia Prokhvatylo
Her eyes .... seems like they look inside of your soul 😻
i was obssed with this song when i was 14, even though nobody was calling me, neither were they drunk\ni'm now 21 and have just found this song again, but nobody is still calling me and they are neither drunk
[Rodrigues] 2001
A Amy Lee está parecendo uma pomba gira !!!
2019 and I'm still jamming to this gem of a song. Anyone else jamming with me? 👍✌️Evanescence rules! ♥️
I sorta feel like the 'Why'd you only call me when you're high' song is kinda based on this one.. :'v
She's very beautiful.
geisel henrique regis
Linda amo essa música
herpin derpin
jenny rodriguez
I miss the age of the emos
mabelyn rodriguez
She. Is. Very. Comtempery.
omar Carabantes
2018? best song
sarah marie
this was the video i saw on vh1 one sunday morning when i was seven years old that made me goth
The Open Door is their best album.
susan Gar
She reminds me of a Vampire
the real_cc
And also like can we talk about that strut down the table using her telekinesis to move all the plates and chairs like yes queen!
tota loxa
Κάλεσε με όταν συνέλθεις από τον κακό σου εγωισμο..... η ορχήστρα της να ροκαρει στον τρόμο της φωνής της Ευανεσενς σαν μια νεράιδα που πέτα με την φωνή και εκεινοι να είναι τα ξωτικά της που την προσκυνανε.
Anyone agrees that she has the sexiest wolf eyes ever? Wow.
Érika Alves
Джокер Хитмэн
2019 ...from 🇮🇶
Диана Кораблева
love this song even in 2018, even in 30 years old
Светлана Болонова
How did they make such a beautiful lip makeup???
جورج حداد حداد George Haddad Alkabeer
يلي معي في ٢٠١٩ لايك علي شكل وج حزينة