Naruto Shippuden Openings 1-20 ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀

- Opening 20 : "Kara no Kokoro" - "Anly"

7ony 2
What is your favourite op?
: v
this is song make remember my friend :(
Afif shahiran
6:08 more like Shikamaru Shippuden
Akihisa_ Yoshii
Aomine Daiki
Это одно из лучших аниме всех времён, без преувеличений.
Apurv Chaturvedi
I have seen many animes by now . There were anime which were so great and mind blowing . But Naruto is probably the only one that has a different feeling to it. True there are anime which are better than naruto but Naruto is just naruto man. It's my childhood :')
Baby Shenron
Eh porn can wait
Biswajit sahoo
Who knew that the opening which we always skip can gather 17 million views 😂
One word to describe the whole naruto series-\n*Heart-touching*
Bob Bill
Today is December 31st 2018 and watch in one year I'll be back to comment that I still love all the Naruto Shippuden Openings. \n\nOh well see you guys on December 31st 2019
Brayan M
Quien mas antes de ver el video estaba viendo parodias de openings de naruto
Cipher 032
Ah the nostalgic feeling hit me like a truck.It's feels like just yesterday we've seen a kid running around his village,yelling to everyone else that he one day will become Hokage.Now,he had achieved his dream and lead the very same village as Hokage.\n\nI feel old.
Perfect anime doesnt exis..
Denis the 8th hokage
Naruto's opening are the only ones that give you goosebumps even if you hearing them 10 year later after animes ending...
DessinSup YTB
Faisal Mustafa
Friend: Dragonball is better than Naruto.\nMe: (shows this vid)dose Dragonball have good openings, heart touching deaths, variety of moves depending on character, each character having his own style but still being able to work together fluently and good morals?
Faizal Jk
Gantz sws
Opening 1. 0:00\nOpening 2. 1:31\nOpening 3. 3:04 / 4:34 V2\nOpening 4. 6:05 / 7:37 V2\nOpening 5. 9:07 / 10:40 V2\nOpening 6. 12:10\nOpening 7. 13:43\nOpening 8. 15:15\nOpening 9. 16:46\nOpening 10. 18:16\nOpening 11. 19:48\nOpening 12. 21:19\nOpening 13. 22:49\nOpening 14. 24:20\nOpening 15. 25:49\nOpening 16. 27:20 (the bestttt)\nOpening 17. 28:51\nOpening 18. 30:22\nOpening 19. 31:52 / 33:22 / 34:52\nOpening 20. 36:21\nWhen you saw my comment 17:42 \n\ni love you too ^^
Geraldine Francis
all sakura does is cry cry cry -_- !
God Of destruction
Opening 16 the best !!
Perfect naruto
Haddar Teyer
22:49 This is the best opening :3
Hemendra Ravi
The best anime
I love op 13 so much
Itachibre Uchiha 馬鹿
Boruto's opening cannot be better than Naruto's opening, never
Happy New Years! -2019-Jan 1
Javier el senpai
Jessica Moraes
Nostalgia :)
00:00 -1op\n01:33 -2op\n03:04 -3op\n04:35- 3op(V2)\n06:07 -4op\n07:37 -4op(V2)\n09:10 -5op\n10:40 -5op(V2)\n12:13 -6op\n13:45 -7op\n15:16 -8op\n16:46 -9op\n18:18 -10op\n19:49 -11op\n21:19 -12op\n22:48 -13op\n24:19 -14op\n25:50 -15op\n27:21 -16op\n28:52 -17op\n30:23 -18op\n31:53 -19op\n33:22 -19op(V2)\n34:53 -19op(V3)\n36:22 -20op
Jose Roberto Garais
Me: No anime has a perfect list of openings that you want to sing along everytime you watch its episodes\nNaruto Shippuden: Hold that thought...
Joseph Osuntuyi
kishimoto Sensei is truly a genius
Juan Andres Umaña Gonzalez
Ya pase mas de un año escuchado esto y no me canso
Justine Respecua
Blue Bird😍😍
Kai K
Obito is the guy that destroy the world bcuz his gf died right?
00:01 OP 1\r\n01:31 OP 2\r\n03:03 OP 3v1\r\n04:34 OP 3v2\r\n06:06 OP 4v1\r\n07:36 OP 4v2\r\n09:08 OP 5v1\r\n10:39 OP 5v2\r\n12:12 OP 6\r\n13:43 OP 7\r\n15:14 OP 8\r\n16:46 OP 9\r\n18:16 OP 10\r\n19:48 OP 11\r\n21:19 OP 12\r\n22:49 OP 13\r\n24:19 OP 14\r\n25:49 OP 15\r\n27:20 OP 16\r\n28:52 OP 17\r\n30:23 OP 18\r\n31:52 OP 19v1\r\n33:22 OP 19v2\r\n34:51 OP 19v3\r\n36:21 OP 20\r\nThank me later
Keslley Pereira
Lean 411
Like si lloraste al recordar a todos los openings :')
Lee Sin The Blind Monk
14:00 wtf is this flute doing here
Luis Angelo Antoni
it's 2019 and I'm watching this
Luis Arévalo
LáSt ŪçhïHã
2019 finished Shippuden.. 5 times\nStill cried.. for Jiraiya.. Shisui.. Itachi.. Minato.. Kushina... Obito.. and more \nSuch Heart Touching Series.
Manzoul 101
Is Sakura sad in every opening??
Mario Veđić
00:01 OP 1\n01:31 OP 2\n03:03 OP 3v1\n04:34 OP 3v2\n06:06 OP 4v1\n07:36 OP 4v2\n09:08 OP 5v1\n10:39 OP 5v2\n12:12 OP 6\n13:43 OP 7\n15:14 OP 8\n16:46 OP 9\n18:16 OP 10\n19:48 OP 11\n21:19 OP 12\n22:49 OP 13\n24:19 OP 14\n25:49 OP 15\n27:20 OP 16\n28:52 OP 17\n30:23 OP 18\n31:52 OP 19v1\n33:22 OP 19v2\n34:51 OP 19v3\n36:21 OP 20\nThank me later
Maurice Lehmann
My absolute hate opening is the first one. Like if u r the same opinion
Mr Man
U guys remember when we were scared of the akatsuki
Nexxen Carlos
Hero's Come Back is my favorite one 😍
OSWALDO gamers
All i know
Pok Piyarat
2019. ❤️💕👍😎👍💕❤️
Potatoes Godgamer
Naruto is better than boruto\nWho agree with me?
Naruto openings\n1. 0:00\n2. 1:32\n3. V1 3:04\nV2 4:33\n4. V1 6:07\nV2 7:37\n5. V1 9:09\nV2 10:40\n6. 12:12\n7. 13:45\n8. 15:15\n9. 16:47\n10. 18:17\n11. 19:49\n12. 21:19\n13. 22:49\n14. 24:20\n15. 25:50\n16. 27:20\n17. 28:51\n18. 30:23\n19. V1 31:52\nV2 33:22\nV3 34:51\n20. 36:21
Raider R 150
Naruto best of the best world anime
Rin Okùmura
Opening 20 really makes me cry. Because its Naruto's last Opening plus if you look at it, THEY ARE ALL GROWN UP. NARUTO BECAME THE HOKAGE, THEY ALL HAVE THEIR OWN FAMILIES, TENTEN FINALLY HAD HER SCREEN TIME. its just so sad : l
Ryan Kurniawan Danil
I Love Naruto
Salvador Mapping
Sam Bruh
Kana boon can’t stop I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH
Isn’t it funny to sing Japanese 😂😂
Saunoa Sa'u
February 2019? \n\n\n\n\n.(ΘεΘ;)
Shaine Sarmiento
Still watching!!! 2019 :))
Shitty Name
Me screaming: YOU ARE MY FRIEND
I will remember. I promised myself that my children would watch Naruto.
Sofia Castrillon
Sylvia Sylv
12:12 , 27:20 , the best opening
TSM Richard
The Crytozz Gaming
13:44 It's The Best Song Ever 😭\nM e m o r i e s
Top Striker
Only 1 word to describe this whole series \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWonderfull
Tyreke Taylor
These songs would not be so catchy without the animation
Villian Naruto
Naruto will always live on, even now in 2019
Wendy Choi
Am I the only one that likes op 14 Tsuki no Ōkisa
Wolf O’ Donnell
Memories :)
ahmad farrabbi
Perfect anime doesnt exis..
ash 07
where did you get the opening 18 creditless ?
bryan xxxplayer
2019? rs
erti rakipaj
When I listened to op 20 and saw all the characters grown up I suddenly remembered all the hardships that Naruto endured to get there.
iAteYour Cupcakes
2019. A new year spent well.
The characters in the story of Naruto is really the best
itz Joshua
Were the 2019 squad at also\n\nBest anime
ja boi
now waiting to see how boruto is gonna evolve\n*o and ofc badass sarada*
joselin castro
este video es para cantar a todo pulmon aunque no te las sepas
maty fire :v
Sometimes i wonder...\n\n\n\n\nWhy did they call that anime naruto shippuden if this anime is called finding sasuke
neo animations
There are a lot of good anime but naruto is the best when it comes to lessons
rasen shuriken
33:10 Team 7 are back!!!\nIt time for their final and last mission!
reidasya laura 2
I love opening 16
rudowski estrada
13:47 \u003c3 like if you are watching it in 2019
steven 10
2\n 0\n 1\n 9\n ?
thumb fury
2019 ..still watching this
zerro glax
Рептилоид из Нибиру
00:00 -1op\n01:33 -2op\n03:04 -3op\n04:35- 3op(V2)\n06:07 -4op\n07:37 -4op(V2)\n09:10 -5op\n10:40 -5op(V2)\n12:13 -6op\n13:45 -7op\n15:16 -8op\n16:46 -9op\n18:18 -10op\n19:49 -11op\n21:19 -12op\n22:48 -13op\n24:19 -14op\n25:50 -15op\n27:21 -16op\n28:52 -17op\n30:23 -18op\n31:53 -19op\n33:22 -19op(V2)\n34:53 -19op(V3)\n36:22 -20op
евген круть
Эххх наруто наруто........ (Кто русский лайк)
•Andy •
When shippuden finally came i was so fkin hyped during first OP, man i want to relive the feeling
Doutor: vc só tem 38 minutos de vida!\nEu: Naruto Shippuden Openings 1- 20\n\nDoctor: You only have 38 minutes to live!\nMe: Naruto Shippuden Openings 1-20