Top 10 Strongest Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Characters

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Al is stronger than Ed, Ed even mentions that
You forgot Kimblee. Kimblee is a badass.
Aldo Cool
Ed shouldn't be in top 10 strongest. Except he use philosopher like Al maybe he can be included. Scar far more powerful than Ed. And when Ed got his hand back, it make him little bit weaker since he can shield any attacks using his automail hands. Pride in no 2??? What??? Two homunculus Mustang can't beat are Father because of his godly power and King Bradly with his super speed. Even tough Pride is so powerful with his shadow attack but his movement is slow (same with other homunculus except King) . That's why Mustang can turn him into ash if they have a duel.
Alfredo Izg
huge misconception, edward has stated alphonse is stronger than him
Andre Vieira
Al became stronger than ed after learning how to do alchemy without a circle
Andy C.G McCandless
And all the Nanatsu no Taizai\
Izumi Curtis? Oliver Mira Armstrong ?
Babba Gabri
If everyone is in their peak condition the list should go like this\n1. Father\n2. wrath\n3. hohenheim\n4. pride\n5. Izumi\n6. Scar\n7. Mustang\n8. Ed\n9. Greeling\n10. Al\n11. Alex Armstrong\n12. Lust\n13. Olivier\n14. Envy\n15. Lan fan/her grandfather
Bady !
how you gonna put the main character low on the list
Big Marf
1. Father\n2. Hoenhiem\n3. Pride\n4. Mustang\n5. Wrath\n6. Scar\n7. Greed\n8. Izumi\n9. Edward\n10. Alphonse
Y they never made a fighting game of this series
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cool list
Blue Dragon
Place Hohenheim at place 2 and Roy Mustang at 3.Also Scar is stronger than both the Elric brothers.
Blue Star
Lmao where winry s\nShe took out Ed war and al at the same time with a wrench lol
alphonse shouldnt even be top 10.
Boves Z
edward is not strong. He wins over viewers due to his charisma but in terms of actual battle strength he is among the weakest alchemists (out of the main/recurring characters) in the series.
Top 10 Homunculi:\n10.Mannequin Soldiers\n9.Gluttony\n8.Envy\n7.Greed\n6.Sloth\n5.Lust\n4.Greedling\n3.Wrath\n2.Pride\n1.Father
Caleb Williams
First Edward beat Pride and Father and how do you have Alex but no Olivier and Izumi is stronger then both of them.
1.Father 2.King Bradley 3.Pride 4.Van Hohenheim 5.scar 6.roy mustang 7.Kimblee\n8.armstrong 9.Greed 10.Edward Elric
Connor Clemmons
Remember guys, this is video is all about his opinion, which obviously isn't that accurate considering there aren't even some of the strongest characters on here. This is more than likely a \
Corey Toomey
I don't think the Elric brothers should be on this list. (It's fitting anyway. They only sought to get their bodies back, not become the strongest. They were always surrounded by people who could kill them without breaking a sweat.)
It's even shown in the anime that Olivier is stronger than Alex, as much as it pains me. This list is obviously of \
Da Juice
Mustang is the strongest human
Dank Memes
I honestly think healthy Mustang should be No.2.\n\nWhen he went 1 on 1 with Lust he killed her without her even touching him, even after having enormous internal damage and burning a massive stab wound closed.\n\nHe also absolutely dominated Envy and would have easily killed Envy if Hawkeye hadn't stopped him.\n\nThe only person I think Mustang couldn't beat when at peak physical condition is Father after he acquired God.
Dany Elric
Echo en falta a Izumi Curtis, Olivier Mira Armstrong y Lan Fan ellas también son muy fuertes y yo creo que también merecen un puesto, sobretodo las dos primeras.
Daphne Chi
Where's truth and WHY NO FEMALE CHARACTERS!!!!!
Deegan DeLoof
Personally would switch Greed to 7 and put Alphonse at 10. I'd also put Izumi at 9 at Scar at 8, as well as put Van Hohenheim above Bradley.
How is Ed and Al stronger than Scar when Scar took them both on by himself?
Bradley stronger than Hoenheim? Bull shit. and that's just the start! Don't even get me started on Ed being 6th and Izumi not being on the list bro!
Wrath over Van Hohenheim? Are you serious?
Fun Siong Lim
My list. 1. Truth 2. Father 3. Hohehiem 4. Wrath 5. Pride 6. Izumi 7. Mustang 8. Edward 9. Alphonse 10. Scar. Honourable mention: Greeling, Alex Louis Armstrong, May Fan. I am amazed that besides these 13 characters, there are so many other characters that aren't far behind too.
Futsu Kushii
And none of the uber badass female characters made it...hmmm. I'd say Olivier, Lan Fan, and Izumi were some of the strongest characters in the series. Period.
Top 5 should be \n5. Hoemheim\n4. King Bradley / Wrath\n3. Selim Bradley / Pride\n2. Father\n3. The Thruth
I think Greed should have been a bit higher, same with Mustang. I think he could have beaten Wrath.
dont agree with scar at 9th place.\nhe is way stronger then greed...\nwhen was the last time that greed beat someone?
Truth better be no.1
Haley Garvin
(Note: Reason Ed is so high up is because he took out a lot of villains)My Opinion:\n10.Alex\n9.Oliver\n8.Scar\n7.Wrath\n6.Izumi\n5.Mustang\n4.Alphonse\n3.Hoenheim\n2.Edward\n1.Father
Harsh Panwar
My list would be-:\n\n10. Izumi \n9. Kimblee \n8. Al\n7. Ed \n6. Mustang \n5. Greed \n4. Wrath \n3. Pride \n2. Hohenheim '\n1. Father
Hepiniz Kudurun
10.Olivier Mira Armstrong\n9.Lan Fan\n8.Izumi Curtis\n7.Ling Yao/Greed\n6.Pride\n5.Roy Mustang\n4.Wrath\n3.Van Hohenheim \n2.Homunculus (Father)\n1.The Truth (God Universe Earth etc)
Holy Matrix
I'm pretty sure Al, Ed, Mustang, and Scar are pretty strong.
Hyean Seok Noh
No way in hell is Edward stronger than Armstrong, and he's at the bottom of the list
I'm obsessed with anime
Why such gore?!... This is only rated 12 and up! 😶
IAN 4000
The top five strongest characters are more like \n5. Pride or Bradley\n4. Mustang\n3. Hohenheim\n2. Dwarf in the flask / Father\n1. Truth
Ismail hussein
This list is so inaccurate since truth is basically a god in full metal alchemist so why is he not number 1
Jared A
wheres Ling-Greed? King Bradley should be No.1 just by the impression of fear he put into others. Even the scene when Edward first became a State Alchemist, you see Bradley walking away as Edward's weapon falls apart you know he was the real deal. Mustang is one of my favorite characters I think top 5 is appropriate for him. but really come on Ling-Greed????
Jimbob z
Why do people seem to think Edward is stronger then al?\nEd stated himself that alphonse is stronger then him.\n\nthe list wasn't half bad but I would of swapped Edward, al and pride, king bradley.
Jun Aid
I think \nLujon( Scar's Brother ) is the strongest character in Fma/Fmab. \nHe was the first one to discover the door of the truth. \nHe has discovered the best alchemist.
Kinta Shinobi
Bradley over Van????????????????????????????
True top 10 strongest in FMA brotherhood.\n10. Greed/ling\n9. Elric \n8. Olivier \n7. Izumi\n6. Scar\n5. Mustang\n4. Hohenheim\n3. Bradley\n2. Pride\n1. Father\n\nGreed/ling and Elric is arguable, so is Izumi vs Scar and Hohenheim vs Bradley.
Marcus shelton
How Is Edward Number six And Father number one but Edward beat Father...
Decent list, but the Truth should be number 1. The Truth is without debut the most powerful FMA character, after him there are Father, Pride, King Bradley/Wrath and Van Hohenheim, the rest is ok
Mika van Hasselt
Alphonse is stronger than Edward, Olivier Izumi and Ling are missing and Hohenheim should be number 2
Moving Shadow
WTF, where are Izumi, Lan Fan and OLIVIEEEER ???\nAnd Father cannot be the number 1, 'cause he is just defeated at the end of the anime ^-
Navadra Froohar
1) Father\n2) Mustang -- Mustang had like philosopher stone level alchemy, but never had a philosopher stone, even Father said fighting him would have made things rather problematic. Think about it, Lust and Envy weren't even a challenge for him. \n3) Pride\n4) Hoenheim -- I don't think he could have beat Pride or Mustang even with his philosopher's stone, he himself said he wasn't the best fighter. But I also don't think Wrath would have had the sheer power to actually kill him. \n5) Wrath  \n6) Scar -- especially when he got his 2nd arm\n7) Teacher-- She's obviously stronger than Ed and Al, at least that's the way she was portrayed, I can't believe she wasn't on the list... She could have definitely kicked Armstrong's ass. \n8) Alphonse\n9) Ed -- Alphonse and Ed are both pretty formidable but Al get's the upper hand because he was a suit of armor\n10) Greeling - Original greed sucked, but greeling was a great combo\n\nAnd remember, I'm basing this list on fighting strength... not alchemy skill or anything like that. Ed was probably the best alchemist. His knowledge surpassed even Father's... But if we're talking fighting strength, Izumi threw Sloth into the air, Ed couldn't do that. Ed consistently got his ass handed to him by the Homunculi. 
izumi shouldve been on ths i dont remember much but i think she bested the elrics in combat and was also an alchemy master and yeah. she had the disadvantage of puking blood but that still didnt deter her THAT much.\n+hohenheim should be equal to father in power since theyre both philosophers stones and father only had his fancy god powers for a short while + still lost sooo why is he the strongest one again
Noel Conde
ed and al are not in the top 10. Ling, izumi and olivier are stronger than them
I must disagree with this a bit, sure Father is powerful but who kicked his ass in the end? EDWARD!!!!!!!! 
Paolo Pargas
No Izumi. And you also put Hohenheim below Bradley and Pride.........
Paul Till
10 Envy - sneaky and tank at the same time\n9 Izumi - all around awesome\n8 Greed - best defense, worst offense\n7 Edward - got some pretty cool moves\n6 Mustang - best offense, worst defense, all though he isn't bad at hand to hand.\n5 SCAR - hes almost on par with wrath!!!\n4 Wrath - fastest\n3 Pride - op\n2 Hoenheim - no comment\n1 Father - no comment\nand a special honor to hawkeye for being awesome, cute and by far the best non-super-human\\being\\entity
Where is Olivier?
Queen of Spades
Don't take personally what I'm going to say cause everyone has its own opinion and your vid was great!\nI think Roy should be before Wrath and even before Pride because he would just have to use his flame and they would both be dead. Pride was even relieved when he learned that Roy had lost his vision. Ok, he has an handicap with the rain, but still. Before the \
Ryê Ryê
\nmy opinion!\n10 ten overall\n\n1. Father - nuf said, plus created homunculus \n2. Van hoenheim - like father, but human limits\n3. Izumi Curtis - badass alchemy second to only Van\n4. Roy mustang - flame alchemy is beast in this series\n5. Pride - strongest homunculus Bc super shadow tentacles\n6. Wrath - if at prime \n7. Scar - with or without new alchemy arm\n8. edward - holds back too much, but naturally a great fighter \n9. Al -pawned pride and kimblee with philosophers stone lol\n10. May Chang - incredible melee fighting plus powerful healing/destructive/defensive , short and long range alchemy plus traps
scar should be higher. hes strongest than greed , ed, and alphonse for sure
so Alex louis is stronger than envy?
Sharath SH
My fav is Mustang........
Shizuka Yuuki
thats meh man edward elric WOOHOO! and alphonse goooood they are cute!!! alphonse is so cute like SCREW SCIENCE! ARMOR CAN CRY XD
Silas XXX
That is not realistic
Snydpython 16
what about their teacher, she seemed stronger than ed and al, also what about olivier? Even though she wasn't a humonculis or an alchemist she was pretty strong
Sora NightRaven
Imo, father is the weakest... He needs to rely on god power to be strong or people living power to get even stronger... He's garbage with a weak spirit.. He needs to deny his own feelings to be stronger and still got beaten by mere human without alchemy...
Hey People My Fav Fma Character is Winry:) I Think That Roy Should Have Been #2. \n\n\nI Mean Hes ROY MUSTANG \n\n\nRed Orange Yellow Are Warm Colors And ROY Is Rhe Flame AlChemist R,o,y For Warm Colors ROY Mustang\n
Surgeon Of Death
Greed should be no.6
Sushant Deo
1. Father\n2. Van Hohenheim\n3. Roy Mustang (pride himself stated that he can't take on mustang and when he was attacked by fuhrer he wasn't ready and after seeing the truth there is no chance for fuhrer)\n4. Fuhrer Bradley\n5. Pride\n6. Envy\n7. Izumi Curtis\n8. Scar\n9. Sloth\n10. Greeling
No Olivier Armstrong?! She's probably one of the strongest non alchemist/homonculis characters in the series.
Trinityx eminA
alphonsr isnt stronger than scar
Countdown lists are opinion-based, but are completely useless without reasoning behind them.
Tugulan LucaMihai
Innacurate af ,that's better :\n1. Father\n2. Hohenhiem\n3. Pride\n4. Wrath\n5. Mustang\n6. Scar\n7. Greed\n8. Izumi\n9. Edward\n10. Kimble
Tyler Pham
Al only got those sick moves because he had a philosopher's stone
1. Truth\n2. Father\n3. King Bradley\n4. Pride\n5. Scar\n6. Greed / Ling Yao\n7. Roy Mustang\n8. Van Hohenheim\n9. Izumi Curtis\n10. Alex Louis Armstrong / Edward Elric\n11. Alphonse Elric\n12. Solf J. Kimblee\n13. Envy\n14. Lan Fan\n15. Gluttony\n16. Olivier Mira Armstrong / Isaac McDougal\n17. Fu\n18. Mr. Hawkeye\n19. Lust\n20. Sloth\n21. Darius\n22. Heinkel\n23. Slicer Brothers\n24. Jerso\n25. Zampano \n26. Captain Buccaneer\n27. Riza Hawkeye\n28. Maes Hughes\n29. Barry The Chopper\n30. Sid Curtis
Utkan Aktaş
Scar absouletly more powerfull than Greed... Without Lin's technics .. Greed is probably dead against Scar. Scar also better than Alphonse.. In that video all Alphonse's abilities comes from Philosopher's Stone ..\n\nAlso Roy Mustang's flames are powerfull but himself is not that much... In total Edward\u003eMustang\n\nAnd Hohenheim woulld be beat Bradley and Pride easily... C'Mon\n\nAnd Izumi Curtis way Stronger than Armstrong.. Remember Sloth event..
1. Father\n2. Hohenheim\n3. Pride\n4. Wrath\n5. Mustang\n6. Greeling\n7. Scar\n8. Izumi\n9. Alphonse (Philosophers Stone)\n10. Edward
Yoon Kang
Hohenheim is definitely no. 2. He was father's alter ego and was a philosopher's stone of the same strength. \nOlivier beat her brother so should be up there, and Izumi is probably stronger than greed
Zachary Justice
this list is so inaccurate
I think you should switch 6 and 7 (6: Edward Elric) (7: Alphonse Elric) Because in the anime it says that Edward spars with Alphonse and he could never beat him.
ali mohmmed
I think we all established that father is not the strongest. (the truth is the strongest)
wait hohenhiem should be second. I'm pretty sure he can beat bradley and Pride(depending on the circumstances).
Hohenheim not in the top 3?! I call BS on this one. He could solo practically anyone he wanted to except Father, against whom he'd just recruit his sons to fight with him.\n\nHere's what I believe to be the *true* top 10 strongest:\n\n1. Father (he practically became God for a little while - HAX to the MAX)\n2. Hohenheim (dude is AWESOME with his Philosopher's Stones & is capable of hands-free alchemy which is very haxed)\n3. Bradley (speed blitz + insane reflexes + Ultimate Eye = incredibly OP; only weakness is lack of regeneration)\n4. Pride (OP when shadows are around, but useless when surrounded in 100% light or 100% darkness)\n5. Mustang (uses flame alchemy; OP except when it's raining or otherwise wet)\n6. Izumi Curtis (insane durability + AMAZING with alchemy; Ed and Al's teacher)\n7. Scar (If he gets you with his right hand, you're dead. Very fast as well.)\n8. Alphonse (isn't overly skilled with alchemy, but is immortal as long as his blood seal remains intact)\n9. Edward (great with alchemy + very durable, but goes nuts when called a \
dark panda
My list:\n1. The truth\n2. Father\n3. Van Hohenheim ( Mind controlled alchemy, large number of souls, super genius.) \n4. King Bradley (only has one soul but pretty much invincible if he uses his\
emma henlo
I think Oliver and Izumi deserve a spot on this list
I honestly believe that Mustang could defeat Pride due to his flame alchemy
just a buffoon with sharingan
Father\nHohenheim\nPride\nWrath\nGreed\nRoy mustang\nIzumi\nEnvy\nScar\nElric brothers
wait isnt alphones stronger than edward??
My opinion\n10/9.Edward and Alphonse Elric (they only good alchemist's because they saw the truth)\n8.Greed (Greed had the carbon skin thing and can regenerate)\n7.Alex louis Armstrong (Alex took on sloth and scar and did a good job at it too)\n6.Scar (Scar killed many state alchemists like it was nothing, and has unique alchemy which ''father'' couldn't even stop)\n5.Pride (Pride is a killer, but he has a big weakness which makes him less strong)\n4. Roy Mustang (Roy is not called the flame alchemist  for nothing)\n3.Furher Bradley (Bradley is a mad man. Nought said.)\n2.''father'' (''father'' is only strong because he uses people for scarifies, but he is strong)\n1. Van Hohenheim ( Van is a living philosopher stone and to add on his alchemy is different like Scars. Van could of beaten ''father'' easily, but he didn't want to fight. And ''father'' already drained out most of Van's power to use for himself)\n\nand the exception= the Truth
\u003ehohenheim weaker than wrath and pride\ninstantly closed the video
scar the best
some one
honestly i dont agree with this list at all so this is my top ten \n\n10 azumi curtis\n9 edward elric\n8 oliver armstrong\n7 alphonse elric with the stone \n6 scar\n5 king bradley\n4 mustang\n3 pride\n2 hoenhein i know i spelt that wrong\n1 father
thomas gradiz
What about ling's greed
ur fav ikonic
where is izumi?? I'm disappointed
Ντέμ Ντέμ
Mustang \u003c3