Linkin Park - RED SQUARE 2011 (Full Concert) Transformers III

Transformers 3 PremiereJune 23, 2011Moscow, RussiaRed SquareSetlist:New DividePapercut Given UpFaintEmpty Spaces When They Come For Me No More SorrowJornada Del Muerto Waiting For The End NumbBreaking The HabitFallout The Catalyst Crawling In The End Wisdom, Justice, And Love IridescentWhat I've DoneBleed It Out Show Notes:This is the first time that Linkin Park has used pyro since 2004. At the beginning of the show, fireworks went off before 'New Divide' kicked in.The band performed a new intro to 'New Divide' for the first time, which was an extended, sampled instrumental piece from the song. This was just the third time 'New Divide' opened a show - once before at the "A Thousand Suns" release show in New York City in 2010 and once in Detroit, MI in 2011.Joe messed up a sample on the 'New Divide' intro.Russian fans participated in a flash mob during the show. Fans made signs saying "Wisdom", "Justice", and "Love" and held them up first during 'The Radiance' and then during 'Wisdom, Justice, And Love'. Linkin Park posted a picture on their Instagram after the show.'One Step Closer' was on the setlist after 'Crawling' but was dropped for an unknown reason. Linkin Park posted a picture of the setlist on Instagram before the show that included the song. 'Crawling' was originally listed as being after 'Breaking The Habit' but on the final setlist it was moved down to after 'The Catalyst'.During the bridge of 'Bleed It Out' Mike rapped verse 1 of 'A Place For My Head' followed by Chester singing the bridge. Debuts:For the first time, LP played the remix version of 'Iridescent' (found on the Transformers 3 soundtrack) live and labeled it the "Energy Up Version" on their setlist. Other Notes:The show at the Red Square was free, but fans had to get wrist ribbons to attend. Not everyone was able to secure one (since they were limited), so that's why more fans couldn't attend. LP did several flyaway contests for fans as well.The band worked with Michael Bay to design a Transformers-themed stage.

Linkin Park Moscow Red Square Russia Transformers III

Akash Budathoki
Whoever recorded this is an angel 😍😍😍
Beverly Bassitt
Badass, love it!
Carla Gonçalves
i love you chester ele cantava muito ♡
Cep handtherhad Handtherhad
wow that genius .. recorded and using different audio(from full official video) or your using op theater camera ?
Kshitij Yadav
Look at the beautiful soul at 33:58.
Mary Jane The Chef
Love this one
people who arent Linkin Park fans will look at the mtv version of this and think thats computers or mtv used playback hes not that good live but then watch this fan recording and realise that its the exact same and hes just THAT DAMN GOOD!
He doesn't sound very good live but he's still a great singer R.I.P
Viswanath Subramani
Amazing vid
mithu bhadra
How classic show. Thank you.
nuj odnaroll
good damn.. miss dis man.. bless with such an awesome talent.. love u bro
Александра Свидерская
Аж дух захватывает! Спасибо!!!