Little Britney Spears - Just Dance

Britney has always been an amazing dancer... like seriously AMAZING!Anyways, I just found these cute clips of little Brit-Brit dancing and I thought I'd make a video.The song is Just Dance by Lady GaGa.P.S I know it's been forvere since I made a new video, I'm so sorry!But my computer has been broken for eternity lol and now it's finally fixed.So I hope you like it :)DISCLAIMER: This video I have made is purely for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended upon the respective owners.

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Cute Britney \u003c3 She is the best!
Brigitte Katie Lodge
She was good at dancing yes. I think I invented a dance to this song one time. It is by Lady Gaga.
Charlene Zacks
She USED to have talent. What happened?
Chris Aina
ok first off i couldn't do half of that when i was like 9 , also why couldn't BRIT BRIT keep her lovely long brown locks, also i liked how brit looked the most natural out of the other girls in that dance studio who already had curls, and lipstick and bows, it's a darn dance rehearsal see brit always comes to do the job commitment even after 13 years nonetheless impeccable dancing through the years
Cp MooN
isn't that funny? people that 'hate' Britney to death but still came to watch her videos and then made hate comments...
I dont wanna think what it s talent for you just look at her older videos she had a voice comparable to CA in her early years, plus some nice dancing skills so your comment it s invalid.
Diego Monte
Desde de muito pequena, já sambando na cara da sociedade. Go Queen Brit \u003c3
She's was so cute as a little child.
Fabiana Santos
2:04 training to 2000 vma's \u003c3
one in a billion brightest britney
Goku Son
the best
I used to dance on that same stage at :14 and :22.
Inori Belrose
wow amazing HD haha
Jenny Spears
so cool as video but the song of lady gag is not really appropriate lol
Kifujin Kitade
well \
Ksuha Vlasova
Она однозначно заслужила звание \
see where passion and talent can take you? she's a f*ing superstar and deserves the title! whoever doesn't agree should see this. who else can still see that love of dancing in her eyes? she doesn't have to be all over the stage and have killer abs (im so jealous) to be great. fans can see what she's done so far and anticipate what's coming next. she's always surprising everyone with different things. her charity work as well. ever heard about that? nope, the media sees the bad & focuses on that
She was an amazing athlete !
britney + gaga = \u003c3333
really,she was a star to begin withy..right?
@futurestar94britfan \ni thought she had a dark ginger hair back then..
Pedro Mendonça
Com tanta música ÓTIMA da Britney, pegaram uma da Gaga. KKKKKK. Poxa.... Que bruxaria é essa?
Rashanda Grier
britney rocks.
************NEVER HAD A CHILDHOOD***************
Stars shinebrite
Wow. Britney has always been the same. Just like Beyonce has always had that attitude and groove since a child. I guess you have to be born with it
That girl was Born to be a Star
I love both Britney and Gaga. Both are extremely talented in their own way.
Wan Shou
Bitch , please!
2:07-2:10 You can see on her face that she's in the zone, LOL! She was always a star and always will be.
I just noticed, why is Gaga singing?
she's really a typical shy kid back then and even now she's still has that shyness...^_^
Damn cute::) The girls was a star from the beginning. She was ment to be.
julie w
I freaking love her! She has always been the best dancer since she was a baby! And today you see her doing freaking awesome at Slave on The Femme Fatale tour! Love you Brit Brit!!!! \u003c33333
best female dancer ever :|
karla diaz
When you look at this, you realise that in reality she didn't choose to be famous, it really was her destiny, so it's unfair when people say that she should put up with everything she put up with because she chose that life.
you dont know what the hell your talking about . your probably just jealous cause u cant dance !
shortname able
omg you must be a b*tch for saying that about britney your just jealous that your not a pop icon or be the only young artist with an album on number 1 or the first artist ever to have all her albums on the 1 and 2 place
sinhue herrera
OMG THAT BITCH IS FAT AND SHE DANCE LIKE A ROBOT!! she is just a bad dancer!
vanesa del rosario
hmmmm..Britney has no talent?What do you think she caters to people if she has no might be blind tough
Çokkk Saçma
awww i love her! she is amazing!