Britney Spears and little sister Jamie Lynn Spears - Teen Choice Awards 2002 HQ

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Britney Spears and her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears - Teen Choice Awards 2002 HQ

101 2002 Awards Britney Choice Circus HD HQ Jamie Lynn Spears Teen and award baby final little oops sister zoey

lol when Britney was hot.
Agustina Ostriniuk
I BORN IN 2002😂
Could barely hear anything with all the screaming.
Amanda Lucid
Y'all are babies in these comments.
Aq Ua
I wasn't even born😂
Bengisu Arıkan
I was one when this happened
Look at toby xD he was famous back then xD
Brandy Clark
i was 7 yrs old, my little sister was 1, and my older brother was 10!!
OMG how old is this!!
Cino from 93
I was 9 when this happened.
Colton Greninger
i was born!
Constanza Marín
I was 15 :O nooooooo I'm old xD I remember this =) I love them
DJ Tanner
Lmao her little purse
It took hundreds of Tobey Mcguires to make the movie (spiderman). I guess cloning is real
Dian Flowers
i was 11 then...
Elizabeth C
I was 14 then
Ellie Frauhiger
I was 3 in 2002☺
I ship Tobey and Britney
Aww how adorable, sisters forever! I have an older sister as well whose 6 years older than me, it definitely has its advantages. :)
Jamie looks like a little sweetheart shes beautiful today too
Did anyone notice Toby kept glancing at Britney🤔🤔🤔
Gemma Aboagye
i was 14 years old at the time. awwww Britney and Jamie Lynn. She was 10 years old she's now 24.
I was 2 back then and now I am 14 almost a freshman in high school in 2 weeks
Guillermo Sanchez
I knew that Britney Spears was too similar to the Zoey 101 girl and now i know it was her little sister
Hanna Sandoval
Lol, you know its the early 2000s when you hear Nickelback playing in the background.
Hey Pyre
I was 5 years old. It's so crazy how they grow up so fast!!
Isabela Velásquez
I was 1 year old
Jarl Lillebø
Whoa, whats with all the age declarations? :P I was 16.. Stop making me feel old :p
I was 5 when this happened... whoa...
JordanBeauty 3
I was an undeveloped egg in my mothers stomach when this happened ☺😂
Joseph Calderon
These two make me sick, acting like they're so above themselves. they didn't even the decency or courtesy to congratulate tobey on his award or even applaud after he gave his acceptance speech. all these two drama queens obviously was only concerned about being the center of attention while they're on the stage.
Julia Ortega
Britney spears was just trying to take the spotlight
Kelly Nguyen
I was 1 year old...
Kevin Mankey - Burke
Love The Video. Funzy ( Funny And Tinzy At The Same Time. Tinzy Means Cool and Very Exciting Both. Thanks For Asking , If You Did. )
Kiitan Lucas
At 2002 I was 1
Kristan Rae Stops
lol Toby like totally was talking to Brit like maybe he likes tried hitting on her, she totally like didn't show any facial expressions or they had a thing LOLOL
i was 6 and who knew that britney was had an little sister i must not be paying attintion whopps
Latifa Lamya
Ohhh so they are sisters
So about these bath pictures?
M Skyhiigh
Anyone notice the wink that Britney passed Toby on the stage? lol
Mae Heins
I'm laughing so hard I feel so old omg
Malina Shaee
ahhh 2002 dont we miss you i was 8
Maximal Maximum
Wow. Britney was like so mature here. And only a few years later she was like a crazy teenager that doesn’t want to listen. It is like she jumped from a mature beautiful woman about 10 years back in time and became a teenager again. 1998 - 2003 Britney will always be the best....
Michelle Medeiros
Omg I remember this!! I was 10, I feel so old!
Midnight Owl
Jamie is adorable here.
Miku Hatsune
Awww they're so cute
Miranda Martinez
Haha wow I can hear a country accent kind of coming from the both, wow! But cool haha
Mylaa Clark
Little did she know she was gonna be a teen mom. 😎😎😎
Nevaeh & veronique
I remember this I was waiting all March to c that I was 6 or 7
Nicole Watterson
And then she got pregnant at 16..
They're so cute! Teen Britney is arguably one of the most beautiful and sexiest girls alive. Jamie looks so much like Britney, but Britney's still prettier tbh. I was only 5 when this happened.
Pandora Terri
Britney Spears I think you're great I love your music and I'm 8 years old I turn 8 years old on 8
Pixel Doll
I was 5 c':
Rachael Jordan
I was 4 holy crap.
Rachel Vandenberg
I was 1
This happened the year I was born
Robert Paul
Ahh.. the early 2000's...a much simpler time how I miss it
Ruby Crockett
I wasn't born yet
Samantha Hart
So cute I die
Simone Ester Taylor
É incrível como as duas irmãs se parecem! Parecem gêmeas! Lindas!
Simply Kate
I was born.
Sofia Alfaro
i was 22 when this happened and now i'm 11
The 2002 TCAs were held on August 4th.\n\nI was 11 turning 12 later that year.
Tami Guin
I was not even born then.
Venus Spa
Jamie was so cute here!
In 2002 i was like 2 months old, wow i was so small, oh memories.
Veronica Hess
i wasn't born yet i was born in 2003
Viviana Coello
Pobre mujer como la criticaron por ser madre tan joven
What the Milk?
So... Are these \
Woke Beans
Ah good old times I can’t remember because I was still in my moms stomach
Wyld Hawk
omg her voice was so little
Xavier Martinez
My birthday year \
I was 10
Zahira Chafra
I love jaimy linn spears....
alicia robinson
Jamie had threaten her own sister and she older than her that got me laughing so hard i had to put ice in my pants just to make me stop laughing
amal haghi
This screams 2000s
amir moises
I was 6 years old, i loved Shrek so much back then...
I was 8
bleh ber
I was still a sperm when this happened.
That little ho Jamie
dyt Paramita
jamie n britney so cute
gabi orellana
Jamie has a big carrer as an actress but she get pregnant, 😧
A McGuire!
When Toby McGuire was relevant
joanna gomez
What's the song in the background from Nickel back called please if someone knows it let me know
linda rosado
Back then when teen choice awards was the best and when the kids shows were great.
mari montero
2002... I was born
This is so cute ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i was 6 here ahha.
marjana begum
I was 2 or 1
natalie lol
2002, 2 years later i was born xd
i was seven when this happened & now i'm almost 21 :D
All that!! Favorite Intro ever!!
purple rose
I was 9 and I wanted to be exactly like Britney :D Good, old times \u003c3
rainy month
2002 wasn't that long ago. Some of y'all are acting like its been soooo long ago. Its only been a lil over a decade ago.
randomly remembered this today and I've gotta say, this is the most early 2000s thing ever
tracks wod
It was cute when Jamie \
lol i remember seeing this on tv. jamie lynn was likeable when she was this young. but i didnt like her much in zoey 101. she just seemed too robotic for me, as a bubbly 9 yr old :pp
ღLaurette Faron ルマღ
0:39 omg did anyone else heard that odd, loud sound?