417 Hz REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY In and Around You | 9 Hours

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417 Hz Music to REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE and BBAD ENERGY In and Around You. This is a special sleep music edition . Screen will turn to black slowly in 7-10 mins..........READ more about how to cleanse negative energy from your home here using 417 hz solfeggio frequency : Copyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Right Reserved.

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Bellissima, grazie.. 💗💗 💗
A. Gamer
HA!!! NO BAD SPIRITS WILL GO NEAR TO ME, thanks for your help😎, buddy😊
Alicia Daniels
Iam leting go of negtivety iam not that
Angela Filomena
Very gratifull the Song
Anna Rita Sois
Grazie ❤
Autumn Grace
Bring this to school and play it for all the fake people to disappear
Becca Nguyen
It was the first night I listened to this. I didn't have any trouble falling asleep and staying asleep until I had my first nightmare in awhile! I've been listening to other deep sleep music and never had any bad dreams. Is this something that sometimes happens with this type of music or was it simply coincidental? It's beautiful, calming music so I don't understand what happened. 🤔
Bella Hermann
Love and bliss harmony and understanding creatividy and love again.
Blue_Redemtion78 X
I am sad because it doesn't remove the negative people around me
Brett Hartt Official
Amazing. Sending love and gratitude
Caiden Keren
Dear G*D, if you have created us, why do you let others suffer so? Why you let other who take too much liberties with their \
I love you all
Christian Herrera
Listening to this video and meditating asking god for his help to remove the negative energy from me, my home, and family. I felt a wave of positive energy when I called upon it. ive never experienced this in my life it had me in tears and emotions of what just happened. God is real!!! God bless everyone!
Christine Petrush
At times in my life when I have felt burden by the pain I feel, I have often turned to music.. it has always been able to penetrate my hurt the way words alone never could...
Christopher Conklin
perfect for yoga and relaxation.
Crystal Hill
Very peaceful music thank you I'm starting to feel nice and tired
I felt everything lift off me straight away... this is powerful... thank you 🙏🏼 namaste ❤️
David Baugh
Will this get rid of my roommate?
David Heinzen
And Now,,, Float in Peace,,, yes,,, Wonderful
Dean Waddington
I closed my eyes for what I thought was minutes.....and it was 3 hours later.
Debbie Dyal
Desirae Reece
This meddiation music has saved my life and me so many times thank you oh so much ☮️💓 not war right on my groovy friends
Diane Galindo
I can just close my eyes to my soul in deeply sleep along to this music 👒💤🙏🙏
Earth Story
Peace, joy, and infinite blessings to all of us Earthlings. Thank you for co-existing in this life with me.
Erik Swanson
as soon as i turned this on i immediately felt a \
Gabriel Patrick
This sounds are so divine. Thank you!
Gabryelle Rankin
This helped me get so much work done.
Hans Kuijs Visual artist
Fantastic to give the brain its peace
Healing Nature & Meditation
Perfect frequencies to meditate in peaceful silence💫💫 \nLovely sounds💕 I am really getting a special calm in my heart... Thank you for this meditative and special moment!🌹
It's time for Nature
Peace is only moments away! 😌
Itz Klawing
Never settle for less, push through the tough times, evolve into the best version of yourself and don’t let anyone hold you back, you only have one life make the best out of it, while staying safe and well collected
JadaAleesha Dotcom
Why didnt we get the flowers all the way through?
Jason Van Matre
I really want all negative energies away from me and if any negative energy in me out of me the people that are around me I want them to be flushed out of all the negative energy that keeps affecting me
i did my ULTIMATE meditation to this
John Behneman
Thank you for an awesome channel. I get healed and restored listening. Please make more. I appreciate everything you do.
I need to say something \nI love Jesus, I believe in Jesus. I’ve seen His power to heal and restore and it’s very real. But that’s not my point. \n\nCreation’s vibrations are at the core of life. These frequency videos work! It doesn’t matter what you believe in or where your faith is- these blessed videos are for us all. These vibrations are for us all. \n\nI even sleep with my earplugs in and I can discern the entire atmosphere shift to these vibrations. It’s a blessed peace that I am so thankful to experience with your help. I’m high function autistic and this means a lot to me. Thanks\n\nI believe these videos are an answered prayer. I’m so glad I found you. I so glad I found these. And guys, I’m sharing it with my friends. I’m evangelizing these videos! Lol! Because it’s real too!;) \n\nLove to all
Julia G.
Calming frequencies. I noticed that I have to feel receptive for this to produce effective results. Love and light ❤️💕
Kate Dilina
Very Relax
I love U ALLLL😍🙏🙏🙏🙏
I work at a juvenile correctional facility and have to meditate everyday to stay sane
Leah Shine
Am wishing to be a good day... and every one too. thank you.!
Lexi Diamond
Is it normal for this to make you have creative thoughts and want to tap back into your creativity after not being creative for soooo long? \n\nI realized I’m drawing again, I went back to playing the piano, and the little nuisances that used to bother me are starting to just roll off my shoulders. Thank you so much Meditative Mind; I love you. Keep up the positivity, love, peace, and light ❤️
Lilian Rodrigues
Lola Palooza
Unblocked. Allowed me to remove a toxic and potentially hellish liability of an individual from my life, no problem. No place for that nonesense in my daughter's home. Many thanks. xx
Lolly Loving
removing all negative will cause great imbalance proceed with love, but not for too long.
Namaste , \npeace, love and blessings to all 🙏🙏🌞
Louis Riel Heart of the North
Best video ever created. Way to go!!! For people who are jittery and fidgety, this will calm you down. Perfect for any soul. Thank you all! Happy sleeping!
MapleLeafs Chick
Hope everyone is having a calm blessed day shalom(peace). ❤️
This is True Bliss in the Making....Thank you for posting.
Mary Gray
Sending gratitude for this! It's very soothing and calming! Thank you!
Michelle Allison
Michelle Rogers
I'm working on this while I'm doing an art piece, and it is as if the \
Monica Whiting
Moon child
lovely, calming and peaceful...Even my senior cats gather around to bathe in this peaceful feeling!! thanks
N Sobe
So uplifting! I feel like I'm floating! \u003c3
Nandkumar Arali
Very nice n calm music give us mind peace
Natural Vibes
This is beautiful as always.
Obsidian Goddess
This invokes such a powerful, yet calm energy within! Amazing and beautiful.
Ozymandias !
The title makes me want to throw healing crystals at new age type people. Nice music though
Paul Ruben
As a musician I'm really into this frequency-story.\nIt may interest some of you that I recorded a few albums in 417 Hz and 432 Hz - and this August (2018) I recorded an acoustic album \
Perpetual Bloom
173 people took their time to give this song a thumbs down lol. Not that it's going to ruin my life, but i find it very interesting that's all... like I'm curious why instead of just skipping the vid... were people like.. \
Ravi Singh
I pray for every Soul's happiness, wealth and health. May God bless its creations and lasting peace and progress be made in this wonderful World that is nothing like any other in the known Universe
Ricardo Janavicius
Excelente! À noite, coloco meus fones de ouvido e começo a viajar até dormir!
Ricki McFarland
Playing this in the background at work. Even at night I leave the video playing on loop. I notice a difference in how people enter our suite and how they interact with us
Safaa Fallatah
So beautiful and feel in peas.. Thank you
“This really works, used it just yesterday feeling better and light already”🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Samuel Stålberg
This one has made me dream 3 nights in a row!!!!
Sarveshwar Dowluth
Thank you, much love and gratitude 🙏
Sean K.
I AM more Powerful than any negativity!!!\nI AM much Greater than my current circumstance+++\nI AM far bigger than my situation.
Sir Daddy
Hello fellow humans. Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Hope you are having a good/positive day or night. Many blessing to you, a day with life is a gift indeed. We all go through bad times, negative people, why? Guess that's just life. Stay positive and live good moments to make good memories for those are the ones we leave behind. \n\nBest regards.
Siu Yuan Wong
Upon playing the music for less than an hour or two, a very positive phone call came in and something beneficial will happen between the caller and the recipient! May the Infinite bless all the beings on earth!
Strong Lotus Yogi
This is just what I needed! I cannot wait to test this out tonight. I am also going to play this for my yoga students. Thank you for sharing :)
Suse V8
Thank you. Oceans of Love to ALL ~~~~*~/^\\* Suse & Crew * Vancouver Island BC CANADA ~*~
Suwanni Dudan
The more I dive into it, the better I feel from my soul.
Suzy H.
Thank you!!
Thanita Sirisom
Sleep tight \nPray for peace
Tim -
Dear beautiful soul,\n\nI truly love you, even if I don't know you personally. That's a promise❤❤❤ Please remember that at the end everything will be fine and that good times will soon arrive. I always believe in you and you are always appreciated!\n\nSending lots of love and positive energy your way,\n\nTim
Tom Turelur
i want my war to end... everyone knows what i want to say... thank you sincerely for another step to the goal... (forgive my english)... Namaste
Tonne Miezsek
Thank You Jesus. All glory power and dominion belongs to you.
Tracey Lewis
Thank you for posting, much needed....good positive energy and vibes 2 everyone:)
Truelover Neverdies
Love this it helps me alot when I need it most thank u.
Wand A'Lulu
Omg this has helped me. I went to sleep listening to this and when I woke up I felt so refreshed! This worked. I’ll be listening to this every night.
actually astral
My favorite part of this channel is they have beautiful artwork at the beginning of the videos and then go to a black screen so it’s not distracting when I’m meditating or sleeping. That’s why meditative mind is my absolute favorite!!!
Doesn’t work, my gf is still here next to me..
am going trough a bad and painful break up, what s worst I knew , and still stayed until she told me , they are sleeping together , hurts to hear his voice, in my head in my life every second of the day, until I found this low frequency music , and sudenly stop so I could sleep without crying or even worst , pain in my chest and heart. I'll get better I know. until then I'll pray to find more tunes like this. in my life and move on....
cessa fields
Thank You ❤️
cherry Inc
Eyes open, for a split second you feel nothing except the now. You’re awake and all you know is that it’s a new day with endless possibilities. Such a beautiful morning, the sun shining through the windows like a touch of heaven shows you the depth of All That Is. The split second fades and in an instantaneous flash the sun runs away and you feel sick to your stomach. You’ve remembered the past you are stuck in, the endless thought patterns that have manifested the magnet of fear into a miserable existence. You’ve remembered people who have hurt you that you must get revenge on, you remember mistakes you’ve made that make you a bad person. You’ve remembered all the people who have told you about how much power you don’t have, how intelligent you’re not, and how weak love is. Hope is covered up, faith is lost, what’s the point anyway? \n\nSo what happened? All was well for the split second until you think you remembered who you are. Who is this person you think you are? A created mental projection of a past form that has strung together a programmed mind and a guilty identity not worthy of this life of happiness and love. Your tank is empty and you haven’t even driven anywhere yet! Your unhappy story is more important to you than freedom. What would you have without this story? “Who would I be?\
danpape shredits
I'm so down with it!
enigmatic echinoderm
lol yeah compared to the other frequences i can click with this one cause its probably distinctively better for me. Like i can just feel my mind surfing in synchronization with the transient tune energies healing my cognition from harmful thoughts
ether is lifeforce
Subconscious your in for a treat
lady bug
Thank u this helped a lot could feel my pressure going down an Pease an calm. How did humans figure out that this kind of tone or frequency would bring this kinda of result?????
pixieish xx
I'm cosy in bed, a dim light is on, sandalwood insense fills the room. I'm just watching the little plumes of smoke dance, they remind me of peaceful paintings of Asian clouds. Goodnight and God bless everyone.
raymond mendoza
i love this.... 💗👍👍\nTHANK YOU!!!\nplease don't delete this...\nGOD bless everyone😊
sabina bławacka
.....from The darkeness in to The Light...
satyan sharma
Very much soothing and never ending
My mind is racing tonight.. I pray this will help me reach relaxation..