Among other exploits in their finals debut, Colombia's Marcos Coll scored the only goal in FIFA World Cup™ history straight from a corner against Russia's legendary goalkeeper at Chile 1962.More classic football videos:

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** TruthNoLie **
Who's here from FIFA 18 Icons!!
He is better than casilas
Angry GrandPa
IT DIDNT LOL just because you scored and the best goalkeeper of all time didn't save it doesn't mean that you are good. And that didn't help Columbia James helped Columbia not you and the only reason you scored was because Lev Yashin WAS ILL.
Berths Holguin
He.btter than.the bufon
Lev Yashin is a Very brave goalkeeper he will be remembered
Comrade Daily
colombia is famous for pablo Escobar not some punny average football players cocaine is what they're known for
Cool Science
yashin had problems at that moment and he was feeling ill
Dede Ruhiyat
I remember when Lev Yashin visited Jakarta in 1970 with Dynamo Moscow..
Felicito Xocol
How could you old man
Gabriel Jesus
FIFA 18 Brought me here.
Glenmar Murallon
Colombia became famous because of Pablo Escobar 😂
Granly Rodriguez
You guys are dumb saying he was ill like you were actually there if he was I’ll was was he playing then
He only scored because the defender on the near post literally turned to let the ball go in
Jessika Pervin
IS this true?.
Jon Doe
Obviously he's expecting the defender to defend it
José Giovanny Silva Gonzlez
hahhaha really? is that the \
Karen Julieth Perez Sierra
Colombia the best of the world
Lele Ponss
Im a keeper and 1:yashin shouldve come for that and 2:if i didnt come for that (for whatever reason) i would go absolutely nuts on my defender if he pulled something like that
Luke Harrison
Anyone else of the opinion that it is one of the worst goals of all time? Worst defending ever😂😂😂
Mariusz G
RIP Marcos!!! :(
Matty JC
Is he the coach on fifa. Goalkeeper coach
Milutin Ninkovich
in 1962 Brazil won the fifa world cup not Columbia
Musa Yusifov
Narrator TV
Lev Yashin the best goalkeeper in a world/Лев Яшин лучший Вратарь в Мире
Oleksandr Shatov
There is no way some body can score on Lev Yashin he is No. 1🙂👍
P Ros
Yashin needs moore atention
Pepe Arizal
Grande, Marcos. Q Dios te tenga en su gloria. :,-(
Pete Campos
Yashin is a god
Sam Diaz
That's amazing!!!
Saveta Aspazia Popovici
Terra Verita
Lev Yashin Died at age 60 from gangrene of the foot.\nThe reason: he Smoked whole life. Left leg amputated, did not help
TheChocolat Blanc
TheUmba 88888888 Bogs Boni xd
I'm from Colombia and I have so much respect to Lev Yashin I didn't understand how Marcos Coll score him in a corner kick
Torcida Split
Lev Yashin was crowned as the best Goalkeeper in the 20th Century.
No one scores at lev yashin I think he was feeling sick at that moment
Xelosincross Cross
Saludos desde Chile The best Goal Keeper Lev Yashin
Zaid SiddiqiB
When Yashin conceded he smacked the was basically the defender's mistake he came in lev Yashin's way
big yamhead jollof rice muncher
Lev Yasmin,Was The Number One, He Barely Conceded A Goal.His Saves Were Amazing.Only One To Win A Balon D Or.
Lev Yashin had something on his leg and he was suffering of stomach cancer
mario beroiza
This goal was by a unintelligence between the defensors and the goalkeeper. The Leonel Sanchez's goal at the Chile v/s URSS is a really master piece.......
rahasia 329
yashin have problem with his leg
Buffon is better than Yashin.