Eurovision 1996 - 07 Croatia - Maja Blagdan - Sveta ljubav

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Croatia in eurovision 1996.

07 1996 Blagdan Croatia Eurovision Maja Sveta ljubav

Antonio G.
Anđeo od žene.
Clumpnugget Montenegro
Je li joj kaliopi sredila rekord 2016
Danko Salsa
Ovo godinama nitko moći neće, zašto?vrlo loši govnari žiros(puši ,plati ti ćaća,i što sve ne)gori nego Čet...
Dejan :D
Silly fact; high note hapend by accident, when she rehearse her voice coach tell her to sing bether and higher ower and ower, than she get angry and scream that note, then they decided to use that high note on eurovision, thank god haha :D
Filipe Ramos
Between Portugal and Croatia, I still didn't find which one is my 1996 ESC favourite
Best part of the song: \
Luka Johanson
those high notes are so random !!!
This was the year Croatia was on CRACK! LMAO
Marijana Krstavac
But where she now,nowhere all singers from the past in eurosong became invisable forget...
Natalia Jvsko
amazing !
Ray Murray
I was doing some painting when this was broadcast in 1996. I nearly dropped the paintbrush on the carpet when she sang that high note!
Spike Mars
That was one high note
Stefan Sigfinnsson
We don't see classics like this anymore in Eurovision :(
Teddy TeTé
2:43 is what you came for
croatia was on fire in the past. 1996, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010... \u003c3. last three songs were very disappointing though.
Vlad Burdoiu
0:45 - 0:50! The best part!
record of the highest note ;)