Fresh Meat S01 E03

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Directed by: David KerrWritten by: Penelope SkinnerOriginal Air Date: 5 October 2011Original Channel: Channel 4After an encounter with seductive drama student Ruth, Kingsley switches to her course, upsetting Dan in the process. Josie enrols everyone in a charity dating scheme but her own date does not turn up, which she later discovers was because he recently died. JP falls asleep whilst having sex with his date and a misunderstanding leads him to worry that he raped her, and Vod and Howard's charity date at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant ends badly when Howard's 'beat the buffet' tactics backfire. Tony Shales invites Oregon to his house, supposedly to do his cleaning -- Vod warns her not to get romantically involved with him, but Oregon ends up embarking on a secret affair with him anyway. Kingsley's frustration at not being able to get close to Josie inspires his performance piece on his new course.

E03 S01

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Ace Almansoori
anyone knows the music at 14:50 ? please?
Andjela Tatarovic
It took me a while to get this series, but I like it!
C. Saint-Saëns
This is such a great show, you seldom see such quality nowedays.
Jon Ashley
hahaha That great wall resturant in Manchester at 07:54 was featured on ITV's \
Kirsch Rot
This show is getting better and better
I don't get it. Is Dan okay with Kingsley? Judging by Dan's look at 24:37-24:41 I can't tell whether or not he's still mad at him or he's starting to forgive him (whether its right away or slowly)
Shannon Watts
anyone know the song at 33:35 with JP and Josie at the pub?
I have a fan crush on Vod. I'm shipping myself with a character... #Winning
Vod ends up being the best character in this whole friggin' show.
peep show introduced me to this series - love this series, for those who have not seen/heard of peep show, seriously recommended