Fresh Meat: Series 1 - Episode 5

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***I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT, IT BELONGS TO LIME PICTURES, CHANNEL 4 AND OBJECTIVE PRODUCTIONS***Fresh Meat: Series 1 - Episode 5The housemates are attending an anti-tuition fees protest with JP planning to use the demo as a free trip to meet up with his friends in a bar. At the demo, Kingsley gets kettled with both Ruth and Josie and the truth about him losing his virginity is revealed, leading he and Josie to fall out explosively. Vod is furious when she finds out about Oregon and Tony Shales' affair, and Oregon promises to end it -- but she finds herself unable to, and she and Tony Shales sleep together again, although she tells Vod she broke it off. Meanwhile, JP ends up being dragged back to the coach by the police after getting carried away at the demo, and Howard spends the trip bonding with his new friend Brian.

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Aezoh '
Catherine McGurk
I aspire to be Vod in life.
Cecilia Gonzalez
tf is a quid
Clara Francesca
So far, both JP and the professor have pronounced schedule \
Eric Blair
she looks like superhans Very similar facial structure.
This was finally a funny episode =]
George Colta
How could K. go for that tall Chinese face girl over lovely Josie. Can't believe that A**hole. !!
Hoàng Nguyễn
Wait a minute...\nIs that a guy wrote \
Moataz Nassar Adam
I Am EGyptIan
ginger bloke looks like Hugh Laurie..
Not Totally Unfunny
I'm surprised Super Hans didn't catch her with any of his Free Cycle ads
spare sock
I died when the crowd clapped at the virgin announcement thing XD