Britney Spears - Girls And Boys

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Lying in bed, touching my skin Oh God I wish you weren't sleeping I long for your lips, to kiss me again Don't you know my body's aching? (Breathe) Seems we always have a little price to pay, Price to pay, I'm Falling in love It all starts, starts to fade Bad girls, and bad little boys Won't last forever But Good girls, and good little boys Will make love together I look at your face, As I lie awake My body's slowly moving closer My hand on your leg My mouth on its way Oh baby, I'll just turn you over Seems we always have a little price to pay, Price to pay, (uh) I'm Falling in love It all starts, starts to ache Bad girls, and bad little boys Won't last forever But Good girls, and good little boys (boys) Will make love together... Love together, love together, Love together, love together, Love together... Do you like this? (As I lie awake) I though you would (As I lie awake) Do you wanna touch me? (As I lie awake) Can you handle this? (As I lie awake)We're gonna slow it down, Just a little bit I'm lying in bed, touching my skin I just can't take it baby You open your eyes, whisper to me.. Do it again, do it again Bad girls, and bad little boys Won't last forever But Good girls, and good little boys (boys) Will make love together Bad girls, and bad little boys Won't last forever But Good girls, and good little boys Will make love together Love together, love together, Love together... That's good, do you like this? Yeah, gonna slow it down We'll make love together

Britney Spears again and baby blackout boys did girls in it lyrics more one oops the time unreleased zone

she released it in Europe :) on the In The Zone DVD :)
thats true !! \nthis song is released !!!!\nit's on the bonus CD from the DVD. what some people talk for a shit without any information O.o. \n\nbut anyway i love this song \u003c3\u003c3
one of my fave Brit tracks!
Ahgase & Orbit
I wish there had been a complete Deluxe edition of In The Zone with Girls and Boys and (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun included instead of just being put on the ITZ DVD.
Benjamyn Gardner
@chrismessierra hehehe i think they made a mistake, it was produced in 2004. ITZ era ;) x
no its not cuz i have it.
Chase Gran
This song suffers from bad production. It could be AMAZING, but it is average at best because it still sounds like a demo.
Christian Aguilar
This was written by Linda Perry, right?
Good.\nIn the Zone is a really good album.
Elias Villa
This song was released. It is on a version of the in the zone dvd/cd.
Harvey C.
I thought it was And Then We Kiss for a minute. lol
wouldnt it make sense the other way round? good girls and good little boys will last forever, but bad girls and bad little girls will make love together? lol
its on the cd from in the zone dvd
Ivanna Co
wow..i really like this..never heard it before, and im an ultimate britney song.
yet Touch Of My Hand made it to the album lol it is very odd
Hot song! She really should've made a deluxe \
Jason Adams
John J
her voice omg, make me hot!
Justin Ward
@faaaduma Original Doll
Lady Suzy
This appeals to me a lot :)
lol yea i caught that 2 but i love both similar songs.
Leon Cyrus
But is not really direct I think .
when was that song recorded?
goodness another dirty one!
Marlon Leijnse
this isn't unreleased ...
This is such an odd little song. I really like it!
Maya Perez
loooove it :)
Nadia Corso
touch of my hand + and then we kiss = girls and boys 
Nadie Walsh
It is a demo... It was meant to be on In The Zone, but it didn't make the final tracklist :/
Nina Williams
I love this song
it would be a fantastic song for fragrance ad ;)
Rachel Gross
how can i get the song on my ipod help !!! its not on Itunes
Love Listening To This Song!\r\nMake Me Feel Sexy. Lol.
The intro sounded a lot like ''And then we kiss''
The way she sings it reminds me of Heaven on Earth.
SophCa Maus
i like the make up on the picture...
@chrismessierra No she wasnt. She recorded this for In The Zone. LOL at your fail of trying to make her look bad!
Yes, it's so weird that Linda Perry originall worte this song for Pink, considering its not her style at all
Vale Brìt
@but 6 months ago i order 'In the Zone DVD+ CD on Amazon and.. 'Girls&Boys' wasn't in the cd bonus .__. \nSo.. guys if you'll buy In the zoneDVD.. before look the tracks on the cd bonus!!! ;)
Vigleik Dale
well, this is released. I got it on the bonus cd when i bought the: in the zone DVD. \nso its not totally unreleased, but i get why its called that, not on an official Album
Yiorgos BiSi
does anyone have catch me if u can,s.e.x.y.,hotter and creep???those r the only songs that i dont have from her unreleased studio album THE ORIGINAL DOLL
Yireh Trimarchi
your really right.
Zachary Gordon- Abraham
It sounds like \
This is like her hottest song EVER!!!!
it has the same tone as her other song titled and then we guys agree...?
Did anyone realize that she was 13 when she made this song?
this is the first time i have ever heard this song, and in my opinion it isn't that great.....
then how come \
from wich album is this??
@XmagicbX yeah! when i heard it for the 1st time i though it was a alternate version of An then we kiss until i heard complete =) this one is more rock than Then we kiss... love it
how can bng and early mornin' came on itz and this didn't
@markOZ911 I second that! :)
its about how she wants to do stuff but she knows that waiting will be good because that kind of love lasts forever
matty conyers
wow this song is hot ive been wanting some new britney music...this is perfect till her next cd
Okay to clear some questions up...\r\n1. This is NOT from her upcoming album.\r\n2. This song technically isn't unreleased.\r\nIt is from the bonus CD that came with the In The Zone DVD.\r\nThe European edition included the track. The US got different bonus tracks.
yea, i think your right, else it doesn't make sense
this song is HOT!
I absolutely love In the Zone, and honestly this song is more tame than Showdown, Breathe on Me, or Touch of My Hand, much less the bonus tracks Don't Hang Up or The Answer. But I think the chorus of this song is just terrible; it's not even her voice--all those background singers. I love everything else, but the beginning \
Íris Santos
@Taylorfan45 Sounds more like oral sex xD\n\n\
דנטה פלטי
verrrrrrry hoT^^
This was released! On the \