Britney Spears (REAL VOICE)

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This clip shows you the vocal ability of Britney Spears before she got her record deal on JIVE Records. (Mickey Mouse Club, Star Search and her 1998 Singapore Showcase)

WHO THE WHAT!! Is that the demo song that she recorded that Toni Braxton was to record!!?
man this is Britney Spears's 1991 real voice.. We want now.
Angelo XCX
Shane brought me here
So all these years Xtina was doing that ridiculous bellow to imitate Britney's belting while Britney spent all these years imitating Elmer Fudd, and now they both have damaged vocal chords. So weird.
Anne R. Tremblay
It’s the Illuminati
Anthony Beard
I wish she could sing like this NOW.. i like to see her focus more on singing and less dancing..I Love Brit but im kinda sad that i don't see her doing any live..
Antonio Dragonheart
she was even better than I've thought. fuvk music industry
Bigin Brasil
oh please! this girl was NEVER a great singer! She can merely \
Brado Mudo
Brenda BaBoom
So Brit was the REAL deal: had the cute factor, real talent, a real nice singing voice, really good dance moves and a REAL booty.
Brossen Sleank
If she want she can, but until... so much Moomy, so much Daddy, so much Pain, so much Scare. It's so shame.
Please what is the name of the song starting at 2:24 ? please !! I love it !
Carolina Millan
I love her deep voice! Wish she sang like that today
Chandler Askoff
This makes me want to cry. Her voice used to sound so beautiful! 😢 The worst case of destroyed talent since Katy Perry
Her voice was beautiful. She could still do pop with a voice like that. She could beat friggin’ Christina.
Christian Versace
If you think about it, singing is so weird.
DD Tresor
her voice was great at the start
She was such an amazing singer
Daniel Londoño
Oh what a pitty¡ she was AMAZING¡¡¡
Devin J. Bowden
2:00 - Where is this clip from??? Even super-popstar Britney recognizes how amazing she once was.
Dicle Cica
guys believe me her voice is definitely a sourbrette. she was trying to sign alto. she was really good at it and make seem natural. It is the why people got confused
Eli z
Oh baby baby
Eme Sutta
What is the name of the penultimate song?
*Soubrette Soprano?* Uhmm where...\nBritney would have basically matured into a Full Lyric Soprano if it weren't for these Record Execs; who knows what else they did to this young girl to F up her mind...
Grace Less
Why tf did they change her voice
JBW King
the music industry isnt about talent, its about sex appeal.
James Offutt
Well she was chosen. By THEM.....
Jay Petrova
I love how people think she’s just holding out on this awesome voice. She.can’t.sing.anymore...period! And please don’t reference her croaking through Something to Talk About or her nasally cover of You Oughtta Know from the Circus Tour as current evidence. She was a mediocre vocalist until about age 18 and then it died 100%. Anyone who believes differently is just Britarded.
Jeremy wheat
She should start singing in her real voice and change her style.
0:46 is my fave of hers, she was so good! I wish she never changed but I feel for her vocal chords it must hurt so much
K Russell
Her voice was amazing before the baby voice
Leão Gatinha
Her voice was best when she was a child.
Lia Dacsin
Her voice was so beautiful it it’s still so iconic xD
Little Black Dress
Much better
Lords Ulrich
Much better, what is the songs at 0:50 and 1:12 ?
Her natural voice is so much better honestly, What happent?
Lyndsey Bridgers
You can see so much Jamie Lynn Spears at 2:42!
Lyon Prairie
2:42-2:43 I hear Christina hahaha
Mala Jmse
When Britney was so young........
Maria Angela
I feel if Britney had more Creative Control over her Career she would be able to use her Real Voice, I Guess she adventured into Auto Tune after her first Album and liked it but she confused her Audience, now if she sings in that tone it doesn't even seem like its coming from her.
Masi Sisters
1000th like
Mostre seu talento S2.
Eu ouvir dizer que a indústria, mudou a forma dela cantar! Porque a voz dela era muito parecida com a de Toni Braxton, por isso que ela perdeu sua extensão por mudou sua forma de canta que está acostumada.
Mushy Potato
This is so much better then her weird squeaky voice
Pauline Bailey
Shane Dawson anyone?
Pedro Ramirez
Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction
i love this voice its beautiful
Tsk.. But i still love Britney.. My ever fave female pop artist of all time..
Shelton Logan
She had a machine behind her and parents who were determined to make her a star. There was never any passion in anything she put out. Also the fact she was an all American white girl. What girl or guy during her prime didn't want to be her or be with her.
Tan Tan
Then she grew up and her voice disappeared!
Tia Villanueva
her soft voice is way better
Ty Howard
What is the name of the song at 2:28
Vittorio A.r.
I like Britney but let's be real, she was never a spectacular singer. I think when she hit puberty her voice changed. She certainly wasn't Whitney Houston or Kelly Clarkson.
kalel 311
Britney spears CAN sing i guess all the cigarettes she smokes have ruined her Angelic voice
This breaks my heart. Poor Britney
Low Notes/voice = beautifully soft.\nMid Notes/voice = beautifully warming.\nBelt Notes/voice = beautifully resonants.\nRecord Label Notes/voice = beautifully screwed up her.
lulu AUH
😱Britney her voice was better before
maribel moore
she sang a Prince written song
i will never understand why her record label didnt want her to sing in her natural voice. i mean it was BEAUTIFUL
her natural voice would be fine 4 pop music!
Илона Шевякова
What song was before last one?