Jessie J and Vince duet 'Nobody's Perfect' - The Voice UK - Live Final - BBC One

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SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: Go Team Jessie! Performing 'Nobody's Perfect' on The Voice UK, Vince Kidd and Jessie J go lung-to-lung for a thrilling re-versioning of Jessie's hit song.

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Effortlessly gorgeous💕
Abraham Rodríguez
Can we talk about 2:25? I'm dead. She's just so gorgeous.
Adrian Neacsu
2:25 - I was like Ice Cube in Friday: \
Jessie is not showing her voice off!!! It's just the way she sings, she can't just try to sing bad... Shes amazing
Albina Berisa
Holyyyy shit
Be Horiz
I love u Jessie
Benjamin Götze
Jessie's voice is breathtaking! One of the greatest singer on the planet imo
Blue Bird
Anyone watching this in 2017???
Bos insanlar
1:50 she is so sexy. Oofffffffffffffffffffft very very hotttttttt
Brazilian I'm devastated
ใครมาจาก the mask singger บ้าง
Christian M
damn. i still watch this 3 years letter and think what a legendary voice moment. out of all the voices from different countries this is one of the best.
Dan Snow
2018 ? o/ again again again ... \u003c3
Darnelly Daniels
Jessies's lowkey whistle at 2:25 🤧😍👏🏾🎶
Deni Cham
Holy shit jessie should have won
Denyy S
Jessie J is the first singer that sounds exactly what she does on her album
E.O. Languido64
Best female artist of our time! Jessie J!!! No doubt!!!
Ellen Fernanda
#' I Loveeeeeeee Jessie J ...she is so talent. love love love love \u003c3
Eu não estou nem aqui.
Dona da p#$&@ toda..
Fatma Guerfel
Still my prefered performance of the voice even after many years
GK fanmade
Jessie should back to the voice
Gable Munn
I LOVE JESSIE J SO MUCH. Most talented singer by far in the industry. Close second is P!nk. They should do a duet!!!! lol sorry. got carried away, but this is freaking amazing.
Gabriel ,tecnologia e viagens
Alguem brasileiro vendo em 2018 i'm Brasil
Gaspar 2017
Top melhor voz love Jessie j
Gemeas A Capella
OUVINDO EM 2017 \u003c3333333\n\nQUE VOZ LINDA A JESSIE TEM! \u003c3
Hatice Ceren
I still get goosebumps
Iamsupermhen 03
Iara Késsia
aow pressão. se não aguenta pede p sair
i love jessie jay 2018
Jaylon Sharp
She’s such an under appreciated artist and it makes me so mad
Joanna Symonds
How many times did you guys repeat 2:25? 😍😍😍
Joaquín Bustos
02:25 omg that note.. I think it was a C6 😱
John Viera
Finally one of these shows manages to produce a performance that doesn't sound like karaoke.
Josh W
Joyce Cheung
I'm still love this song verry much good job girl and boy :)Grtz Joycee from (belgium)
Joyce Cristina
I love Jessie J and Vince
Katekanok Thiangtham
Kim Hoseok
Não superei ainda
Krasimir Argirov
The most watched \
Kurban Kurbanov
It's 4072 and I still come back to this
L _P
Her vocal control is insane
LM peace
i can't believe that she still doesn't have a Grammy ! so unfair
Love my Angel
Still love this song😍
Luana Silva
Arrazouu Jéssie j
Lucas Rafael
Uuuuaaaaiiiiii😲😆😰 cantam de +
Es perfecto este dúo, impresionante esta versión.
Maria Eduarda
Alguém brasileira??
Mariapia Zamora
It's 2018 and I still can't get over this performance
Michael Alves
Essa mulher cantando arrepia tudo os cabelo da bunda. seloko. Jessie é maravilhosa.
ซูโม่ จากัว\nร้องคู่ไดเหมือน Jessie J ร้องกับลูกทีม\nNobody's perfect jessie j \nเป๊ะๆ แบทเทิล \n#themasksinger2 #ThevoiceUK
Nadira Guru
Jessie J is the Queen 😍😍😍 \nStill watching in 2018 😍😍😍
Natalia Santos
Isso sim é um dueto
Nathalya Costa
Nelu G.
Nicolle Yasmin
isso sim é um dueto de verdade 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Noeyny Channel
Love jessie J. She voice very well.
Ogidan Taiwo
oh my God, this girl is not normal at all gives me goose bumps
Oooo o
2:16 1:46
Patrik Makula
Jessie j's vocals are amazing live
Peter Ricky
incridible duet!!!!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Vince should have clearly won the Voice!
Quasar Gamer
Jessie sings a lot better here than the original song, that's just amazing.
Rachel D.
Jessie J has the vocals but these trash pop singers have the spotlight
Ranniel Lima
1:46 à 1:58, 2:25, 2:46
Rezve Televisión
Respect for Jessie's vocal control. Omg. 💙
Rizky Ramadan
SOS Forças Armadas/Jôteles
incrível como ela tem um equilíbrio vocal , respiração e palco kkkkk muito bom
Sara Perković
she is maybe the only female singer who sings 36281994 times better when she sings live
Sascha Ha
Jessie J?! Thats just unfair.
Jessie of course was amazing, she always is but Vince was amazing too, he's the only Voice contestant EVER that I actually remember and wonder if he's making music and I think he's a very interesting person, just his audition is legendary, honestly I can't name another Voice contestant and I've watched many seasons US, UK and AU, he just caught my eye he's awesome and he was on Jessie's team so that's cool because she's my queen!
Simone De paula Paula
Tem mas brasileiro ai ouvindo essa música. Adoro😊
Sue Chen
Omg! Jessie is absolutely amazing ! She is perfection !!!
Super Wig Maker
Jessie puts shame on everybody else, she is so perfect!
Susie QQ
I love this woman
Tainara Silva Pereira
que voz maravilhosaaa dessa cantoraaa
Vince was a good match for a beast like Jessie. He's really good.
Tudor Stefan
Omg. This version is better than the original
Tunji Capt.
jessie j. เสียงเต็มสุดจิงๆ ร้องได้อารมณ์สุดๆชอบมากกก idol \nนางร้องจัดเต็มทุกเพลงจริงๆ. \nชอบบวะ
0:33 keep on replaying this
he outplayed himself by singing with Jessie, she's on another level compared to him.
Yağmur Güney
omg jessie
Jesus christ this is such a fucking awesome video. Keep coming back to it. Also, I don't know how the real Jessie J is, but in this vid she's pretty damn astonishing. If I could pick any girl, it would defo be her
adones moressette
jessie j's voice studio and live are the same unlike the other singers out there
aof Kha
ash k
He is performing with jessie j !!! He is so lucky 😶
beatriz pais
I love the fact that she wasn't even trying to do her best performance! She was just chilling and having fun, and still killed our asses...
The control this woman has on her voice is insane mind blown she’s awesome 💕
chung yen
This song is just for her.not for anybody else.her vocal is so powerful and so satisfied my ears
fernando sobral
jessie j my perfect
Jessie is so underrated these days
joey bautista
Why I am never get tired of keep coming back here and listen to this pair again and again????
weird. she actually sounds better live
meander medisch centrum
I think my replay button is b-b-broken
mirabel mn
i feel so sorry for everyone who has their voice judged next to the one of Jessy J. At the same time, what an honour, honestly.
musikritiko _18
Jessie J has the best vocals for me
rufina garcia
Best duet ever😍😍 Jessie J nailed it!!
Ohh gassh perfect!
ทาส นางแมว
ตามมาจาก The Mask singer \nหน้ากากซูโม่&เสือจาร์กัว\n#มีคนไทยมั้ย
i love her attitude..her face,gesture,voice ..everythin's perfect