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Why didn't anybody in the theater notice there was something wrong?
A Stafford
Can you just imagine the social media and political nonsense backlash an opening scene like this would have today?
Agustin Camejo
So the people at the theatre were laughing and celebrating and rooting for the killer at a scene protraying a \
Al eN
As Mickey was carrying out the final stab, he pulled his head back.... the best part of the beginning
Alvynn jethro Evangelista
A Killer killing a victim in front of his own movie while killing someone in the theather?
Amanda Silva
My stomach really hurt while watching this... why the sounds
Andrea May Ofilada
Anna Loveberry Babycakes
Everybody keeps saying her dying in front of all those people who did nothing to help is so bad... and it is... but for me, the traumatizing part is her facial reaction after being stabbed the first time and after she climbed onto the stage, seeing all that blood coming out of her mouth and her face as she stands on the stage, screams, then falls down on the stage dead.
Artur Pirashkov
Ужас ани что ненармальные
Asianee Martin
Those crowds are enjoying having green stick reprensenting a knife, mask & suit
I almost cried bro they ain’t had to do her like that lol
Big Dummy
1:29 - He sings.
Brandon Thom
Sha-kaspeare in love
C. Andrew Williams
This scene still gets to me. She's being stabbed to death in front of everyone and no one does sad!! And with the death simultaneously happening on the screen, all the screaming and blood--it's intense for me D:
Callme Mirko
And then I realized she's the only black person there
Camilo Andrés Cubillos Marroquín
Anyone thinks of Brenda??? LOL
Captain Mantastic
Do the yanks actually act this way in the cinema to slasher flicks? Wouldn’t surprise me. How the hell can you enjoy a movie with everyone running around with their glow toy knives and ghost masks?\n\nThe film went downhill after the opening scene.
Chris Baybay
You actually feel bad for her.....unlike any of the teens in Scream 4.\nMickey is actually a terrible ghostface. Billy's mother is better just for killing Randy.\nIt will always be Billy and Stu.
Chrissy Luginbill
Of course people aren't going to notice her being stabbed, way too into movie
Dandere Jordan
R.I.P\n(Same as scary movie)
Darnell Major
The whole point in killing the two black characters off first is to make fun of the fact that black people do tend to die first in horror which is not consistently but a lot of times.
Dawson Garret
1:11 \
DAMN JADA CAN ACT!. Its a shame she didnt get an academy award for this intro.
Donovan Sasa
How does anyone let it get this crazy at a movie???\nWHAT IF SOMEONE DOES GET MURDERED!?!?
E Boogie
They stole this scene from the movie He Knows You're Alone
Saddest death scene next to Drew Barrymore's in the first one.... She is literally being slaughtered in front of nearly 50 to maybe 80 people and they all think it's a prank or way to into the movie playing...
El pepe
The Scary Movie scene from this shit is much better! xD
Freddy Fazbear
i thought it was funny they thought it was part of the show
Didn’t she find it odd that the person sitting next to her, whom she thought was her boyfriend didn’t talk, remove his mask or show any affection to her at all? Her real boyfriend did When he was alive
Great Scott
I think some guy see the blood on hes hand. 1:11
Henry .LT
scary movie parodied this so beautifully lol
This is so dumb who the hell cheers for the killer in these kinds of movies. If anyone saw you in the theater fist pumping and clapping everytime Jason or Freddie get a kill they'd think you're a freak
Thats was kinda creepy
Still one of my fav openings after 20 years
JE Bro
The real scary thing about this is the fact that it could actually happen. in movies like Rocky Horror and a few others the fans go crazy in the theater and you wouldn't be able to tell if this was real or fake. Great job Wes. Rest in Peace.
Let's face it... when Wes Craven died... so did Horror :(
Jack Corcoran
Of course it's the black chick that died first...
Jairo Flores
0:32 either the killer or the woman was on her period. The woman would be reasonable
Jared The Animaniac
I wish we could actually see the whole footage of Stab.
Jorge medina
I like to go to the theatre and watch scream with a costume of ghostface like on this scene looks amazing
Julian Mbat
Now this is an opening to a horror movie. Maureen's death was one of the best deaths in the film series. It was so innovative and creepy to let someone be murdered right in the middle of a theater of all places.
July Raugust
This is a horrific scene, and I understood what Craven was trying to do here. It's very well a smart critique on tropes and horror. But anyone else think it's too clever for its own good?
Justin Shea
Breaking the fourth wall. A Scream movie in a Scream movie.
Why did she not scream for help and run away as soon as she got the chance?!
Kanade Lapis
Kanon Nakagawa
0:18 No Blood?\nWell I guess they're low on budget lol
Katherine Beth Cowan
I just noticed that this movie uses the amazing soundtrack from Broken Arrow
Kip Kinkel
Is it weird that I watched this while listening to Mariah Carey's \
Kyle Roberts
as much as i love the opening of the original, this one gets extra points due to the unpredictability. you knew she would die, but I don't think anyone expected it to be this way. with casey, you saw it coming from a mile away.
A very Shakespeare death scene for Jada Pinkett Smith's character when she gets up and looks at the crowd showing that she has been stabbed!!!
Larry Banks
That's crazy I remember seeing this for the first time and I was like wow whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jada WHYYYYYYYY LOL! but she did a great job in this!
MadewithGrace MadewithGrace
Black people have always been the first to die that is not new info but if they live you got to respect that
Marc Totoro
So thats why AMC didn't let me wear a Vader mask to the Star Wars premiere
Martin Heredia
1:50 when you stub your pinky toe on the edge of the bed
Max A.
0:07 Ghostface in the background on the left having a seizure
Min Yoonmin
♡I Love Scream Sooo Much!!!!♡
Mr Parodix
That is some scurry shit !!
Oscar Ramirez
Aaaaahhh!! Ohh my Lord ima have a heart attack! Damn this is some scurry shit
Prim. exe
Rasheed Sully
When she screamed while she was standing in front of the screen, I felt soooo sad for her. So sad. How no one knew what happened
ReeLoy Kenjins
That's what she gets for ruining Thelma & Louise, The Fugitive, Schindler's List, Jackie Chan movies, Boogie Nights, and Big Momma's House.
Robert Braun
I can't watch this without thinking of Brenda. Lmmfao!!!
Robert Rodriguez
The background music though
Rojelio Cirilo
2:00 ain't she should be dead by now
Ruben Otero
This killer is Mickey because he later reveals in the movie that Maureen was stabbed 7 times.
Scary Movie ruined this forever for me... can't watch it without laughing.
Sergio Jurado
So the movie Scream exist in Scream 2?
Seth Winters
Every scene in these movies makes me laugh because of Scary Movie
Silver Edge
love how he's just sitting there all chill 😂 😂 😂
So Savage
This scene pissed me off like it dosent even make sense
Brenda did it better😂
All I can think of is Brenda from scary movie with her chicken wings and hot sauce lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Valencia
A brilliant opener filmed by wes rip wes you will be misse
Sunnydale Critic
When people saw this opening scene in the cinema back in 1997, they would have been watching a scene where characters are doing what they are doing- watching a slasher movie in the cinema
Techie D
The people at the movies are acting real stupid on a movie based on a true story and enjoying someone getting stabbed. Theater was stupid for giving out costumes. I mean really, a movie based on real life events and they give out costumes.
The Super Star
Best way to kill someone and get away with it is to do it in a movie theatre and copy the horror movie that's currently playing so everyone thinks it's just an act.
Is it bad when she started screaming I started laughing?
Thomas Nicolas
Noooo ? Heather Graham ?! :o
Tim Thomas
damn Jada had some strong lungs in this scene she did Awesome!
Tracy Jackson
I've seen Jada Pinkett Smith in Tales of The Crypt:Demon Knight which came out 2 years before Scream 2 and her character survives the movie.
Unrest Mortis
This is funnier than scary movie was !
Wolf Pierre
Black people are the first to die on horror films because they are the most logical. If there's a house where someone was murdered they won't go investigate. they'll get the hell out of Dodge. If a scary movie was full of black people there would be no plot, just people clearing the hell out of the place. Why do you think there are no black people in the Scooby Doo gang? XD
scary movie spoofed this scene with Brenda.
A theater that hectic would just plain annoying.
Why are people actually getting mad it's just a movie god lol
This is for talking through The Fugitive!!
diep Tran
racist ! they killed black first
eli reed
Tik tok add some where private
What an absolutely brutal way to die. Bleeding to death in front of all those people that could have gotten you help do nothing because they think it's a publicity stunt.
When the 2012 Aurora shooting happened, it made me think of this scene. I'll bet some people in the theatre were thinking what these characters probably did: it's a gimmick to rouse up the crowd.
lil jaja
This gives me anxiety.
muser edits x
The killer must've hated her the most..woah did y'all see how many times he stabbed her.
Im sure Will Smith has wanted to do that many times over....
precious Reed
That's funny when the girl got killed\nWhen she was dead on the floor her eyes \nWere open
Who actually runs around in a movie theater like that?
A sequel to Jurassic Park we didn't know about
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