Scream 2 (1997) - Car Crash Hallies Death Scene [1080p]

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A good scene from Scream 2

Alyssa Mayle
I think ghostface was awake the whole time, he was probably just enjoying those beautiful girls climbing over his lap while he could 😂😂
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Dane Youssef
Jada Pinkett Smith was right at the beginning of the film...
Danea Lybrook
Currently watching this right now at this very moment
Dennis Edich
0:37: I guess Ghostface (Mickey) learned some kung foo tricks before starting the killing spree.
Derek Weimer
They couldn’t protect anyone lol.
Dionte' Bell
Eduardo 2018
La mejor película ❤
Elijah Gilbert
Stupid people go back, smart people do run indeed should’ve just kept running
Fazntic 05
This was such an intense scene. I was expecting to wake up and stan one of them at any moment!!
Early and these videos are amazing \u003c3
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Jeremy Kinniburgh
Thanks for posting, I love the car action scene, one of the best parts of the movie
Leonardo Rivera
Geez Mickey is a very strong man he punched that window and he didn't even show any pain while breaking it!
Did you notice we were able to see Mickey's eyes trough the mask of Ghostface ?
MissEmzyy Cleversleyy
How did mickey get out the car without Sidney and and Hallie seeing him?
So you're telling me the cops knew the whole time internal affairs were setting them up?
Mudblood Slytherin
Even if they had kept running, Ghostface would've just caught up to them eventually, and everyone Sid loved and cared for would remain in danger. So, while I hate that Hallie died, I understand Sid's reason for going back.
Raymond Steen
Sidney should've got her hands on the gun & put a couple slugs into him then unmasked the killer as well.
1:04 shoooooooooooooooot you really think he will listen to you ?😥😂😂
ShanJaan Dancer
I love how these dumbasses didn’t even think about taking the gun that was in the detectives hand when they got out of the car! I would’ve took the gun and shot his ass dead in the face.
at the very end you can see the killers face in the mask
Ski Mask The Trump God
Elise Neal is a snack
Slixter 3000
I'm guessing this was Mickey, for one, It couldn't have been Mrs Loomis because she was at the pay phone when Gail ran out of the film building. Secondly, He seems more like the type to drive like that.
Sou B
So he is passed out they have different weapons at disposal like the cop gun, the metal thing or even their hand or belt strangle him there are two of you... Yet they don't think for one second \
Tyler Morgan
The killers on Scream Movies was Billy, Stuart, Debbie, Mickey, Roman, Jill and Charlie. The killers on Scream Series was Piper and Kieran. The killers on Scream Queens was Hester, Dr. Cassidy and Brock. But also the killers on Knifed was Sheriff Hiz, Rolf, Kiki, David, Mrs. Tulip, Ann, Crystal, Cedany, Principal Cooper, Dolly, Luke, Edgar, Valerie and Margaret. So much chocking.
Wade Thibodeaux
Its just a movie yall not real life. Lmao
One of the most telegraphed kills in all of horror movie history.
alba vela
Combo combo combo combo
death slade
Is he dead? I think so\n\n\n\nNo he's clearly just sleeping with a pipe through his head
neve campbell1010
Neve Campbell is an amazing actress. Made an excepcional job playing SIdney In all 4 movies.
I do love these movies, but come on, the one time the killer is literally unconscious. There were so many possibilities but you decide to give him time to wake up, why... just why.
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