The Voice UK 2013 | Exclusive Coach Performance - Blind Auditions 1 - BBC One

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Tom the magnificent...can out sing them all.....
Jessie J Voice Is Life
Adrian De Vera
best set of coaches in The Voice UK
Al Gonzalez
Okay Tom was surprisingly great considering his age, the rest all good besides Will, he's lame as a singer but good as a producer
Aland Said
morgan freeman is soo good at singing!!
Alejo Diosa
3:17 Jessie has a great smile!
Sensacional 😍😍😍
Sir Tom Jones and Jessie J rule.
Amita Pradhan
what a musical chemistry between Jessie and Tom!
Anahit Nalbandian
Tom Jones !!!!!! forever ......
Andrew Kelley
How old is Tom Jones now? Doesnt matter, he can still throw his voice out :D
Armando Kasya
song list :\nLittle Richard - Rip It Up (Tom)\nChuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (Danny)\nThe Isley Brothers - Shout (\nLittle Richard - Gonna Have Some Fun Tonight / The Beatles - Long Tall Sally (Jessie)\nurwelcome\n*edited cuz idk which one is right between litlle richard gonna have some fun tonight or the beatles long tall sally*
Artur Belo
Tom Jones IS the voice...
Toms face when he whispered shout was priceless😂😂😂😂😂
Binsar waluyo
Jessie J awwwww 😍
Blaise Barrowcliff
Jessie gives me life I swear
Britt Samison
i love Jessie J \u003c3 ilove this video
Cem Kaan Acıman
Jessie j has an amazing voice control
Charlotte Harrisonsheffield
Wow , how old is tom now 70-80 and he's still got the groove :)
Chisato Makishima
I want Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Ricky Wilson to be in the same season. That would be awesome!!!
Sir tom has an amazing voice
playlist:\nTom Jones - Rip it up (Little Richard)\nDanny O´Donoghue - Johnny B. Good (Chuck Berry)\nWill I. Am - Shout (The Isley Brothers)\nJessie J - Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)\ufeff
Daniel Coop
I was in the audience! The best night of my life!\n
Daniele Dan
Tom Jones .... Legend
Darth Septimus
Tom Jones and frank Sinatra, two legends
Drumming Spain
3:43 Jessie's \
Fabian Grabowski
Tom Jones - Rip it up (Little Richard)\nDanny O´Donoghue - Johnny B. Good (Chuck Berry)\nWill I. Am - Shout (The Isley Brothers)\nJessie J - Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)\n\nHere you go...\n\nTom Jones is a legend...
Francisco Melo
Franey B
Jessie j is life man her voice is liquid gold ❤️
Tom just proved again that 95% of todays \
Ginger Bread
Sir Tom!!  Rock on, Baby. And Jessie J is awesome.\n. 
They sound so amazing together! And I wish Jessie would come out with an oldie album because her voice sounds wonderful singing oldies. \u003c3
Graham Barnaby
Tom has still got it Brilliant
Hoàng nguyễn
what's Will standing for ?
Would looove to have Tom Jones as my grandpa hahaha.
Ina Ian
Tom's voice is still perfect 😍😍😍
Infinity Lamb Of Mariah
Tom is so perfect! I love his tune and voice
Isa Изабела
Sir Tom was the best!
Ivy White
I love Jessie J!!!!!!!!
Jairo Paredes
jessie 😍
James Coffey
This is crazy good. Each singer sang to their talents. Danny should do \
Jesse Cole
Jesse J is flawless!!
Tom Jones is not losing. Respect.
Jessie is defenitly the best singer!!!
Kevin Clark
Sir Tom Jones is an absolute frickin legend
La Diff
In my country we would have said.... Mammamia Tom! The best!
Landry Romain
Jessie J and Tom John are sooooo much better....\nLe soucis c'est que dans ce métier, t'as pas forcément besoin de bien chanter, il faut connaître du monde, savoir gérer son image, et ça suffit amplement. Du coup je choisirais Will ou Danny si je participais à l’émission.
Lani Jauregui-Hansen
Jessie J is just oh my god.... Amazing
Legendary Beast Pose
Tom Jones is the best
Leo Santana
Tom Jones - Rip it up (Little Richard)\nDanny O´Donoghue - Johnny B. Good (Chuck Berry)\nWill I. Am - Shout (The Isley Brothers)\nJessie J - Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)
LivAndLils x
The best 4 coaches on the voice.
Louis Nguyễn
Tom Jones \u003c3
Malthe Nielsen
There is good in, there is better in Danny, there is best in Jessie, and then there is Sir Tom Jones.
Marvel Torneio dos Campeões
Jessie J a melhor❤❤
Matthew Palmer
Tom Jones....Legend.. the rest good but not even close.
Michael Tang
Tom Jones is a legend but let's be real, the songs were more suited to his style anyway. Jessie J is amazing idk how people can say she is just \
Michelle Visage
jessie is an angel i swear
Mohima Begum
I miss Tom the voice was interesting with him in it
these coaches were the best
let Tom Jones sing and send the others home.
Pablo D.R.
Tom Jones es el mejor!!!
Peace Beuponyou
Tom is the Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ROBERTO rodriguez
Sir Tom only get BETTER with age , like a fine wine , smooth and tasty lol (his voice lol)
Reali2y only sounds good with autotune
Robert Cohen
Jessie J I’m from the U. S and I watch all your YouTube and The Voice videos and it’s amazing on how much talent runs thru your body. I enjoy watching everything that’s posted about you. I would love to see you in concert and meet you in person. Keep your fans proud and sang your heart out cause your heart is a beautiful thing. Your amazing person!!! Sincerely your American friend Robert.
Sara Kim
Favorite coach group of all The Voice series and seasons
no ones making enough of a fuss about how talented this group is compared to most talent and sinning show panels!!
Sebi Morari
Tom Jones is a legends,his voice is unique,nowone can cover a Tom Jones song properly,but Jessie J is also unbelievably talented and she also looks stunning.
Siri Søphie
Everyone talks about Tom Jones and I am like \
Sophie Campagnac
I want the original coaches back, they were the best and were the most fun and chilled miss Danny (and JJ)
Tommy Petersen
Sorry but Sir Tom's voice just blows everyone away
Vince Quentin
All the songs featured in this medley:\n- Rip It Up by Little Richard\n- Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry\n- Shout by the Isley Brothers\n- Long Tall Sally by Little Richard\n- Last three lines of the medley are from Tutti Frutti by Little Richard
Yaya Swann
We dream about this in Italy .-.
Sir Tom Jones is brilliant !
Tom is the best singer there by far.
bree max
Tom Jones is still macho 💪
burkan muttasher
Tom is a living legend
In a blind audition only Tom would go further.
Jessie J + Tom Jones were the best!
dji zzah
I think Tom won this battle.
Sir. Tom. Jones.
galina popova
.Sir Tom is the best time
Tom Jones owned that stage!
Will I Am reminds me of a South Park character.
jessie jlover
Jessie ❤❤❤
the best coaches in all voices
i think he is 74 and more brilliant than ever!!!!
piet pienter
Tom Jones is still the greatest even at his age.
How fun was that.
Am I the only one who laughed when Will started singing? That was the last song I would've expected lol
no one on that stage comes EVEN CLOSE to Sir Tom Jones
siri sophie
Jessie and Tom 😂😍
Bring.Them.Back.(please?pretty pretty please?)
Sir Tom Jones is the only man with a real VOICE on this stage!!
ylin lee
I always think four of them makes the best judges group in the voice history , I mean worldwide =)
Дмитрий Бабарин
Том красава, остальные курят в стороне даже Вилл
ყრუ ხვრელი
Best coach performance in whole Voice !