Nerd³s 2.5 Million Subs Special - The Henderson Challenge

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2,500,000 is a lot of people. This is a lot of video. We're even.Game Link:

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A.K.A Matt
congratulations on 2.5 million subs\n\n\n\n\n\n\nagain
Alan Hardman
I've watched this like 10 times since it was uploaded, and I still can't believe how brilliantly it was edited.
Alex Smith
I've watched this in its entirety too many times...
Austin Vickers
I cannot express how much I love this singular video. :)
Nearly a year later 50k more subs...
Benjamin Mendoza
very brilliant and well done intro
BigBoi Ozama
This just explained how gta v is the most expensive game to just have a fraction of what’s to offer
Bobby 29
I like the history part
That is absolutely hilarious - especially the ending
exactly 1 year since this, now still 2.5 mil
how has he only gaind 20000 subs in 6 months?! please reply
CheerUp TV
People, subs haven't gone down as such, but YouTube took away a few hundred thousand inactive subscribers
two years later and still at 2.5 million subs, been watching since 2013 and still love the vids tho
Dan using micro-transactions is not something I thought I would ever witness.
I feel bad for Matt. I feel like he lost his sanity
Dain Ironhill
Nerd3 has £59.99\nWhat's it like being rich?
Dakota Cruickshank
how have you only gained 28 thousand subscribers in 6 months!?!?!?!
Wait what ? 5 months later and he has 2.516 million, did something happen?
Only 100k in 2 years? Wtf
who's watching this for like the tenth time
Depressed Watermelon
This makes me feel bad, a year later and you've barely grown........... I am sad
Dan is the true greatest consman here, He cheated to get what he wanted, where as mat did things the hard, stupid and honest way.
Elliot McFeast
Matt sounds like a mouse being stabbed when something goes wrong
Emma Blackery
matt's pain is my favourite thing
Eric Denison
January 9, 2019. 2.6 million. He has moved.
Excited James Aleks
How to do:\n\nStep 1: hop lobbys until you find a hacker.\n\nstep 2: profit.
Gavin Collum
that other guy has an awful watery voice
Global Travels
1 year, 6 months and 8 days to reach another 500k subs. Well done.
i wathch this anualy
Hayden Lancaster
One's pissed off at noobs, and the other is doing interior design! It's just like CS:GO!
Henry Gorrill
It kinda just seems nerdcubed's channel has stopped growing since this video.
Henry Szymanski
This is the singular best YouTube video EVER!!!!!!
Heyesy Dude
He's gone up 100k in just over 2 years. Huh.
Horrortale Sans
Mat you did that gang attak that's why it didn't give you money
That guy swearing his way through the game is a bit of a bellend. Just saying.
Jack Frosty
Well.. I hope this video made more than 240 dollars to make up the real debt.
Jack Roskell
are we gonna a get another one of these when he hits 2.5 again?...
Jack Wildhirt
So, you see how Matt is level 163. About that...
I like how this is a subtle message about how people who buy micro-transactions end up in the same place as people who don't.
Jamie Griss
hey look this video sub count is nearly valid
Jamie Hasted
Lol as you were reading the intro I was like \
Jente Geeraerts
I love the cuts to matt every few minutes
Jim Hutchison-Strachan
when its a 2.5 mil special but now he has less then 2.5 mil. R.I.P
John Moore
Um, did Dan do something really bad that I missed? Because he's below 2.5mil
June 18 2016 - 2.5 million subs\nJanuary 6 2018 - 2.5 million subs \nwhat
Koron Fhang
So I know the whole YouTube being an arsehole thing is really bad and all, but my real question is:\nWhy does Matt constantly talk as if he can only open his mouth about 2mm wide? It's like he's got permanent teeth clench going on.
Louis Hendrich
its sad that its been 2 years and his sub count is now 2.6mil
Luke Grove
dan you should have rubbed matt's face in it by saying \
Mack TB
And now we're back at 2.4 mil. Gg youtube.
What a takeaway. Dan's a Jamist.
When matt started coughing i just started uncontrollably laughing for no reason..
it tells you something that he has made 100,000 more subs in over 2 years
MATT SAID THE LAST BIT WAS FAKE. EXPOSED. even though everyone knew.
Michelle Carter
just as a heads up, if you haven't realized already, this is parody of people that accept microtransactions in games
Isn't it strange that dan has only got 100k subs since this\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIt's been 2 years, what happened
Mitchell Jenkins
2 years later 100k growth
Looks like Dan will have to do another Henderson Challenge
June 2016 - 2.5 million subs\nAugust 2017 - Still 2.5 million\nWot
Henderson's boys, cherub series 1, skulduggery pleasant. best book series ever
Professor Portals
Matt probably spent more money repairing what he broke than Dan did buying credits
Project Forty-Two
Plot twist. That's all I have to say. Plot twist.
So Dan won don't cross the line?
Looks like we need another 2.5 million special.
I think this video is meant to represent what microtransactions do to you (Dan) and what happens if you don't use them and grind (Matt) and a slight feeling it was all scripted (I dont have a problem with that this is my favourite nerd³ video
Radio 1 Essential Mix
I love you Dan, you make my floppy tower into a Hardcastle.
River Winn
after a year we are still at 2.5\nThis is most likely due to your disappearance. I however believe you should make another video about this, make a video about how many have stayed and how many have gone. Like this so dan can see, even though its a year too late.
Ryan Moulder
And two years later he gains a staggering\n\n\n\n0.1 Million
Samuel Dandrea
I just wasted an hour of my day watching this.. But that ending!
Scott Bradford
Matt was sooooo whiny in this video.
Shane Green
Surely I can't be the only one that likes Matt...\n\n\n\nRight?
2.5 mil video loses subs now 2.4 mil
Stormy Blüpaw
Nerd cubed at its best - 10/10 - IGN
was matt playing with glue cause sounded like hes teeth were stuck together
I just realized how dated this video is... despite it being a month old XD
Finally the micro transaction hypocritical moment arrives.
Trainguy1717 IRL
Matt \
Viot45 Thanks
in 2 years only 100k people have subbed still love him
Ive done this challenge with my best friend,my best friend raged a lot......I earned 200,000 dollar while my best friend earned only 5,000 dollars...........sad life for him
Zachary S
It's been 2 years and only about 100,000 more subs :( Dan you are super underrated
Matt swore a total of 281 times in this video
Matt rages to much and mumbles to much
fat boi
For anyone who is wondering, YouTubes subscriber purge unsubscribed alot of inactive users. This worked about 10% of the time. It unsubbed random users from Youtubers..\n Bots, active members, inactive members you name it. Its not about his content. Sure some may disagree but primarily looking at his dislike and like ratio, its not about the content.
freddie paley
Matt is a huge burden on this video it would of been much better if he didn't swear every 5 seconds...
@ everyone who says Matt ruins it: Have you ever heard of juxtaposition in comedy?
lil weetabix
Does mat have lisp?
matt pisses me off for some reason
luke odegaard
what do you think about just cause 4
mc Rat it because of the i m p l i c a t i o n ?
mcciv5wt _
i know who won!\nCharles Henderson won because he bought some money with microtransactions!
okay, this is epic
pickle jar
I thought this video just came out because of his sub count
only 100k more in 2 years :((((
shashwat pandey
did he just..... spend over a 200 pounds on GTA 5?
That intro was just so classy. Dan is a classy man L's & G's. Classy, classy man.