Betrayer - Calamity (Full Album) (1994)

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Band: BetrayerAlbum: CalamityGenre: Thrash Metal (early), Death Metal (later)Year: 1994

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After Death 4:40\n2\nDown With Gods 4:19\n3\nIn Sacrifice 3:40\n4\nFrom Beyond the Graves 4:16\n5\nMaze of Suffering 3:56\n6\nBefore Long You Will Die 4:06\n7\nWrathday 4:10\n8\nSickness of the Human Race 3:28
early deicide mixed with early morbid angel - aboslutely awesome mixture from Poland!
Potencjał był
to jest to
Mohd Radzi Awang
this underground band growth on late 80's together with The Punisher, Opposition Party, Mallaria, The Pilgrims, Cromok
Ojciec Rydzyk
Polski odpowiednik \
Seventy Below
First time hearing.. holy shit where have I been.
Thorns King
reminds me of Abhorer - Zygoatical Sabbattory Anabapt album, legendeathry band from singapore!
lokciepatrosia karolek
classic .but. trash metal?this not mistake .this .....
pawel wojtowicz
slychac morbid angel I deicide
That's totally death metal, not thrash. Betrayer is in fact my favourite Polish death metal band. New album coming out soon!!!