432 Hz Miracle Tone - Clear Intuition ➤ Awakening Inner Strength | 528 Hz Rejuvenate Heal Cells

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Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and make us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each-other and Mother Earth.DOWNLOAD:You may purchase this audio here: ………………………

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Aaron Long
High to low fluctuation is .. jarring.
Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD
This is one of the most beautiful programs I have ever previewed!
Aleksandr Lanenkov
Poroshenko is it Yanukovich, he is Putin lover's!\nAll government in Ukraine is snatchers.\nIf this read somebody not from Ukraine, you must know that.
Love it
All Awake Meditation
This is absolutely stunning audio. Thank you for providing this to the world. Really wonderful feeling of calm while listening.
Aracely Perez
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart bless you
Axial Omega
I meditated while listening to this. I was able to completely 100% empty everything from my mind. I had complete control over myself. Soon after I lost all conscious connection of my phisical presence. It was like I was in this void like realm of... nothingness. While at the same time it was empty. It had a feeling that everything about where I was and what I was feeling was infinite at the same time. I started to weep uncontrollably. Like I was overwhelmed and overflooded with so much pure emotion. It was joy. It was enlightened. Such beauty beyond comprehension. It felt like for the first time in my entire existence I felt like I had understanding of everything.
Burt Gummer
These pics on these videos makes me think someone was playing with the kaleidoscope or milkdrop plugins for winamp.
Carol S
Fabulous! I listened all day at work today and it kept me focused and productive in a very hectic environment. I'm going to listen again tomorrow!
Ciara Styles
Thanks for some hours of healthy sleep
Cornelia Sabina
beautiful !!! thank you \u003c3 \u003c3
Que maravilloso sonido. Gracias, gracias, gracias ♥
Desiree Williams
Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Eric Morse
Mixed with pink bynadrl these really work great for me. I love all these
If you resonate with this, then so be it. If you don't, then so be it. Go in peace.
Fausta Kučinskaitė
Everytime I listen to 432 hz I feel some kind of tension in my head, but after a while it is released. Am I the only one experiencing this? Maybe you know what could be reason for that?
Frazier Summerhayes
Thank you.
Ga Tar
7 and half hours sleep = endless sleep haven. without this that would have been merely a blink.
Gabriel Antonio
wow, I feel so connected to the eternal mystery of the Universe right now. Thank you for this amazingness.
Gemma W
Had out of body experiences and lucid dreaming after this last night, thanks :)
Gina Bonati
SERIOUS QUESTION - is there any Hz to be more aggressive or any other negative effect (i dont want to hear about the 440 Hz conspiracy)
Eyes open, for a split second you feel nothing except the now. You’re awake and all you know is that it’s a new day with endless possibilities. Such a beautiful morning, the sun shining through the windows like a touch of heaven shows you the depth of All That Is. The split second fades and in an instantaneous flash the sun runs away and you feel sick to your stomach. You’ve remembered the past you are stuck in, the endless thought patterns that have manifested the magnet of fear into a miserable existence. You’ve remembered people who have hurt you that you must get revenge on, you remember mistakes you’ve made that make you a bad person. You’ve remembered all the people who have told you about how much power you don’t have, how intelligent you’re not, and how weak love is. Hope is covered up, faith is lost, what’s the point anyway? \n\nSo what happened? All was well for the split second until you think you remembered who you are. Who is this person you think you are? A created mental projection of a past form that has strung together a programmed mind and a guilty identity not worthy of this life of happiness and love. Your tank is empty and you haven’t even driven anywhere yet! Your unhappy story is more important to you than freedom. What would you have without this story? “Who would I be?\
Thabk you just THANK you
Has anybody really checked out all these sites having \
J Glad
Was nice to wake up to this still playing after 6 hours of quite pleasant sleep.
J Henley
Tonight's episode brought to you by goodness
Thank you Lord for music! It’s can heal anything.
Jaime Marx
Namaste and thank you as always! Soothing and healing, inspiring and energizing. Bless you!
Jamie Munday
Where do you get the images from my friend? They're beautiful. I'd like to incorporate some of them into my yoga website
Janet Vallance
Wish I could hear it...
Several of these comments were looking for answers to something or help with understanding the tone. Was actually hilarious reading some of them. You have to manifest things within yourself. No one can give you the answers you seek because it is meant for you and only you to discover. If you can't stand the tone and aren't ready for blast off, create your own...period.
Jeannie Oquendo
Amazing work. you truly are a blessing. thank you so much.
Jedai•Ah Sent
I am much richly abundant! Healthy and blessings vibrating everyday of my life! Thanks so much!
Joanna Eden
wonderful & powerful tones. love this 💆
Joe Kibicho
I listened BUT THE RESULT, spent most of the night turning in the bed.\nWHY IS THAT?
Jorge Baesa
Thank You....
Joya Mai
I listen to a lot of tones for healing purposes and some of them seem helpful but is soon as I heard this one I started weeping. it touched me very deeply. healing old wounds. Thank you
This is awesome 💖
Karin van Wezel
Thank you! Beautiful & very powerful.
Kozmic Karma Koala
*just Uuuuuuuuuu* !!!
Krešimir Radoš
i have nightmares listening to this
Lady Lilac
Thankyou for taking the time to write those beautiful words for all of us that need to die to the old and wake up to the true us
Laura Vella
This is wonderful. So relaxing, I want to go to sleep now!
traveling within our own mind
Lucida Andromeda
Thank you! My crown Chakra is already tingling 😊🙏💖
Mafi Glendale
I was told that YouTube automatically tunes each video to 440 hz.. is this true? If so... that sucks. 💀
Margit M.
Namastè \u003c3
Marian Gutierrez
Michael Schweigart
I have Adult ADHD. This, and your other videos is what I really need. Thank you! I am now a subscriber
Mike Kollin
Thank you - So peaceful....
Mimi Louiso
leave this on even when we're not home to protect our pets from anxiety-
Monica Migliaccio
Thank you! Namasté
Muaks ́n hugs
I love this one !  Thanks a lot for sharing.
Nana Al Shareef
I love you
Neha Mathur
Everybody deserves to go within and you my dear,deserve the love you share,God Bless You!
Nic Hibbs
❣️💖💫❤️✨😊✨❤️💫💖❣️\n(`*•.¸(`*•.¸«•ஐ• »¸.•*´)¸.•*´)\n •ஐ«☆ LOVE & LIGHT ☆»ஐ•\n (,.•*´(¸.•*´ «•ஐ•» `*•.¸)`*•.,) \n 💝✌️Peace and Love, Nic✌️💝
Are headphones required? TY. 💓
Experience deep meditation on your very first try!. \n\nSimply lean back, listen, and let the specially designed isochronic tones take you to new levels of success in your personal evolution.\n\n\n\[email protected]
Paul Eliot
Why do whenever i listen to healing sounds i feel sad, angry, hopeless basically every negative emotion. Am i doing something wrong? 😭
This should have way more listeners
Roxanna Adams
Ryan Ait-El-Manceur
Thankfulness to Kenneth & Alexander ! Waaahooo ! Marvelous way to Communicate through that Beautiful Frequency \n\nLove Appreciation Through Compassion With In All Of Us ! Pure Energy Transcend by Love. :D.
Salvatore Rassu
You can be anything so please \nBe love 🙏❤️😊
SangHyun Hwang
lmao do people actually believe that 432 is the math-iest, third-eye-opening, geometric pitch? 😂😂😂😂😂
Seila Zeadin
Thank you  ,peace end love ,namaste
Oh how lovely these sounds are. I use them a lot. I'll use one for a week and see how it helps me. With prayer and meditation. I have been through so much in my life and I know God has held me up and has shown me hidden truths. These healing tones are from above, from God, who holds everything; The stars, the earth, the universe. All is connected through Him and His Son. ♥️ Much love to ALL
Shahbaz Bukhari
outstanding took me to some other place
Shatiwa Makeba
Thank you for providing this bliss can't wait for hospitals and schools to catch on. One love
For anyone who cares about truth: there is NO TRUTH whatsoever in \
Sötét XR master
The Erdoys
This has chunky beef written all over it.
Tiffany Carson
Beautiful!! I drifted and came back into myself from discrepancies in my past-- I feel whole and rejuvenated.
Tionne slade
this done something too my cat 😂
Tony Lopez Rubin
Shining, Sharing @ Expanding; PEACE \u003c LOVE \u003c LIGHT \u003c HARMONY \u003c LOYALTY \u003c UNDERSTANDING \u003c COMPASION @ JOY!!
Tritorials Gaming
Really Does Work I listen every night!
Ultraviolet Morgan
I just love this. This one is my favorite.
Nikola Tesla
Vegan Vocalist
Warm morning sun light kissing the first dew drop flower \u003c3
chris Klein
i love the blue wave sounds and tones, ok now the third eye has been opened and closed, let's go with wave and motion, sounds good.
chris wooddell
come up with some new music / beat pleaseeeeeeeeee lol
colin wright
New age nonsense
gill jack
Thank you. I'm feeling so joyful.
helps me when I'm having a panic attack or anxiety attack really sooths the soul
Dear Gr8ful, i was very distressed that when i sent my 1st message that it went to your comment. It was meant to go to someone who had made a negative reply to your comment. Your post is on the other hand a sensitively worded accurate explanation regarding the process of 'connecting with the SELF'. I actually 'screen captured' what you wrote to save it to my photos because i thought it was very beautiful. I am truly sorry for the mistake and i tried to remove it but could not figure out how. As you can see i don't do this very often. Thank you for taking the time to leave your Gr8 comment. I have listened to many of the offerings by Power Thoughts Meditation Club but this one is very special. I've listened to it more than 100 times and have not tired of it at all. It is wonderfully devoid of ego. It's Gr8 for working, sleeping, meditating, and reminds me of breathing. I'm going to recommend it to the ashram.
jojo reference
20x salvia
kathy qui
thank you for this.. added to my playlist. listened to this while writing in my book of thankfulness. This is indeed nice to listen to. Life is beautiful! Namaste!
michael mckenney
my car broke down and I only got two months until I graduate from school:( crying hopefully I wake up this nightmare but I guess it's just to make me stronger. I believe everything happens for a reason and it appears I'll be walking to school and work. Its gonna be a interesting few months. I hope I can make it by. I pray.
mimoocho dom
All these 432hz tones sound the same.
It keeps negative people at bay
patrick glancey
together we are unstoppable with strength unimaginable
shai miara
can you do 852hz+174hz plz?
Good things are on the way, I will manifest all I believe. My thought behind my thought. \nPeace and Love to all goodnight from Washington, DC ✌🏻💜
why are these sounds not available in hospitals? should be!
binaural noooo
Лена д
Thabks my dears \u003c3 music beautiful \u003c3 Bless God you \u003c3
Thank you. It's very beautiful.