Trivium - "Betrayer" (Alex Bent Drum Playthrough)

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Alex Bent drum playthrough of "Betrayer" off of Trivium's October 2017 release "The Sin and the Sentence"Instagram/Twitter: @AlexBentDrumsVideo by Nikko DelunaAudio Recording and Mixing by Jordan Lonn at SumPlace Studios(This is not the recorded drum track from the album)

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2:11 Alex looks like he’s smelling the best pastrami sandwich of his life
A's World
Wayne world: \
Abdulrahman Soufi
he's thanking us while we should be thankful for him for existing in this world, thanks for your massive skills you have man all respect to you thanks for being in Trivium
We're Not Worthy! We're Not Worthy!
Alef Sousa
Awesome, dude!
Alex Bent
Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to check this out and share feed back, I appreciate you guys very much. There's a lot more to come, cheers everyone! :D
Ancient Mariner
Drummers like this is the reason i consider taking on drums
Antonio Quirós
2:13 When you enter the kitchen and smell lasagna...
Augusto Abreu
please, just upload the whole album playthrough =\u003e\u003e\u003e we need it! you sir, are a beast!
Baramee Tiewcharoen
Damn! Shia on drum.
Ben Burleigh
This guy is literally everything good about Travis Smith and Nick Augusto combined.
It would be more difficult to this guy to miss a beat than it would be to just play the entire song perfectly
Brandon Sage
Holy hell, Alex. Glad that you’re in Trivium, they needed someone as explosive as you are. Keep it up man!
Brock Mair
This may just make me quit drums, wow
Bruno Del Souza
jesus christ
Bryan Monterrosa Carvajal
It's so satisfying to watch him play
Bryan Patrick Music
What a monster. Amazing.
Charles Wagner
Holy Shit!
Chris Laib
2 dislikes?! LOL... Travis and Nick hahahaha!
Clovis Filho
Thank you for this work of art.
Craig Peters
Congrats on everything dude! Play-through looks really good!
DM Fabrications
The Tom/China work in the first verse made balls melt.
Dan Belmonte Alcaraz
Insane drumming, look at 2:04 .
David Fuller
One footing that blast at 3:40? Impressed.
Dr. Jimbo
‘’if you could have one super power what would it be?’’\nperson1 - i want to fly\nperson2 - i want to read minds\nme: *shows this video*
You are a monster! well done and here is to a long career with Trivium. \\m/
Emard Mistas
piece of cake. wtf.
I've probably watched this over 10 times now. Inspirational drumming to say the least.
Erick Mazur
Seen this live in sioux city friday night. Amazing show! Only trivium album that makes me air-drum
Esteban Aispuro
Hell yeah Alex. Congrats on the album release and best of luck brother. I'm stoked to watch your successful career grow. 🤘🏽
Felipe Penteado
That moment you find Matt Garstka and Alex Rudinger fusion in one drummer
Fernando Cedillo
You see this is why Betrayer was nominated for best metal performance
I like how he's looking like a noble snob.\nVery easygoing playing right there.
Haidar Ali
Right man for Trivium!
Haraldur Helgason
That one foot bass drum at 3:40 is probably not human, and if it is, it's definitely not allowed.\nThat being said, I've loved Trivium for many years, and this album slays all. It combines the best elements of all the earlier albums, and tops it off with the drummer to end all drummers. \nWatching this shit has me in disbelief over how casual Alex seems, and then I remember the videos from the studio where Alex says \
Hayden Eden
imagine if you could show someone this video in the 50s....when they had like 3 piece kits and brushes
I swear if Trivium is all like \
Iago Pedro
OMFG! You're the most intense and accurate drummer I have seen in a while. This comes from a drummer to a beast drummer.\nKeep up the good work, you're amazing dude!
Indy Roosendaal
Can't even see the park ya knocked it out of
J RCviews
How is it possible that this video has dislikes? THIS DUDE IS JUST A BEAST MACHINE
James Broady
Hate to be the drum nerd but is he using 21” z custom mega bell rides?
Jared Dines
Jeff Myron
Dear Alex,\n\nPlease inseminate my girlfriend. She needs your drumming seed of life. \n\nI shall teach my spawn blast beats when he turns 3. I shall become a drum god vicariously through your seed.
Josh Steffen
Jesus Christ man!
Juan Guerrero
Me Bent you are diabolic. You record an álbum that no one will be able to play if you leave the band. Well played.
Juan Manuel López Moreno
Justin Hecker
Keith Christen
Loved you in Arkaik and now you're breathing life into Trivium. You rule my friend.
Lindsay Sinclair
not the biggest fan musically of Trivium but they had always badass musicians in their ranks, this is no exception,,,, this dude is on fire !
M Crites
What?! No sheet music?
M Surkus
I cant wait to see this GOD live \u003c3
Mark Andrew Gregorio
Mark Harper
Damn.. he makes everything look so easy.\nDefinitely my favourite drummer out of all Trivium has had.
Alex Bent, ladies and gentlemen! Remember that name because it is going to be written in the history of music!
Mathew Orr
Outstanding! You deserve all the success that comes your way Alex. \nBeen a Trivium fan for a long while and I can't remember a time where they put the spotlight on the drummer as much as they have with you. Cheers for breathing new life into this kick ass band!
Matteo Grussu
Alex, I love the way you use your splashes man! Just adds that extra little bit of spice to the top without going overboard and I can't think of anybody else that uses them as effectively as you do! Great work on these vids from an epic album!
MetalMix // Playlists & Promotions
He just is a fucking monster, so happy that he's playing in Trivium. Alex has the power to make them sound brutal AF and I love that. Love the video Alex, keep up the fantastic work, both in the studio and on stage. \u003c3
Mike P.
Grammy nominee!!! Yee!
I did a Mouth Drum cover of this if anyone is interested :3 \nI found it tougher than Sin and Sentence, love this drummer :D
Nicholas Macken
GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH triviums best drummer ever! could you cover pull harder? and maybe throes??
Paris Lytle
Every note calculated. Trivium is a great band, and Alex takes them to the next level. No wasted spaces, no filler, always tight! Really enjoying your patterns man
dang i didnt know shia labeouf was such a badass drummer. lol im sorry u rock alex
Random Things Around
Trivium is a very lucky band
René Niclasen
Grammy nominated blast beats..!
I turned off my porn to watch this notification but i didn't stop masturbating :P
Reza Felayati
1:58 - 2:08 he's going nuts with that fill-ins
Robert Williams
First one!! Damn I'm loving your drum skills
Rollurowno !
S3n Kroeninger
Damn! It’s really impressive how you can keep perfect time through those double time beats with the double kicks, upbeat snares, and rides accenting the guitar riffs.
Sage Shaw
Alex is the kind of drummer that other drummers wish didn't exist haha
Damn he looks so relaxed like hes doing grocery shopping..
SeaBear 101
Gosh you're one hell of a beast dude! You definitely are the right man for Trivium!
Stephen Deinema
I can see why sin and the sentence is trivium's best album in years, Alex is to blame lol
Stuart Russell
those double kicks....and that speed...))) im still building my stamina.   can I ask what angles your legs are? I find keeping my feet further back gets my speed up but cant go for long????
Trivium were looking for a drummer, and got a Beast instead !
You're not allowed to leave this band. Seriously some of the best drumming I've heard since The Rev.
See this speed 1.5x
Trivium Memes
Sick as always! Looking forward to see you play on the next EU run :)
That was majestic.
Zbyszek Kieliszek
Trivium drum machine AlexB activated ! :)
bruno donizete
Please do Sever the Hand
didn't even bat an eyelid did he?
Thirty one people are pissed because they will never be able to do what Alex does..
I was wishing to see Shannon Lucas as the next Drummer with TRIVIUM, but I'm now I'm glad to see a young and talented guy like you Alex, who is surely going to influence the progess of the Band.
edersonwarlock Overias
I'm straight awestruck. This makes me sad that illness caused me to have to give up my miniscule experience with drumming...I can however air drum my heart out to the new album. Hell yes!
joe acker
This is absolutely what metal drumming should be!! It's so refreshing to hear such a new driving force
mertusek Dzikusek
You are god of drums man.
mr dufi
your are the best drummer ever in trivium 😈🙌
So nonchalant ... \
This guy fudging rips. Perfect dude to take Trivium forward.
That's just not even human
0:22 Excuse me? WHAT?!?!
does every member of Trivium have a YT account now? where have i been living?! btw, it would be cool to see a drum-off battle with Jay Weinberg from Slipknot!
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