Syria War - HD POV GoPro Of Western Volunteers Kurdish YPG Combat Syrian Regime Forces In Qamishlo

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HD POV GoPro footage filmed by a Western Voulteer fighter in the lines of the Kurdish YPG shows him and his unit in combat during fighting with Syrian Regime Forces from the NDF (National Defense Force) a pro Syrian government militia in the town of Qamishlo.The video also shows the treatment of a wounded female Kurdish YPG fighter at the end.Fighting between Kurdish forces and the Syrian Regime happend before in the past and is nothing new.Credits for the footage go out to Jake Insyria (

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Terorist ypg
27Aditya Shahi
I'm just Speechless, \nNo Words To Explain , just \nHat's-Off To Each n Every Soldier \nBcause they not just Fighting only..\nThey also protecting thousands n thousands of local civilians lifes !!!
Adem Demirci
Das ist das originale Beweis das die amerikana mit terorror Gruppen wie PKK zusammen arbeiten in Syrien
Ahmed Shahb
Kurdstain 🇹🇯✌️
Ahmet Mert
Alex Heyd
Amy Rodriguez
I’m actually in a war right now
Andrew Mills
Do not move that girl around you need to put s glove on.and cover the wond so she can breath ..keep pressure with your hand with (latex gloves on) untill you find a bag and cut a square piece place over hole from bullet and tape it there now when she breathes the air will stay in lungs...i cant wait to get there do i can help...i know you are trying your best guys ..god be with all you...YPG support 100%
Anton M.
Camera guy is a covard
Assad FTW
Austin Michael
This has to be in 2016 because in march SDF and YPG meet with SAA and Russian MPs
Barry Walsh
the kurds and syrian army both are fighting isis...
Carlos Barrios
The Kurds are just ungrateful traitors.
Change Saewhat
brainwash by usrael
Chiko Loco
You let fight woman? Kurds and zionists have no honor.
Cleveland Boychris
This reminds me of walking through the hood everyday of where I’m from 😐scary shit but is the life u sign up for kinda
Col. Cotton Hill
That guy at 4:30 should have gave that Pepsi to the isis sniper, they would have got along.
Cooper_. 0
Daddy Shark
I feel so sorry for the Kurds \n\nThey are hated by so many but they still are the main defence against is
Damien Spectre
brave woman - did she survive?
Darcy Santos
Oi eu sou brasileiro e eu gosto de matar como fasso pra me comunicar com vcs talvez seja útil matando esses caras pra vxs
big wide open window, not a safe spot to be in
Dom Dukes
These people live in a war because of the CIA scumbags. End war. Let bankers and politicians shoot it out themselves
you're wrong brother, back to your brother join SAA
Ez Kurd im Kurdistan’ime
Love Kurdistan
Smoke weed and watch this
Western Volunteers = Zionist Mercenaries, basically.
Gaming Junki
U shouldn't wear sunglasses that as a lot of reflection
Green Llama
Wondering if that woman survived-
what were they saying to the man at 5:47?
Issa Draco
19:43 Tactical middle finger
Joep de Wolf
The Kurds are doing an amazing job.
Jonathan Ocampo
lol \
Joseph Flanagan
No foriengers in Syria, go home fools.
As someone who was in the military this was frustrating to watch. The guy with the camera seems like he has no military expierence...maybe someone who's seen too many YouTube videos. Keeps walking across the open window, constantly checking his mag, doesn't speak up when they are giving bad medicinal advice.
Ketum Kedi
Kourosh Kourison
syrian war simulation v2.1 Allahu akbar dlc
Kyle Toledo
I wish we could provide them with body armor it's not right letting them go fight with no protection.
Liam Baynon
This is actually relatively new once the Syrian government agreed to give the Kurds their territory back after clashes they made peace but now the Kurds seem to shifting their attention on taking Raqqa before the regime does even if they have to fight makes sense the regime will just renter Kurdistan eventually unless they're stopped
Lord Kek
Perfect example of why women shouldnt be on the front line.
Mammouth Lafouinne
Delenda est Britania\nDelenda est America\nDelenda est Israel
Michael Tefft
HD GoPro in 240p resolution? The worse smartphone camera can take better video than this.
Misael SAN
acompanhando um counter strike vida real quem não gosta ?
Muhammad Aamir
hate and death to saudi paid bastards
Mustafa Zakieh
western terrorists and assad terrorists fighting each other, show us some mashed meat please
there is an american LEL 3:00
NoPain NoGain
how to go in syria mercenary?
Orion MA
Both of them are terrorist .
Orion Melton
If I would be of any use, I'd go out and join them in a heartbeat. Damn disabilities.
Long live the Baath Party! Long live the SSNP! Long live Assad!
Peyton Powell
While they're all huddled over the woman whose keeping the SAA fighters at bay??
Purple Shot
This situation is like Rio de Janeiro.
Why are there so many Russian trolls posting here? Doesn't the great Putin provide his people with their own Russian YouTube? 😂
Rising Sun
Long live Mr Bashar AL Asad and the regime forces the SAA
Roger Mora
Nooo was that the short girl with the huge machine gun that got hit?
Poliosh men stop max thear tactic if not alll be kill direct.. WOw
So there are Americ a advisors on the ground? The accent is obviously American
Salavat Julaev
Kurden sind die einzigen in der Region, wer sehr schnell ein erfolgreicher Staat aufbauen können, mit starker Wirtschaft und Demokratie. Denn das haben sie schon in Irak bewiesen. Auserdem haben sie das verdient. nach dem sie solche Opfer un Kampf gegen IS und Assad gebracht haben.
Sean Reed
The Kurds are fighting the SAA ? when did this happen ? Kurds you greedy Bastards don't bite the hand that feeds you .
looks like a massive wipeout of all human trash is needed
Shrvan Ibesh
RIP :p
Silver Fever
These people are mercenaries, funded by the cia
SiyasiAmca TC
ölün amk pkk sı ypg si amerikanın köpegi olmuşsunuz TÜRKİYE BUNLARI BİLİYO VE SİZİ SİKECEK ALLAH TÜRKÜ KORUSUN YÜCELTSİN
Tek Aşk Vatan
Fucked Ypg
“are you down there alone”\n“yeah”\n“thats not good”\n“well i’m not dead yet”\n“well yell if you die”
i am bored just watching it , that girl got hit very sad
Timber Wood
If there was no religion there would be so few wars over the last thousands of years
They gain Syrian territory even though they are not majority there. They are traitors.
Turquie En Force
Bunlanrin hepsi gebermistir simdiye 😂😂😂🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Heir biji
Wael Ali
kurds zionista rats losers
We’re all fucked
I never heard the ref blow the whistle !,,,they never put they're goggles on!...
d o'irish
from 22:00 to 26:00 you have 4 soldiers not fight doing nothing.. you fight to win you had 5 soldiers only 1 doing anything for 4 minutes enough time to fight or push forward.. do better you can.. go ypg ... damn wish they would let in filibusters.. sorry for your lose
fghfgh dfghdfghfdgh
boy no medical training at all no any proper field medical supply either a bandage for a gun wound in the upper torso pffff if that soldier is alive is a fuking miracle one indeed 17 min they spend wondering what to do and giving him a mild bandage while he must be prept for transport for like 5 and be on its way in a transport in 10 max top at best they got a hour to give hip proper medical attention or its goner us army here shows very poor training very poor indeed
flodA reltiH
I hope the female fighter at the end came out ok
hello hun
It's like those buildings were built for war, like a video game.
YPG dimeşe, erd û ezman diheje ✌️\n💛❤️💚
iskra je gej
Respect for all the people ✊ that are fighting for us
медицина?! а что это? автомат дали, куда стрелять показали, остальное не важно
lll lll
that would be a fun place to play airsoft or paintball!
Serious wound ... she's probably gone .... Sad...
michael mantinaos
Why are the Kurds fighting the Syrian government?
starving kid from africa
oh i remember these guys these are the dumbasses that sent coordinates on themselves
stephan daoust
Way to get the propaganda wrong ypg fight isis not Assad
sad to see a woman who got shot 19:00
The only good commie is a dead commie. Hopefully the SAA wipes them all out
Аркадий Королев
тут зверьки в войнушку играют, кого заметят, того алеле-але...
Владислав Кашперский
западные добровольцы??😒
Егор Михайлов
More like the US and ISIS fight against Assad forces
Конрад Дюселдорф
These are the older fights that happend an year ago, right ?
Леонид Афанасьев
Чё это уних оружие такая шо у автора и у РПГ стволы забитые наверно холостыми стреляют да:))) и вроде стреляют но отсреленных гильз чё то я не вижу и ноу-хау наверно чтоб вроде война идёт а все стекла целые да и стены тоже чистинькие кароче фуфло они гонят
kurds and the saa should team up
lol they are leftist on the paper but using american help yeah right
مهزدر مهزدر
الله يحميكم
وحوش البصره 2
هضول داعش
Why would anyone in a healthy mind volunteer for this?