Fortnite Battle Royale - All Gargoyles Locations Guide (Fortnitemares Challenge)

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Fortnite Battle Royale - All Gargoyles Locations Guide (Fortnitemares Challenge)The are a total of 5 Gargoyles that you need to dance in front of for the "Dance in front of different Gargoyles" challenge in the Fortnitemares part 1 challenge. There are more than 5 Gargoyles around the map, but you only need 5 and I show the easiest ones to get in the most direct route.When you successfully dance in front of a Gargoyle, it will come up on the screen saying you have done so. This video includes the fastest route to get all 5 Gargoyles, so you could even do it in one game.Do note, you need to win/lose the game for it to count towards the challenge. You cannot just quit. ===============Subscribe Here: ▶ PSN: Harry94_▶ Xbox Live: HarryNinetyFour

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Adam Potempa
I found one close of dusty
Amr of Steel
havent played in 5 days and this happened. xD
Andrei Paşcu
Thank you,man!
Ashton Mines
There is on by the race track but it off the map. I found it by accident it's a little towards the left of the track between the little house. But of the map. It's sitting on a rock.
Atene Jagminaite
me to mxp me to
Banta Bus
Didn’t have five in it but okay
Awesome couldn't find the wailing woods one thanks.
Benjamin Tomas
i danced i front of them but nothing happend
Blake A.
whose been playing since season 3?
This video helped me out thanks!
Brody G*****
Thanks for telling everyone where the gargoyles are now they can complete the mission.😁😁😁😁
Thanks for getting straight to the point with no talking!
IDK why but it's disabled in solo rn...
Charlie’s Corner Morgan
Thanks for making this it is really helpful for me and my little brother
Chris Martin
I thought the thing that spawns zombies we're gargoyals
I cant do a last challenge .......😑☹️☹️☹️☹️
Deaconator22 Official
I went to the risky reels and it didn't work! I just needed 1 more gargoyle!
Deklan Drost
Thx for no commentary, it can sometimes get annoying with other you tubers
I tried to the tomato temple in solo everyone was camping it
DogeDigger 123
The dancing isn’t counting for me
Faisal Ahmed
you forgot about this one i found in playground mode. Its literally on an ledge of the desert by paradise palms
Faizan Hussain
Well excuse me
Finsore AXIDAS
Hey dude im a big fan im one of the first fifty people here :) :) please heart this comment ive been using ur vids since season 4 fortnite
Damn, that music gives me the chills
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This helped so much!!!! 😂
Ghost 78612345
it will only work in a fortnitemare mode
Ginger gunner 2458
The challenge doesn’t work on solo
You cannot do this challenge in disco domination... I was in there to just show the locations as matchmaking was taking forever in other modes.
He n
guys challenges are messed up , epic games is working on it now don't worry
Iivari Oikarinen
boi you fast
y'all you have to do it in fortnitemares
Jamarias Channel
My challenges are not working
Johan Carette
Thank you so much for this vid
Another fix if it is not working, do not leave after you dance. You have to die first for it to register.
challenges didnt work
Thanks to this guy i now have all the Fortnitemares challenges done
Killer Dam
Thank you so much now I have the max calamity
Kimari Cartoons
Thank you, your Videos are always very helpful. 😉
You forgot the one mountain near flush factory
Le Carlton
Thanks for making your videos less than 10 minutes for our convenience
Lieutenant Nomad
Lil Ounce
They dont count for me
Good channel its amazing✌
Lorax Gaming
How long you have to dance?
Luke T
Thank you so much much to this guide was so helpful
M x.p
dude they are so annoying i was hiding in a bush they kept punching me!😂 its so funny when someone is running away from the zombies!
Mandy Cartwright
Marcel Opitek
everytime i get four they just reset :(
Matthew Morales
Challenge still don't work
Max Schultzwild
It didn't work
Mewsitive Tides
Great thanks helped me a lot \u003c3
Milk Meat
It wont work even in solo duo and sqaud
How come your not showing in 60fps? Game is like that on xbox
Thank you so much
I danced in front of them and it never counted
Phinehas Little
Thank you for finding all the gargoyles, also thank you for not talking for like 20 min about nothing like advertising. \nThank you y really helped me :)
thanks dude
Yo thanks nice video ☺
Who else finished the challenges in the first day like me (Im a try hard) :(
Thanks bro I was looking in Tomato Temple for minutes and I looked at your video and I found the gargoyle
Ryley Dunwoody
I’m doing it in fortnitemares mode and I got 4 out of 5 the last one isn’t working for some reason
Sammie Fowler lll
I found a hidden gargoyle by accident on the middle mountain between tilted and the corrupted zone near Dusty
You're a lifesaver. Thanks for this.
Sml Is awsome
Your just flexing your renegade raider
Sonic The Hedgehog
Who else thought the gargoyles were the zombies
TO ALL THAT IT DIDNT WORK FOR: epic had lag and i didnt work for like 2 hours but now it should be fixed it didnt work for me but now it does just try now :)
Sxvxge 9100
It doesn't work in solo or disco what modes does this work in? Edit: I found out a few hours ago it's only in fortnitemares I just finished part 1 of the fortnitememes challenges
The Cursed Skeleton
Dude! So early! This is why I’m subbed to you bro \u003c3
Oh wow.. I see ...Gargoyles different locations on dance. Thank you I will be that challenge from Fortnitemare.
Yaboy Scythe
There's also one gargoyle close at paradise palms but it's on the edge of the map.
Zak attack
thanks so much this helped me a lot as this the last of my day 1 challenges
Not all location lulz
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Thank you so much this helped me so much i love and keep up the good work
anonymmz bral
I dont see it in the first location
blast games
באיזה וויק זה
can we get 10,000 sub with no video? part 2 we have do again?\n(Part 2 quest of fortnitemares)
Leroyyy Hankins is god all hail him yippy
fifa gamers gr
flashorty 101
No disrepect but u only did 4
fortnite GAMER
They aint working 4 me
geegee number4
Haha I totally wasn't expecting a solo win getting the last 2. 👌
handsome squidward
Question is how do you find all of the things you just find them and playground mode or do you watch it epic games video
illinvada PlayzFortnite
theres a couple more also up on hills
lolbruh69 Thao
Hey 94 can you do all the secrets pls
shade monsterboi
sjy kim
Risky \nTomato\nQuarry\nCastle\nViking
Already have max calamity and now I have max dire
Guys they only work in fortnitemares
xd Zyro
Tbh I only want the glider and trail but I need xp so
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What is your support a creator code ???