"Will it Run?" Special: Ultimate Daily Challenge: Cheap Citroen SM! Part 1: Prologue

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Hi! We're gonna take on the Ultimate Daily Driver Challenge this time...the rare, beautiful, exotic, and complex Citroen SM coupe! A car with a reputation for trouble even when new... If there is one car that scares off the faint-of-heart, this is it... So I had to have one, of course! In Part 1 here, we'll just have a look at how we picked up the car from Agent 747s yard where it had been stored outside because the previous owner (who was a real gentleman and Citroen enthusiast, just a little over his head on this one) couldn't make the restoration happen... I had seen the car several years ago and was determined to buy it from the first time I laid eyes on it... I put the car away after I bought it and Agent 533 helped get it tuned up enough to run the following summer, as seen here. I put the car away again until this fall when the Ambassador was done and I decided that it needed to be made good enough to drive. It is not going to be a full restoration or a showpi

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11:11 Paranorm
Love the old foreign cars and trucks. They have style not like todays cookie cutter cars and trucks
its good to know it had a door buzzer much like the other '70s import cars did.
Alan G
Wow you have the best stuff! I always wanted one of these and an older DS. A French car with all kinda of fancy doodads, AND an Italian engine to boot, what could go wrong?
Alger C.
I am catching Citroen Sickness Syndrome, is it fatal? I want to see that long nosed Italian/Frenchman doing burn outs, well at least on that dirt road anyway. New word added to my vocabulary \
Andrew Karpyszyn
Angus Sutherland
That run at the hill is somewhat less impressive than the Citroen in the opening in “The Day of The Jackal” but it has potential. Look forward to following the process.
Bart Orlans
Wow, a cheap AND running SM?!?! When you were getting ready to pull it out of the garage and Stella was staring it down, well, it must have been a French thing. Bon chance!
Bob Adams
I'm not a big Citroen fan but that is a pretty cool car. I think I saw one in Jay Leno's garage. I recognize the glass front license plate cover. Now all you have to do is pull that massive dent in the right rear quarter.
Bob Cannon
A glassed in license plate display ( lighted? ) and what appears to be six-pack carburation. I am tickled. It's never the same old shit.
Bob Pegram
Good Luck guys! When it gets tough to figure out, please stick with it anyway, even if you need a long break to mull over the problem, while working on other cars. Just remember that the independent Citroen was WEIRD! My idea is that unlike other car manufacturers, they employed artists and mathematicians to design and engineer their cars and they had no use for public opinion about their cars! That would really explain a lot.
Burlats de Montaigne
Thanks for responding to my last comment. Good luck you a better man than I. Stylish car, like a French girl, tempermental and finnicky. I want another project too but my wife wants house rennos. I may just stick to my $1000 Geo Metro Daylys. My coworkers and I will be watching from rainy Vancouver. Cheers oh and thanks for all the autobody tips and mechanical shortcuts over the years. Your channel is awsome!
Dave Merchant
David Rousseau
Odd engine set up. Never seen anything like that.
Dead Reckon
See, when I buy a cheap daily I look for something moderately reliable, but fun enough to enjoy, and also cheap / disposable enough I don't care about. You on the other hand, heh, I'm impressed with this one man.
I'm jealous. Would love to drive that every day.
Don Lahey
This is one car I have never seen on the road! A really incredibly awesome looking car!
I watched twice ... Thank you. \nThis car was part of my \
Going to be fun to watch the rest of this will it run series.
Electron Kaleidoscope
That opening is basically your channel in a nutshell :P
Ellesmere Wildwood
Sitting dead center in front of the car, Stella says...\
Erik Lawaetz
To me(and my late Father) this is the ultimate French Car,Careful Guys.she deserves a good life.kindly Erik
Citroen Sado-Maso
Glenn Nickerson
Love the trailer hitch! Must be a rare factory option for the \
Very nice,,i find the European version much nicer looking
Graeme Mcnulty
Harm Emmen
Can't wait to see how you fix it up. Truly unique and, in my humble opinion, incredibly beautiful car. Lovely weird piece of engineering. Love the way the pump for the hydropneumatic suspension, the alternator and the AC pump are being driven by that weird looking shaft. It makes zero sense, but it's just so cool.
Hit the ground running
This is the car that Burt Ryenolds let go into the drink in the begining of the movie The longest Yard.
Holger Wittmann
That car really is very special.
I love these cars. A few years ago we used to see quite a few of these in the UK, then suddenly they were GONE -because maybe you need a Citroen mechanic or something. I can't wait to see if it'll ride like the DS.. Good Luck with it. Very brave.
James Kmenta
I'd heard there a \
James Letaw
Nice score...l don't know how you find these gems, but you sure know one when you see it
Jamie Mills
That Maserati v6 sounds so good at full song. Can't wait to see it back in top form.
Jason Baird
Just found and subscribed! Can't wait to see your next SM installment. Congratulations! :) French AND Italian engineering beauty. My own Lancia Gamma GT was to have the Citroen self leveling pneumatics in 73/4 but de Gaulle vitoed Citroen sharing with Lancia on grounds of national security. Citroen buying Maserati overcame that problem though, you lucky, lucky! Hands across the water from Scotland...
Cool car, Stella is gonna be stylin !
John Belcher
Mabey it should be called the Citroen S+M ! Just kidding, very race !! As always Stella you look great !
John Smith
Awesome Channel! Keep the content coming!
Jon Bunker
The SM is basically my favorite car... I am now in possession of my second one (the European version with the self-levelling rotating headlights... the first one I had in '74)\nWe have just spent 3 days touring with our rather large dog (he is about 3 times the size of your magnificent Stella!) in pretty extreme winter conditions... for here in the UK!... and the smile on all our faces (including Ollie, our dog, who adores that very comfortable back seat...) just said it all!\nI have also owned 10 other Citroëns- DS/ID/Safaris over the years, and they are so underrated and reliable!\nBut the SM is the only car I have owned that people actually clap when it passes by- it happened again yesterday in Kensington, London.\nAll the best with this project, and a hug to Stella!
Kelly Finney
Attach a nuclear reactor to it and go Back to The Future Canada style! But seriously \nIt’s a very unique looking car and so futuristic looking...\nLOVE IT!
Kevin Roberts
Stell, fetch us a Labatts. We're gonna hook our snowmobile trailer up and go ice fishing!
Dear God in heaven, *please* get rid of those awful US-market headlights, and get some Euro-spec ones!! For the love of all that is good and holy!! ;-)\n\nI am *so* looking forward to your future videos on this car — it will definitely be a very interesting series.
Well I can see you will make this one a great daily driver. Always nicer to restore something you really want to drive every day and not something you have to drive just because. Cheers
Leighton Farms
Another great video of a great car. Thank you!!
Mark Quigley
What a cool car, different for sure , Think I've seen one on the road here in Cleveland in my 62 yrs, Great video , Keep em coming.
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
A neighbor in Boston had an S&M in the early '70s. He wasn't a car guy, so he had to pay for all the repairs, of which there were many. S&M indeed.
Mel Colp
Just thinking that this is your Christmas Special. \nwishing you a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Michael Sheppard
It even has the original piston AC compressor!\nNow how do you convert it to turning headlights and where do you get LHM fluid for the hydraulics? You're a brave soul!\nBest of luck with the Idi Amin get away car!!!
Mike Kelly
Absolutely love this channel. Keep up the good work and merry Christmas :)
Mitch Herriot
You guys are mad men and i love it! Cheers from Lloydminster!
Citroën SM = This will be amazing to watch! Been waiting for this one.
It’s up to yourselves whether or not you believe this, but I wrote the following appalling detritus before this video was posted. Honestly, Scott, it’s almost as if we have some weird kind of synchronicity. Either that, or you’re just incredibly unlucky. My money is on the latter. Anyway, let’s get down to it.\n\n Being bored to tears with Christmas related rubbish, I went for a rummaged through CWMC’s archives and, lo and behold, found Stella’s old blog. It’s the one she had to stop writing because of Scott: caring for him and his deteriorating condition took up all of her time. Anyway, to cut a short story long, it inspired the resultant “ poem “, which is absolutely awful: there isn’t any metre, it doesn’t scan, it’s very poorly constructed and it’s utter nonsense. In fact, I’m very proud of it. It is titled :- \n\nRichard Nixon Asked, “ Would You Buy A Car From This Man ?”.\n\nLucifer, some kinda fallen archangel loser, was building a bridge over the River Styx.\nHe was modernizing Hades, and, in the process, putting old Charon on the dole.\nWhich unfortunately meant, if the demons wanted a weekend outside of Pandemonium, \nThose sons of bitches were gonna have to get themselves some wheels that could roll.\n\nSo Beelzebub popped up to that hell-on-earth, Ardrossan, \nWhere I saw him drinking bathtub gin at the Junkyard Motel bar,\nHe was waiting for the world famous Scott’s Emporium to open,\nHe was going to buy himself his very own get-out-of-hell car.\n\nIt was half past two on a wet and windy Strathcona afternoon\nWhen “ Resurrection “ Scott finally crawled out of his bed. \n‘Cause he’s a guy who don’t do breakfast and he certainly don’t do mornings, \nJust the very thought of them messes with the poor man’s head.\n\nScott moseyed on over to the ‘Yard for his shot of liquid lunch, \nWhere he found Stell shooting pool and waiting bar.\nHe also found a git with a pitchfork, a forked tail and a pair of horns,\nBabbling on about why a demon should desperately need to buy a car.\n\nScott took himself a shot of 70 proof moonshine nutrition,\nAnd told the leathery, forked tongued dude, “ I’ve got just the car you’re looking for.”\nAt which point Stell barked out “ KMAG YOYO “,\nGrabbed the tip jar, and the milk bones, and headed for the door.\n\nLater that day in the ‘Yard, folks was drinking, and seeing, double.\nWhen Stell pipes up, “ You know, Hell could arrive at any moment, now they’ve got that car !”.\nScott peered mournfully into his empty glass, “ Hades to Ardrossan ? Nah, I don’t think so.\nThat mangy, old, clapped-out Citroen SM, it just don’t go that far.”\n\n\nWell, if that’s not the worst load of tripe you’ve ever read, you really should stop reading Murdoch’s load of bollocks. Anyway, next up, I get down and dirty with Christmas cheer. Honesty, what has CWMC ever done to deserve such punishment ?
A French and Italian co-production. What could possibly go wrong?
love the lines of that car, when l was a kid waiting for the bus l would see one go by every morning on his way to work, id think he was james bond.
Naomi Baron
It's nice to hear it running on all cylinders again.
Nikolaj Hansen
Even has the original Castrol oil cannister
Ha! \
Ody Slim
Thanks guys for another fine video! That distributor is probably better than my Chevy LT1 Opti-spark junk which is very temperamental to say the least. To whoever is working on the distributor, Nice ink! Regards, Ody
Old Hollywood- NBC Mr. Hahn
You have a very unique channel. Best regards.👍
Philippe W.
C'est la version avec Moteur V6 Maserati, une voiture mythique !!
Awesome car and it looks like it will now get a whole lotta lovin as it rightly deserves!
Ralf Risberg
Citroën SM was 20 years ahead of everybody else 😎
Rene Jelles
Proof that aliens exist, and they have a terrible sense of humour!
That car is awesome! If it was mine I would drive it as is. Such a cool ride!
Reverend Al
It needs a new timing chain. They all needed a new timing chain every 30,000 miles.
Roadside Channel
The hydraulic suspension on these cars is a remarkable piece of engineering. I remember my first trip to France and seeing these cars lining the streets all dropped on the ground. Amazing sight.
Rusty rods
You do find some very odd rides . Citroen...... you should get a medal if you drive that as a daily driver . And then what the hell its a great Conversation piece for sure .
Funny enough I had never Problems with my Citroen CX and SM but with some shitty VW and Mercedes ! :-)
If you are an accomplished mechanic, the SM isn't particularly hard to work on. You do need the factory manuals and an understanding of hydraulic and electrical systems to be totally at ease with them. Good aircraft mechanics usually have no problem at all.
ShaaB Aaz
Very difficult to find one here in France, nice one! it'll never die ;)
Sigge Hermansson
Hi folks tanks för the reply .Its realy fun to se this wideo like always when you fix something. so near but so safe away from the France car. I have own 2 in my whole life and sometimes i woke up in the middle of the night all swetty and depresst thinking i still have them araund.Then i go to sleep Again noing that it was a bad dream😥😧😨😀😁😂. keep up the Good work.\nSigge from Sweden.
Simon Reeves
Superbly stylish car - needs to be saved!
Wow. What a great project. Such a shame you guys missed out on the lovely swivelling headlamps because of regulations!
Steve Gallagher
Saving an SM is a noble cause and even more challenging than almost any production car. I look forward to this series most of all. Best of luck.
Stuart W
Dude, I'm all about the Daily Challenge! Your last Daily was a hoot.
Cosmetically it doesn't look too bad either. Still needs some TLC of course. Nice.
Wow, you guys are automotive heroes! I heard from an SM owner a used tail light goes for about a thousand clams.
Very impressive - This brings back a lot of old memories! .... actually, if this is an original Toronto ca,r I may have even serviced it in my old Grand Touring Automobiles days at Front & Sherborne. The SM is an absolute fun car to drive but only after you've learned to trust it's unique idiosyncrasies. I blame the Emission Control applications back in the 70's for most of the failures of the SM. It was so bad that within a few minutes after parking the car (after a short drive) the unburnt fuel in the exhaust system would go off like a high powered cannon. My suggestion, if someone hasn't already done so ; Trash all the emission systems. Cheers & Happy New Year!
William Henshaw
I used to want one of these so bad. I've been interested in Citroens ever since I saw a DS 21 at the auto show when I was 15, an absolutely gorgeous automobile! I went and looked at an SM once but backed down when the guy couldn't get it to start or explain where all the oil under it came from. Quirky cars. Can't wait to see how this one turns out, Best of luck and happy holidays.
I wouldnt even bother fixing it up, that is the coolest beater car i have ever seen. Restoring it would remove all of its character
What a great project ..... just love Citroen's esp CX and SM
09:36 Stella does Tianamnen Square
buzz kirschner
my dad thought the Citroen was a super car back in the 70's, unfortunately he never owned one. i sat in one years ago, the drivers seat was a leather easy chair, the most comfortable seat i ever sat in.
Looks like it needs more carburetors.
that car is a great score...very cool styling, neat engine.
colin ashby
love the sound. true , one of the greatest cars ever made
I have never paid any attention to French cars because I have never seen one in Michigan. That is a beautiful car! I love the front and how the license plate is covered by glass.
david craddock
very nice, I was always enamored by the traction avant 11b, those things were all over Vietnam in the 69 / 70 time frame. seems strange I had only been following the history of Citroen two days ago, had never looked before.
Citroen Maserati... collectors car. Really nice.
I remember when I saw a 1972 SM, it was gold. Best looking French car ever made!
Man, I always wanted a Citroen SM. Loved how they looked and loved how they operate, they definitely was unique.
Hey, it's all there, and it already runs! Can't wait to see what you do with this one.
Cant wait to watch this series always had a odd interest in french cars
Cool car - SM stands for sadomasochism?
Interesting car\n\nJim\nAgent 3620\nWe will be following.along
Wowwww!!! Congratulations for getting such a car, this ones are something from another world!! I own a '64 DS and wish It was a SM, mechanically, the best thing ever. The fact they had a \
pretty awesome car! i cant wait so see what you do with it.
Love the SM, great 1970s space age looking thing.
Super stoke for this restoration :)