The Voice UK 2013 | Ash Morgan performs - Blind Auditions 1 - BBC One

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Alejandra Chaves
Me encanta
Anant Ag
Somebody tells danny that Jessie's ass crack is visible.\nDanny : I have to see this
Andrea Flores
Me gusta mas esta version😍😍 que la original😊
Andrea G
This song belongs to him now.
Aniket Wakade
best part \
Ash Morgan Official
I filmed this over a year ago... It's still amazing to see all the encouraging comments! Thanks guys! :)
Atul Kumar
I like this version more than original one
Axel Martinez
Min 1:08 \nDamn she is thicc :v
Boo's Mansion
Woman very beautiful 😮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Briena Mare
someone remind me again why this guy didn't win or at least why he is not an international singer now??? im pissed because he beats so many other so called famous singers out there
Bryan Hilton
Damn son. Coach not necessary. roll on
Bryant Herrera
La interpretación esta 10,000 veces por encima de la original!\nEXCELENTE ♡
June 2018?😍😍
Bárbara Góis
i loved the way he attacked the chorus. and that note 1:25 was killer\none of the best voices in uk
Cainrok V2
Jessie J Is So Beautifull
Carolina Elias
Só a Jessie virou mesmo! Parece que ninguém queria virar, eles queriam ver o que a Jessie tava fazendo
Possibly the best The Voice audition I've ever seen.
Craig Bennett
I heard the INXS version on the radio today in my car and all I could hear in my mind was Ash Morgans incredible voice and I had to come home and watch this video again a few times
Cristi Cristi
Super wow and i love you the 2019😍😍😍😍😍
Omg!!!What a soulful voice
Debbie Thomas
Wow! Only heard this for the first time very late last night, on someone's compilation of the ten best... It blew me away and I got goose bumps all over every time I rewound it to listen again. First thing I did this morning was find the original to add to my favourites. I gather he didn't make the final, goodness only knows why! What happened to him after the series? Does he have a record deal? If not, why not? His voice is amazing.
Declan Hampson
If this was the X factor Simon Cowell would have written him off before he even sang a note
Divyanshu Singh
My goodness 1:14-1:20
Domi Turková
HE IS PERFECT OMGG\nNo really he is best I love him
Dominic Sandoval
who's still here in 2017?
Drado Gin
Make fun of him being heavyset, but he brought Jessie j to her knees. So in the end, more than you ever will lol.
Eriksson Yvonne
Aman aman what a voice! Can´t stop listening...
Fabio Wagner Gonçalves
Jessie is a beautiful woman.
Fahim Fit UK
Imo, the greatest audition in any singing competition ever! So effortlessly, beautiful 🙏🏾
Felipe Borges
After 4 years this is still the best audition I’ve ever seen in my life
Fernando Marquez
bryant herrera comprate un aparato para sordos no sabes nada de musica
Francisco Javier Navarro Trejo
Best audition of all for me
Gail Fisher
🌸 \
Greek heartbeat
Jessie J ❤❤❤😘😘😘😘love
Hans Wurst
Great voice
Who is listening in 2018 .🙋
Ignacio Sepulveda
version studio please!!!!!!!
Ivan A
i ve seen this video like 100 times
Jake Davis
This video has more views than the original song by INXS...
Jess Rigby
21 Million views have got to be mine hahaha! Loveliest voice 😍
Joseph P
Don’t know how I ended up here but glad I did..You on fire dude 🔥...The passion in your voice is remarkable..👍🏼👍🏼
Jovylou Verzano
white morgan freeman is hard to impress
Julio César Alejandro
2018? 🇲🇽
What a immpression
La Fée TropChouette
Trop court, quelle frustration ... Je me sens obligée de violer le bouton replay ♥
Lela Lu
0:38 ASMR Jessie J ...
Lenhari Karolina
Leonardo Barreto
RIP Michael Hutchence
Lili Dovalle
the best ever!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Lucas Avelino
Ash, u are the best ! Gosh, incredible !!!
Luciano Gomes
que que isso senhor barriga \numa das melhores apresentações que já vi
Luis Filipe
Ash had Jessie J at i love your precious heart. Well done mate you put on a fantastic perfomance of this beautiful INXS song
Luis Garcia
Perfect! It' s song bautiful!
Lumi Skullgurl
Jessie J is me
Michael Green
Better than original.
this is my favorite  audition ever
Munkhtuvshin Tumur-Ochir
His vocal range is better than all judges combined.
Natasha Skoglund
Jessie's face when she turns around though
Out of the 9 million views to date, half a million are mine.
Wish he would've sung the entire song, because 1:51 min is just NOT ENOUGH (((
O Buscador
Não sei quantas vezes já voltei nesse vídeo, a melhor versão.
Pamela Tolosa
Realmente me fascina! Inevitable que cada vez que entro a youtube lo mire un par de veces
Patrick Sakaki
O que esse Ash canta, puta que pariuu...
Paulo Diaz
1:16 esa es la parte que más me gusta, tiene una voz genial
Perfect Stranger
Just saw it first time... Amazing singing, man, really amazing.
Piper Mentas
Best audition ever
Prashant Nishtala
I lost count of how many times I have seen this.
RCT 29
Aquí hace falta un comentario en español x)
Richard Marshall Bowman
The dude blew that one away!  BLEW it....AWAY!!
Rodrigo B.D.S
Canta muitoooo!! Muitoooooo!!!
Samuca Batista
esse gordo é endemoniado!
Been listening to covers for hours, but after this all of them sound like crap to me...
Since 1997
My favourite performance of The Voice
Tania Venecia Tellez
I'm in love with him 😍😍😍 please sing for me
Thais Melo
Tobi Kluijver
his voice is like 10 instruments playing together
Don't ask me \nWhat you know is true Don't have to tell you \nI love your precious heart \nI I was standing \nYou were there \nTwo worlds collided \nAnd they could never tear us apart \nWe could live \nFor a thousand years \nBut if I hurt you \nI'd make wine from your tears \nI told you That we could fly 'Cause we all have wings But some of us don't know why I I was standing You were there Two worlds collided And they could never, never tear us apart!
Jessie needed a new pair of panties after this.
Will Dorrance
Holy crap... he sounds like a saxophone
Yagiz Gunduz
Legends never die 2018 \u003c3
astitva sharma
2017 anyone
camilo yo
i can't believe it, i'm here again, i have been here as 9 or 10 times today, i can't stop to play this video
I seriously listen to this at least once a day. Soo good! Loves his look at J and the way he sings \
everton robert
Pra min ficou melhor que a música original BR ❤🔥
She understood what was needed and encouraged him....then his vocals range was going higher.
I can truly appreciate Jessie J, the fangirl 💙\nThe way that she reacts physically to an amazing voice is what my heart is doing inside of my chest.
ivan moquete
every time i see this performance i just cry ,like a stupid ... god bless Ash . Simply amazing !!!!!!!!!
The reason I love this so much is because he makes it his own song. He doesn't try to sing it like Michael Hutchence (and that would be a mistake, because INXS had a really unique sound). He's just himself and he puts his own spin on the rhythm, timing and range. A good cover SHOULD be different.
We haven't heard anyone this good in three shows of the 2016 season. I wonder how ash would sound if he were to audition today?
He stole this from INXS. I don't mean he did a \
I'm in love with this ! ♥♥
tu Macramé
Amooo las voces rasposas 😍😍😍😍
whiteshoes arewrong
2.2k people were so mesmerised by this performance that they accidentally clicked thumbs down instead of thumbs up
lol at first i thought he was Jordan Smith
I jawdropped so hard
Сергей Корсун
I love this thing more and more and more and more.
Thanks Jessie for pushing him up its great