MILLER TIME | episode one

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Max Miller is one of the fastest up and coming kids in motocross; with a team of supporting parents, mechanics and trainers, his future looks bright as he chases the dream of becoming a top pro. For your PARTS, GEAR and ACCESSORIES visit us at

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ALEX Monroe
This kids rippps
Albert Tran
I'm amazed and jealous
Anil T.V
Anthony L
Is he still riding
Antonie Papazoglov
awesome video !
Blake Bennett
This is awesome killer Miller is a cool kid can't wait to watch more of these!
Bobel Eksen
i wish i had a dad like that
Bradley Jordan
Ep. 3?
Brynt Holt
At the local races here in Oregon and Washington, like at Albany Mx park, washougal Mx, and mtn view Mx he is know as mad max Miller. He got that nick name while on 50's I believe. Been a great pleasure to watch Austin black and his precession into the elite riders on super minis and now max Miller is doing the same thing! Great kid and great family
Cam Shaft
Twisting throttles is this boys drug. Good on them for starting him young. Theres so many different things this kid could be doing.
Cesar figueroa
When is ep 3?
Cole Strawn
I love this kids attitude, I love riding with him, just talking to him is just as good of a pleasure as riding with him... \n\n\
This kid is awesome!
Dana Yates
Episode 3?
Dusty Robinson
I was really wondering if you can tell me where to get that 2016 sticker kit please
Dylan Hiatt I live in Washington, any videos on horn rapids with Max?
Eggcellent0 •8 years ago
You guys bring out the best videos at the moment, no doubt about it. Amazing work!
It's cool to see some kid have love and drive so young. keep it up Max.
Griffin Mantel
Lol that's how I ride on Friday lol
I wish I was spoiled
Jamie Bowman
you  guys should continue this series
Jared Conley
Dad has a great viewpoint on the sport... do it because you love it (but there's no problem leaving). That's a good thing to tell a kid who may have a lot on his shoulders in the coming years.
Jason C
is it just me or was he going ballistic speed in the opening few minutes owning that bike and Track? 👍
Jeff wacker
hell yea max! I'm from roseburg. good luck dude keep ripp'n.
Joe Morin
good family.
Big bank roll roll !!
KB. Clips
man this kid is good
Really cool to see a kid that lives near me is doing so well nice video
Mike Smith
My hats off to you young man and your parents. Stick with it and I hope to see you riding pro on the big bikes down the road.
Minikraftslayer 69
Episode 4?
Wish my parents were this supportive
this series is going to be lit! love Max Miller, thanks motosport!
Nadine Wessels
+Motorsport. com könnt ihr bitte noch ein video mit Ty und Jake masterpool machen .das wäre so cool . :)
Nicholas Baldwin
Oregon boys go BIG!!! shout out from Oregon!
Its cool to see that his parents don't force this upon him they just let him do it cause he loves it and they are willing to support him no matter what even if he wants to quit. Raising him right!
Oli Gray
When will you do episode 2
Paweł Wawrzyszko
Name music ?
Phillip 12 Mx
look at my channel
Roger Griffin
What does his dad do for a living.
Ronny Mampe Film
nice video. Who made this awesome work? is this a video by Bryson Steele?
Sweet vid tho
Kid looks like a mini Dungey!
Waka Vevo
Lol amazing to me when kids have mechanics I've been doing almost all the work on my bikes for as long as I was old enough to do so
dalton p
We need more parents like these in the dirt bike community. Pushing kids and telling them to do things they in no way are comfortable doing, only hurts them in the end. I hope this kid keeps riding till the wheels fall off. Awesome video, hopefully more soon.
He's living the dream for sure.
kid is for sure going places.