Report warns U.S. could lose a war against China or Russia

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A new report by a bipartisan commission selected by Congress says the U.S. has lost its military edge and could lose a war against China or Russia. CBS News national security contributor Michael Morell, former deputy CIA director, joins "CBS Evening News" to explain.

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If you could know where you fall, you would spread some straw.
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Who cares save memes
He is full of crap. Armchair analyst, lose what war of words perhaps. There is no question that they have SAMS don't mean crap. Only means they lose more assets, that is why they have moved their DF-26 so far inland. They know the assets up front will be destroyed within hours of and battle at all, yes that means their sea ports, their islands will be gone. They will fall back and launched from inland at key targets they know they can affect. To include launching a limited airtime campaign for which they will lose a large amount of their aircraft. The main damage that would or could be attributed from them initially is their attacks on Japan and Guam as counter-measures and perhaps they would invade taiwan, but Taiwan will tie them up for some time. They will lose at that campaign because the cost of vessels being lost and the most valuable assets being destroyed, they will fall back to a state likely to try to use unconventional warfare. It is not known if they would warn first or not. However, that is not something to fear as it is anticipated.... An exchange of any greater threshold values on the US side would likely result in the termination of China as a feasible nation.
Adam Garcia
Just another excuse to increase the military budget even further. Next up 1 trillion dollar annual military budget (it probably already is). Ridiculous, time to end our wars and cut the military budget in half!!!
Alexander the Ordinary
Clintons sold off US military secrets for personal profit!
Belinda's Wingward
This guy is degrading the capability of the arm forces. demoralizing the man and woman in uniform.
Brian Bailey
Absolute BS. Close the some 1000 bases around the world and see how much money you save. \nThis is the same mentality that destroyed the Romans.
Bushcraft student Kyle Sierra
In the US you can't be in the media and be an American at the same time.
Let's increase the defense budget ..... right ?
Carlo Mikhail Reid
Aint a damn thing usa can do to stop china.nothing get over it
Cinematic Gaming
So the largest trading nation(China) does not have global interests to protect?
Corrine Tsang
The last time the US Military lost a war to China and Russia was in Vietnam and Korea
Its all my fault
Dab Corn
What do you mean! We have many allies they attack us they attack all of us
Dave Edwards
someone arrest this man for treason against the usa! Making us weak in the eye of the enemy on the eve of war could be extreamly damngerous...STUPID!
So your telling me USA will more likely loose a war we're all at Risk Now ?
Ohh so Russian and Chinese military just protect Russian and Chinese territory! What a novel concept.
Durango McMurphy
More fear mongering to increase an already obese military budget ; In a war with China and , or , Russia the entire World will be incinerated by Nuclear explosions . \
Eternal Envy
japan is the strongest country in the world.. they have saitama,goku etc..
If you tell Jesus Christ that there is no God, do you think he will believe you? The White barbarians have not evolved since the Roman Empire era. The primitive white people have been extremely violent from the beginning of time. They are barbarians who never have had a peaceful existence with other civilisations. When they became powerful, they would wage war and invade other civilisations.\n\nIn their long history, the Chinese have built great walls to protect themselves from the barbarians, they also fought and defeated the barbarians, and they had civilised many barbarians. In the decades and centuries ahead, instead of going to war with the White barbarians, the Chinese will civilise them.
GENERIC Toaster Stroodle
Increase budget too 1 trillion and work on improving economy
Get Real
This is propaganda
As an American if this happens I will enlist we win our wars eg revolutionary, Spanish American, Mexican American, Phillipine, Korean, ww1, ww2 (we and Australia did the Pacific theatre by ourselves), gulf war, currently crushing afghan forces as I type
Hortencio Rizo
Give me a Break. America's Power Projection capability is second to none. 🇬🇧 The British Empire which ruled 1/4 of the world, would be envious of how many resources the world's Hegemon can assemble for War. \nOur country is an \
IlIllIIl lllIlllIlI
America got a bigger war at home, civil war will break out after the Zionists finished draining the federal reserves. Trump is just a Trojan horse. Pence will start the purge.
The U.S can't even beat rice farmers much less Russia or China
JC Denver
It is a propaganda ! Trump wants more debts and spend more on military; more money for military R&D, and weapon manufacturing. Our defense budget is the sum of the next 8 biggest military countries defense budget. With all those money spent, what are the benefits to our life, except pay more taxes and more national debts. It is time to think about peace!
JD Proctor
“What are we doing wrong?”\n\n“Our competitors have a much smaller area to worry about, right? They worry about primarily the areas of which they live.....we have to worry about the entire globe because our interests are diverse...”\n\nWhose interest? The money hungry elites? Cause the rest of the globe is certainly no interest of mine. How about fixing our broken infrastructure, our abysmal education system, restoring our industrial sector and securing our borders before we worry about how the rest of the world is doing.\n\ninb4 comments about Russia in Ukraine, China in the Spratly Islands, Iran in Syria and Yemen and North Korean nukes.
Jack Daniels
America does not win Her wars, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba etc America has never won a war and don't include WW2 cos that's about the British and the British win all her wars execept for the war of Independence
Well the left wants white people gone and for us to be an extension of mexico so of course we would lose a war lol
Joe ExtraKnow
Lol, they always faked this and asked for more budget .....
John Baldwin
This is just a ploy of fear tactics to inject billions more money into defense... China and Russia have much smaller defense budget and are ahead technologically to compare of aging US military and defunct projects draining and consuming more tax payer's money!But we have those 'special people' who are the Military Industrial Congressional Complex who loves war and selling weapons just about to any country and potential 'frenemy' as it is a business model that keeps on ticking!!!To dominate and dictate foreign policy, the global geopolitical power plays and of influence - and not to forget the 'little things' on that Xmas list!
John Deckenbach
How can we spend triple what china spends and 5 times what Russia spends and still be behind? Cuz defense spending is like welfare for rich people...Apparently, our huge amounts of money isn't getting us the best military...
John Henderson
I’ve actually known that China and Russia had a better military than us but I never knew they could beat us!
Johnathan Jocavich
The people who are pushing this story obviously wants the public to give in to funding the military. Obviously we already know that no country is going to play fair when it comes to an actual real war, and whoever can blast the most nuclear bombs wins the war.............. This is just a pointless propaganda tool to fund a military that'll probably never be used in the first place when it comes to war with Russia or China.
Jonathan German
We can’t fight a ideology with conventional war means, we need to leave the Middle East.
I mean it’s not hard to believe that we could lose to either of them...they’ve been consistently modernizing their military.
More fear mongering by politicians and the MIC.. same thing they did in during the Cold War, always trying to point to lack of funding or some kind of gap in capabilities.
In the context of fairness, America helping Taiwan is like China helping the Confederate to fight the Union in Texas. Who gave the US the authority to meddle with the Chinese civil war in the first place ? (From Singapore)
Killer 672
Notice how they cut off the news feed before the special guest had an opportunity to say something nice about Trump
King Zakari
When is this country not at war?
Kong Wee Peh
Wow, I don't know China and Russia have wage a war to take over US!
Kristofer Bly
“In, in, in, in”
Manko Kennewick
Budget time!
Mark Wilcons
We spend over 700 billion a year and we'd lose? Maybe we shouldn't be trying to police the entire planet. Maybe we should have a simpler defense agenda. What can we do for 200 billion a year? Let's do whatever that is.
Max Zepeda
The US should stop acting as the global police and leave other country alone and not thinking about war
Michael W
If the goal is to invade and conquer Russia or China, sure we'd lose (after all, we couldn't conquer Iraq or Afghanistan). But neither could they ever invade or conquer us. In fact, they aren't even thinking of ever attacking us. So why are we concerned about attacking them? Like others have said here, it's just about the rich CEOs at the military industrial complex making more money for themselves off of us taxpayers.
Mike S
It was coming soon! About time the United Snakes Government is getting what’s coming to them.
Mmmm Zzzz
Fake News
Morgan Whiteley
Mr T
Let’s double our military spending 😂🍿
Mueller Trumpsbane
What else would you expect from a country run by a draft dodging coward, give the congress the war powers act back because there is no courage in the Whitehouse
My Turn
Finally. The United States 🇺🇸 admits that it can’t win a war with either China or Russia. The eagle has been tamed And the u.s backs down to Russia’s 🇷🇺 superiority in the world.\n\nNot so tough after all Americans? Lol. The u.s is the new butthole of the world.
Nazavita Vita
USA can’t beat CHINA in anything not even baseball
Oddie O
China has 1 aircraft carrier. They didn't build it themselves, it was built in Soviet. They used a rich chinese guy to buy it under the guise of wanting to make a floating casino. But it turned out he acted on behalf of the state. Likewise the artificial islands, they were not to be weaponized. But it turned out they've armed them to the teeth as well. This is the Chinese. They will say anything. On Taiwan, let the Taiwanese people decide for themselves.
Oleg Ushyarov
Paul Revere
So since when does the mainstream media get to become pro-American?  The answer is when it serves their own purposes.  Ha!
*America/west & China Are Behaving Like Wild Animals!!* _Peaceful Co-existence Isn't Even Considered!! Perhaps Destruction Of The West & China Will Help Some Of These Animals Become Human Beings Again ;))!!_
Semper Fi
AMERICA has so much experience in REAL and VIOLENT WAR and some AMERICANS could easily get ANGRY and LOSE CONTROL. so be careful with AMERICA
Simon Ghost Riley
No we wouldn't. Bring it on
bahaha only morons could believe this hogwash. semper fi and stay frosty nevermind these snowflakes. 'merica is here to stay. God bless America.
Steny Ethan Mathews
Who in their right mind would want to join the u.s military?
Super B
Yeah, and this is how the military complex fools the tax payers. Thinking that more ships, tanks, planes could do something against a nuclear attack is rediculous or intimidating countries like China or Russia is completely absurd. When did the US even had a real war against such countries especially countries which do owns nukes and ballistic missles ? The US had 2 wars in third world countries like Afghanistan and Iraq using cutting edge tech, countries which do not even had an army the mentioned countries were not defeated nor did the war contributed in any way to an improvement in that area. Pathetic journalism for weak and uneducated minds.
Susdey Sun
China, and Russia are well trained, prepared, and fully armed with modern weapons vs US military is busy day, and night fighting numerours enemies none stop. This makes many US troops are being exhusted or being sick of endless war. Also, many US troops become more, and more arrogant as they assume no one can beat them. Russia, and China do not need to act so quickly against US military. They can wait until a best opportunity arrives, and they would crush it in to pieces with no returning back.
US Warmongers. China and Russia are within their borders. The US at everyone's border but their own.
We cant even stop 3rd world illegals by the millions from walking into this nation and setting up shop.
Trisha Meenaghan
Oh oh.....and it's OFF! Let's all go to the war. Hey, it'll be good for morale, a real boost for the nation - all that Testosterone we can get off of the Homeland! Let's swing back to Mom and Apple Pie...that'll distract them for a couple of years. And think of the Military EQUIPMENT we can manufacture...that'll make the balance look good - that'll make TRUMP look good. And then there's all that PRIDE....those family members donning their uniforms and uploading to Facebook. Tears, Love-letters, Heartbreak, Pledges, Pride, Nation, Loss, Body-Bags, Tears but not us Trumps....oh NO....we've got Bone-spurs....but Hey - Bring me that Heavy Artillery catalogue again and bring those Military Chiefs in here...oh yeah - and a tailor. I've always fancied Brass-Buttons, Lanyards and Eppeletts!
Turd Burglar
The US hasn't won a war sense they nuked Japan.
Val K
Oh yes, the US military needs more money\n\nMeanwhile, some schools in the US have classes 4 days a week instead of 5 because they can't afford to pay the teachers
Warren Smith
When going to war, no victory is certain. If the US could not win in Vietnam, it is obvious that we could lose to Russia or China. So, basically this report says nothing new.
Wayne Geddings
Are we really saying in a war between nuclear powers there would be a winner?
Wen Tai
WAR IS A RACKET --- by Smedley Butler Highest ranking and Most Decorated Marine of his time.\nDrain the FAKE NEWS and the Washington SWAMP of GLOBALIST!!\nOne can be quite sure any Country that spends massive money in infrastructures does not have mentality of wanting war except in reluctant defense for mutual destructions!!! China will not build the 3-Gorge Dam and the HK-Macau-ZhuHai Tunnel-Bridge complex as well as 4 nuclear power plants right across the Taiwan if they have war in mind.
Wicked 1323
Wow use 911 warnings to get more money for the military, the military that spends more than the next 7 nations combined. 🤦🏻\u200d♂️.
William Yuen
Report warns U.S. could lose a war against China or Russia!\nOf course this is real and you need the US patriots support for the funding of another trillion of USD to fund the military right. Sure we get it, thank God I am not paying for American tax.
Willy Wombat
Not with trump we won't
Military just wanna ask more money...
Xu Fan
Wow is it so hard to believe? China had overtaken the US on industrial output in 2009, doubled anew in recent years. \r\nChina will easily surpass the US with a twice or even four times the capacity of the United States be able to provide for a sustained war if nuclear not used of course. \r\nPeople will see it clearly after 2022, when the working population will begin to recovery again in China, almost like the past two generations after 1979 and 2001.\r\n\r\nTrusting me you fellow Americans will continue to vote for Damcrats for another 50 years, after which begin with a Franch motif, that leads the Europeans to Make the WhiteHouse Burn Again, leaving some EuroRoots. \r\nMeanwhile, let me guess, China, India even Indonesia being mobbed again? By Koreans and Russians? \nCan't wait to see what's more extreme than Marxism.\r\n\r\nMay God bless France not to develop its nuclear defense system, or I'm going to Pitcairn.
YAMO Knight
Get trump out now
Zeek M
According to my personal database, The psychological war with China has been won by the US\nAs for a conventional war with China, The west is in a perfect position to openly declare war against both China and Russia\nThe provocation is israeli tech winding up in the hands of the both the enemies of israel and the west.\nThere is the possibility that the figure known as antichrist will convince all parties to stand down and worship him.
ali abdi
USA Shouldn't Invade Afghanistan. lol They Did The Same Mistake That Many Empires Did.
Certainly hoax from military industrial complex to gain more leverage in congress.
burger entertainment
How when we got Japan, Europe trust me we will win all we have to do is watch out for an unexpected ambush the terrorists attacks could be an distraction for Russia and China to ambush us unexpectedly. Give me your opinion
c. lince
us military should release its ufo technology to regain its military edge
dewa khmer
lets attack saudi and take aramco
first name
USA need some strong allies like eu in Europe against Russia , India Japan in Asia against China
Unbelievable, the US has over 5,000 nuclear weapons. North Korea has a handful. If NK with a few nukes feels safe from attack, I think the US is just fine. Who in the world would want to have a war with the US? Russia, China? End of mankind? If 700 Billion is not enough, throw another trillion at it....this is why the roads are crumbling.
have fun
Increase military budget to $7 trillion a year!
jason matthew
Thry cut it off right when he says trump deserves credit for increasing the budget
ken e
How much more money can this asinine U.S military industrial complex consume? The U.S military spends about $800 billion every year, that's more than half of our annual budget. There are millions of Americans without medical insurance not to speak about homelessness and education. The U.S will be the death of its own self, over the absolute hatred of others by the majority. White people commit the most terrorism not only in the U.S but around the globe. Karma will always win.
lohit raj
Frustration of liberals is clearly showing that Chinese's are loosing a trade war with Prez Trump
How is this NEWS? The rest of the world have known this for a long time.
sick of liberals
Trump rocks
taj raasak
Americans: be ready more & more of misery to come / more tax to pay = the Jews will milk you out till the end. \nThe USA military is fighting donkeys riders with bare feet in Somalia & Afghanistan since 18 years or more ,,,,,,,,,,\n A war with a country like Russia or China will be a disaster for the USA.
I wonder....if spending all that money and life spent in the Middle East fighting the \
afgan drugs is way infectious resulted having this kind of video....