Wladimir Klitschko vs Ruslan Chagaev 2009 HD

Klitschko was the IBF, IBO, and WBO heavyweight champion, and Chagaev was the WBA "champion in recess."Chagaev won the WBA heavyweight title from Nikolay Valuev in 2007. He was scheduled to defend the title in a rematch with Valeuv in Germany in 2008, but Chagaev pulled out of the fight twice. He withdrew the first time because of a viral infection and withdrew the second time because of a torn Achilles tendon. Chagaev was then named "champion in recess," and Valuev defeated John Ruiz to win the vacant WBA heavyweight title. Chagaev and Valuev were scheduled to fight in Finland on May 30, 2009, but the bout was cancelled after Hepatitis-B antigens were found in Chagaev's blood. [1]Klitschko was scheduled to face David Haye in Germany on June 20, 2009, but Haye withdrew because of a back injury. Haye asked Klitschko to delay their fight until July 11, insisting that he would be okay to fight with a brief delay, but Klitschko declined. Klitschko initially wanted Valuev to replace Haye, but Valuev wasn't interested. Klitschko then reached out to Chagaev, who accepted the fight. The fight took place in Germany, where the rules were different than in Finland, and Chagaev's hepatitis levels were acceptable. Klitschko said he was immunized against Hepatitis B and was not worried about being infected. [2]Klitschko vs. Haye was going to be televised by HBO in the United States, but the network wasn't interested in Chagaev as an opponent, so Klitschko vs. Chagaev was picked up by ESPN Classic.More than 11 million people watched the fight on RTL Television in Germany, generating a 58.4 percent market share.Klitschko and Chagaev fought for the vacant Ring Magazine heavyweight title. Klitschko was ranked as the No. 1 contender and Chagaev was ranked No. 3. WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir's older brother, was ranked No. 2.Chagaev was a 5 to 1 underdog.There was a sellout crowd of 61,000, the biggest boxing audience in Germany since Max Schmeling knocked out Adolf Heuser in front of 70,000 people in Stuttgart in 1939.Klitschko dominated the fight. One judge gave Klitschko every round, and the other two judges gave Chagaev only the sixth round. Klitschko knocked Chagaev down in the second round and opened a cut over his left eye in the eighth. The fight was stopped after the ninth round.

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Abdullah Mia
Absolutely a legend klitschko
Alex Guravskyi
Чагаев по стилю напоминает Тайсона. Но доведенные до автоматизма джеб и двойки Владимира полностью нейтрализовали узбекского боксера.
Anthony Montero
Arthur Sir
Wlads finest performance by far
Beckytube MB
Yeh klitschko iias gryded
Derro Farm
Props to Chagaev a super tough cunt.
Do'n Kh
Ruslan chagaev \
why wouldnt you get on the inside, why wouldnt you throw shots, how do you get a heavy weight title shot without knowing either
Excellent performance by Wladimir Klitschko. That's more like it. No excessive clinching and grappling. Instead, used legit boxing moves to win the fight and put on a master class whilst at it. That's how he should be fighting.
Gitfiddle 7766
Controls the entire fight with his left hand. Jab. Head control. Feint. Jab. Feint left hook. Amazing.
Jarryd Marsters
VK looks one dimensional and almost robotic. This will work against smaller fighters but against bigger and fighters with more head movement he will be troubled. Tyson Fury fights the same probably why he doesn't want the Joe Parker fight just now.
Matthew Hood
Brick head chagaev
Meee Gal
Klitschko is fukin amazing
Mick Taylor
i'd clean both these nobody's up white boys got nothing
Minecraft Blow
Co Klitschko im zrobili ?
Panos Katsoulis
when chagaev tries to get in he gets clinched...
This version of Wladimir destroys Joshua.
Thomas demartino
b4r t3k
Kapitalny komentarz ! Nie to co Kostyra
fergana vodil
Владимир Кличко получил то что надо от Джошуа болеем за джошуа
I was at this fight, what a night it was!
Дадад Ладалалад
Ruslan musr bir qop boq