Kenya Defence Forces RECRUIT PASSING OUT PARADE in Eldoret 2018!!!

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Kenya Defence Forces, KDF RECRUIT PASSING OUT PARADE in Eldoret 2018, presided by President Uhuru Kenyatta.SHARE & SUBSCRIBE

Eldoret KDF Kenya Kenyatta Parade Uhuru

Abdeezy Coogi
Colourful event ,
Benard Maina
may The Most High JAH protect our force's
Brian Kombo
Congratulations boys and girls
Caleb Kadivane
iko juu sana
Early Kaligula
Whenever i see pass out parade ,feeling very bad my wish n dream was to join the army tried several time but corruption won't let me😥😥
Gedion Otieno
Congrats,,, platoon 1
Getrude Wakio
May God bless you our hero's
Giant Quick Team Services Company limited Kenya
Please revisit migingo Highlands immoderately.
Humphrey Murimi
Hawa wameiva
Japheth Namayi
6000 new troops for kdf this year, feb 3000 and November 3000. congrats guys
John Kieru
Hata KDF wapewe new uniforms,, the old uniforms zinakaa vegetable salad
Apart from protecting us you have also produced the best athletes who make Kenyans proud.
Buree kapisa 😂
Very nice may God bless you all God bless kenya
Marion Nafula
Markbull Elly jah
Kio passing out imeregea kidogo bana wapi silent drills
Martin Anthony
Am 18 form 4 next year long live k.d.f 2020 I be joining k.d.f Especially Army Am mato katzville boys
Mohanze De humble bwouy
hataa wa Somalia tukunayo
Nancy Nuru
Wow...Congratulations guys
Prophet Petro Ramalepe
Your par with China hell March drilling. Bravo from South Africa
Royland Tinga
Congrats sana
Usama Somali Aidid
Kenya and Somalia are brothers and sisters we love you Kenya
Vero Mugo
May God protect all Kenyan forces
Vincent Kipchumba
congratulation waxee ,,iyo kaxi n jonjoo wish to join sanaa
Ahhaha\nKDF or KFC
William Mugo
Hio mikono ya quick match n mbaya bure kabisa
alfred mangata kesi
The most disciplined and highly trained forces in Africa, thanks for ur services guys
godwin kiprotich
next rukuu ni when?
ilIna Quulle Mareer
Long live my neighbour. Long live Africa.
jaxiscoHotz de santi
C mbaya bt formation wakamie aptc
joseph wambua
Congrats in deed they have made it
kevin oganga
kiptoo kipkogei
wah! ndio najiona sasa#airforce
meshack kiptanui
hii kazi naipenda tu...... wish to join
michael Nganga
Io takeoff iliaribu quick March
mohamed abdullahi
Congratulation ...but this time round mr matiangi make sure no corruption for any sector of recruitment in every side \nBcoz u r official in ground are most corrupted and have link with this idiot and greedy politician f our country\nWe r proud f our hero Fred matiangi
moses Rumas
Congratulations crews welcome now to the work wish you well
mutoro owen
congratulation bros and sisters
sharon mijoso
God Bless my country 🇰🇪