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It never crossed my mind that he's the same guy in The Crazies.
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi
Monica what the heck are you doing here?! Ross has been waiting for you in central perk!
Alaa Alghamdi
Alyssa Mayle
when she opens the door and the killer is revealed I'm like, \
Andrew Flood
Annalisha Hammock
Anthony Tanza
Timothy Olyphant (Mickey) Nailed This Scene!
Arjai English
Where Mickey the Murderous Mini Tarantino messed up at, as a matter of fact, where ALL the Scream killers messed up at was that they talked too damn much. If you're really gonna kill someone, speed up the process!
Asteroid Arts
My, my, my. Raylan Givens. You sure have lost your way.
I have to admit, I'm not into horror movies anymore, but these movies, horror fan or not, will always be awesome movies to me (4th one was good but still doesn't beat the first 3 ones). Great movies and I recommend them to anyone who likes suspense and horrors.
Barry B. Benson
Mickey is really hot
Chaos ZT
Chris Peplinski
Sidney sure knows how to whoop some ass.
Coltsfan1987 1987
Mickey looks like a young John Mellencamp, lol.
Corey Duncan
There’s something about Mickey that always scared me. Maybe it’s his facial expressions.He was almost as crazy as Billy to me.
Curtis Fisher
I was in this movie last scene medic carrying Dewey down stairs and loaded him in the ambulance. filming was at UCLA
Dane Youssef
You know what's REALLY scary? This might actually work....
Daniel Arcure
I love how she called him a piece of shit when she kicked the gun away from him lol
Danielle Mizell
My fave part and line from the entire movie im huge scream fan
She's tough. If I'd been the killer I'd have cried my eyes out and begged her not to hurt me.
Darnell Major
Im glad they made Mrs. Loomis the main killer because something about Mickey just doesn't strike me as a reveal that you cared to remember. In other words he was mediocre compared to Billy, Stu & Mrs. Loomis.
David Rawson
Sidney is such a fighter
Donald 9 and Douglas 10
0:33 ASMR Killer
Elizabeth Francisco
I killed Billy Loomis
Enid Rhee-Grimes
Why HELLLOOOOOO Timothy Olyphant.
woo, that guy reminds me of jack nicholson, especially with that creepy 'overlook' stare... here's johnny !
Every time I see this part I think of all the victims that were killed off and see how psychotic and sick in the head Mickey was. You can see he didn’t have any remorse for whom he killed and whom it might have affected. When Sidney and Mickey were talking in the hospital you could see Mickey wasn’t really upset and was pretending. Which Is a dead giveaway that he is one of the killers. Did anyone else notice that during the hospital scene, when they first watched the film?
Galore Globe315
Why do they always have killers that talks about movies
Good ol' raylan gibbins
What a shock that was for me and my brother when we figured out she was Billy's mom! 😃
J Minaj
Imao i forgot he was on here
Was Mrs Loomis the leader killer or Mickey's accomplice?
Sidney: \
Jeremiah Williams
bad guy never win as how 💯💯💯💯
Joe Whitehead
He actually thought blaming the movies would’ve made a good defense?
John Roberts
Don't do it Raylan Givens! It's not Justified!
Joseph Dutra
You have to love Timothy Olyphant's over-the-top performance in this scene, it's perfect.
Juancho Corleone
The bad guy from Die Hard 4. Man, he is always the villain.
KC Voorhees
Mickey Altieri is my favorite character in this movie.
Khamissa Aissati
so the scream is real but the shit scream no
Long rod vanderschlong
Neve Campbell❤️
Lou Minous
Cidney's a badass
Mackenzie Carder
I just saw him on Conan the other night
Mainstream fanboy
Raylan Givens has gotten dark
Malley 1
I love that short little fight scene, so amazingly done. Neve is just brilliant so cool that she did her own stunts too
Maram Homdy
' أمر ك مرام حمدي ماما السلع السبع
Mark rene Alvarado
Now I want to fight with Sidney and Gale
Matt Canon
0:54 if he hadn't of lowered the gun, she would of had her head blown off when she acted
Matt Patterson
Wish I could've seen Mickey's trial. Billy's mom is so corny for killing Mickey. He could've taken the blame for everything like he wanted to. She had no traces but noooo she had to kill him and get killed herself. lol Everytime I see the film I get upset. Mickey was one the best
Miamiam Sereno
1:38 my favourite part😄😄😄
Mona Lisa
I always thought mickey was crazy
I remember when I first saw the reveal of Mickey as the killer I thought to myself, who the hell is Mickey? Seriously, Mickey and then Roman, had such little screen (scream) time, by the reveal I totally forgot who they were, especially Roman.
Even though mickeys motive is pretty dumb I think he and stu are the best killers in the genre and are just insane characters all the other killers are always so serious and mad but stu and Mickey just so innocent until the ending until you find out they are knife wielding maniacs with goofy behaviour. I also love how stu doesn't have a motive and just wants to kill people and have fun
Oscar Urbina
it's was kind of obvious that it was him
Damn, what if Stu and Mickey teamed up, double the crazy!
This is why Sidney is by far my favorite scream queen ever. She is a true victim, she's tough, resilient, and will throw down for her life's sake.
Rashanda Grier
Neve Campbell is a great actress and she rules
Rebecca Rutkiwski
Okay just saying
Reviewed & Explained
I thought that Derek and Mickey were going to turn out to be the killers
Rooster Montgomery
Love how Mickey is starting to look like Ash at the end of Evil Dead II.
Linda Hamilton?  More like Sigourney Weaver lols.  
Ryan Daniel
Man... The scream films are underrated... I remember seeing this in theaters.
SSJ Krolly
Billy:Psychotic and Vengeful\nStu:Psychotic and Goofy\nMickey:Psychotic\nMrs Loomis:Vengeful\nRoman:Smart\nJill:Smart and Cunning\nJill's partner (Forgot his name):Goofy
Santana Soza
Whoa I didn’t know Joel was already a murderer!
Master p - Scream
Sebastian Fuerte
Hitman :v
Slicky Kid
Lol you got a Linda Hamilton thing going. No it's nice.
Tim Olyphant totally nailed this scene. This was really impressive considering how this was only his 3rd movie in Hollywood.
The Big Vacok
And Who is doiiing that ?!!?! Ahaha
The Joker
Rest in Peace Wes Craven, Master of Horror :(
The Tornadoes
Gotta say, I'm lucky. I'm 9 and have seen scream & started Scream 2. But gotta say, Scream is better than Scream 2.
Toni De Cavalcante
Love how this parallels Screams' \
Tru Dis
That head shake Gale gives is crap. Kinda kills the surprise in the following moment.. Would've been more effective if she'd made no gestures..
I don't get why Mickey said blaming the movies hasn't been done before. It's always being done. Plenty of crazy or evil killers copy murders from horror films to try and get the films blamed for what they've done instead of them.
Watching \
Good performance, but probably the weakest killer in the whole series.  His motive was ridiculous (going to blame the movies, really?) and I can't see someone like him working with Mrs. Loomis, who was doing it for revenge. Plus Stu already did the whole \
I would have loved if Raylan Givens interrupted Mickey's rant and shot him. Olyphant is a great actor and showed so early in his career like this scene.
jared deswart
Timothy Olyphant did really good on this movie...pretty shocked on his first performance
just a dream
I can't believe I just now found out Billy's mother is also Sheldon's mother on The Big Bang theory. WTF :O
kimmy cuthbert
Its airtight sid
i can't believe that's the dad from Santa Clarita Diet
megan cooper
Timothy olyphant is brilliant.
melissa chavez
philip thethird
oh mickey your so fine you blow my mind, hey mickey!!
scream fan2006
What even is Mickey's motive.
screamkid101 horror collections
This is my favorite scream movie and the first one
Blaming the movies would've been more realistic around 1980. Maybe Mickey's motive might've worked then?
sleuth 2077
22 years later and Timothy Olyphant still basically looks the same. Dude must be a health nut or something bc he has aged better than most people do.
tomi noora
i love the scream movies
yan germanotta
Timothy Olyphant as Mickey
zDuo GamingHD
He turned all campy and gay when he revealed he was the killer ahah
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