Scream 2 (1997) Cicis Death Scene [1080p]

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, we love you girl!One of the best death scenes from Scream 2!

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Love your videos pennywise I'm the biggest fan and first comment
Aaron Nantz
To bad she didnt go buffy on the killers ass how is it she can survive fighting vampires but failed to survive a killer.
Abel Mantor
Awww she was hot
This actually kinda upsets me, she’s shown to be a sweet relatable girl and unlike Casey in the first one we get to know her better beforehand in film class... also it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar you cant get it wrong with her ♥︎
Allan Jurkowski
She kills deamon but she is killed by ghosface ^^
Amanie Tingle
it was Mickey who killed Cci Cooper.
Antonella Ragacico
Art Ameti
3:28 best part when the ghostface explore the house
It would have been cool if they didn't kill her or Randy, and kept them as main characters, because I shipped them in Film class
Sarah Michelle Gellar got killed by Ben Willis in I Know What You Did Last Summer and Mickey Ghostface in Scream 2 in the same year 1997!!!
Camilo Jiménez
2:08 Friday the 13th sound effect... oh Wes what a genius man \u003c3
Cece D
This scene made pretend to be chased by a killer as a kid lol
David Tito Rivera
The sound of Cici hitting the ground lmfao memories 😂
Dennis Edich
Was the killer Mickey or Mrs Loomis?\nWhat do you guys think?
Double Bubble Duchess
If she were to not look back in both movies, she would have been golden lmao
Elma Hackett
If Only She Knew How To Slay Ghostface
Gunnel Gainey
if that was ms loomis how she let a female man handle her smh
House of Horrors.
I'm Beautiful
Should of just went to the mixer with Donna smh!
Jaden ZombieSlayer
Do you want to DIE tonight cici
Jakeus 25
I can’t watch any of this without laughing because of scary movie 2
Jon Harper
This is like the third time she's been thrown off a building. This, Season 5 of BTVS and then Grudge 2. What's the deal?
Kim Kardashian
omega beta zeta💅
Sarah Michelle Gellar icon... Buffy's live
Laura Ellla
i remember when i was younger i so wanted her to andesc him ^^
I love how Scream movies had some of the biggest movie stars at the time dying in the very beginning of the movie, Drew Barrymore in first, and Sarah Michelle in the second.. and it was sort of a gag. and tribute to Psycho.
Melinda Gyurka
Poor girl
Meme Maggie
3:06 omg that's Hermione from Riverdale
Michael Mitchell
I was waiting for Buffy to go all in on ghostface lol 😂
Mlp DV Studios
I honestly love Sarah Michelle Gellar! Can’t believe she died nooooo
My cat gets more dick than me
5:38 did anyone else hear the angry grunt? I always wonder if that was Mickey or mrs loomis
NegativeCreep 44
I always loved this scene in this movie. Perfectly shows how bloodthirsty and relentless the ghostface truly is. And that kill was just brutal. I remember playing that scene all the time when I was watching it as a kid
Nick Landers
I still don’t understand why she just didn’t run after Dawnie. It’s not like Dawnie was gone at that point.
Professor Zoom
Hermione Lodge!!!
Why didn’t she just go out the door after Donner?
Sean Martinez
I do this every Friday night eat pepperoni pizza and drink sprite and watch tv
Seda Gelili
03:07 Hermione Lodge❤❤
Shane Folan
Wow Gellar really was in her prime here and looked unreal. It's easy to forget how beautiful she once was in her early years but sadly it seemed she got too sucked into the Hollywood craze of dieting and looking thin and only a few short years after this in around 2000 she started looking painfully thin,gaunt and bony and it greatly diminished her attractiveness imho. Check out Buffy eps from around 2001 if you don't believe me. A friend said to me the other day that Jennifer Aniston was the same in Friends as she started out really naturally attractive but as the series progressed started looking overly thin and 'worked out' and yes as I rewatch the show now I see it too, Aniston significantly aged from seasons 2-5 and it because she went ott on the diet and it showed on her face if you check. Shame really how these actresses are forced to starve themselves and feel the need to look 0 body fat.
Slime Reviews
5:31 shut the damn door find a weapon in the attic and hit him when he comes up cmon cici 🙄she had quite slit of chances to survive in this scene
T. Lewis
Note to self: never run upstairs when the killer is chasing you.
Tracy Jackson
I do feel bad for CiCi Cooper.She so should have been at the party instead of home alone being the sober sister, especially since there was a killer at Windsor college stalking Sidney
as a kid i was like \
Walter White
Best kill in the whole series
Yukiw Murilo The VirtualBox Lover
5:13 The Scene Is Like A Kid Stabbing His Mom And Throwing Her Off The Balcony.
Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows
Serah Michelle Gellar as Casey/Cici, and a bonus fact,\nshe also played Karen Davis in The Grudge 1 & 2.\n3 horror films with the same actress.\nShe's popularly known however, as Daphne from Scooby Doo.
downhill 85
End Sountrack ?
That scene transition is brilliant.\n\nThe music sets the mood for the party scene to come in but only after the “never said I was innocent” line plays as he cleans the knife.\n\nTons of horror movies in the 90s had a studio mandated use of new songs by popular bands as a way to sell a soundtrack, but the Scream team managed to use it in a way that was more clever than most.\n\nIt’s those little details that make especially the first two films so thoroughly clever.
lol life
Why is it the cute one dies
this is the most iconic murder/chase scene EVER
What a great security system...
Why is it that SMG always gets killed off in horror movies like is it cus shes already Buffy
sassahoc 4852
For some reason i clicked on this thinking it was the kill coumt
scream fan2006
Cici isn't even friends with Sidney.
5:49 great ass
Unfortunately this scene gives away the fact that it has to be 2 killers. Intentional or movie mistake, doesn't matter, he cannot speak on the phone and sneak into the house at the same time. :/
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