Iridescent [Live in Red Square 2011] - Linkin Park

Linkin Park performing "Iridescent" live in Red Square in Moscow for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon world premiere.

A Thousand Suns Concert Iridescent Linkin Park Live Live In Red Square Moscow Performance Red Square Russia Tour Tra... Transformers Transformers 3

Chester sounds identical to the recording omg
Linkin Park is the kind of band that you can listen to all the time. It doesn't matter what mood you are in. They always make music that fits everything.
Abdel Ouery
Linkin Park is the band that introduced me to rock and my all time favourite band :D
Abhigyan Kashyap
your sad demise makes me cold and lost in desperation. RIP Chester
Ady Manred
perfect voice chester
That lucky crowd does not understand what they just witnessed
Angel Keener
Forever my favourite song. Beautiful voice and beautiful lyrics.
Aries B. Shah
This could be the National Anthem...
Arthur Pede
Happy Birthday Chester!
Ashwin Pandey
Still and always miss you chester
Bridzs Kezdő
Chester's voice is magically beautiful.
Daniel Knüttel
Rest in Peace Chester
Dany Garizabalo
Beautiful ♥ R.I.P. Chester.
Dev Kumar
Nothing is better than Linkin Park
Dhruv Patel
Linkin Park's songs are always soulful.After 4 years, they still give me chills!!!
Dimitrije Popović
I adore to see Chester with a guitar ^^
Doug McGuire
Next level rock. Can't be touched.
that's cool how mike and chester can both play guitar, keyboard and still sing.
Seriously, their songs makes Bayformers even more enjoyable. :D
Firdaus Mohd Saleh 88/23
...I cried when they played the instruments from 2:33 ...\n#letitgo
Flavio Costa
Frank Nguyen- 阮越南
Fun &Facts
Please come back Chester 😭😭😭😭😭\nMissing you terribly 😭😭😭😭😭
Gerardo Kings
I was crying while watching this...RIP Chester 😫😔
Hassaan Siddique
I am proud to be a Linkin Park Fan.\nI miss Chester.
This song is perfect for what happened today #RIPCHESTER ❤️
Jake Aries Alvarez
Jash Dholani
To all the folks in the audience recording with a camera or a mobile...\n\nThe video is going to be on Youtube anyway, so just enjoy the show! You're in a linkin park concert, for fuck's sake. 
Jasmine Gomez
Played beautifully. 😢😄👌❤
Jeho Balantin
this song make me cry
Jeremiah Light
This was the first LP song I truly loved
Jodie Yu
I am so sad... :'( \nI feel cold and lost in desperation......\nAnd I can't let you go, Chester......😞
John Zulu
My favorite Linkin park song!
Joseph Diaz
Rip Chester😔❤️ We will all miss you
Joven Baring
Rip Chester. We will always love you. 😭😭😭
Juwita Sari
2:55 Mike, you make me cry 😭😭. the best song and the best live performance!
Kenan Nagizade
This \
R.I.P Chester\u200b Bennington :( \u003c3
Latesh Patel
I can now never hear this song live X'( #RIPChester
Leandro Lopes
Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? :'(
If you feel crappy listen to LInkin park
Liam Smith
Man, they are all really good singers... Not just Chester.
Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera
Why are they so perfect? :D
Love when all the guys sing together.  Powerful.
Matheus Ferreira
Essa música deles é linda, e ficou perfeita nesse show..
Feeling down? \nListen to linkin park without asking why
Linkin Park live is seriously incredible. They are genuine, talented artists that have a passion for what they do. They are so good live that sometimes their live songs are even better than studio records, that is something really amazing. \n\nI wish more bands were as talented as these guys, in the future they will definitely be one of the most remembered rock/electronic band of our time, hands down.
Mia Shady
Chester true legend \nWill miss u my💔😥😥😥
Miguel Jovero
Transformers introduced me to Linkin Park. Been a fan ever since. They're latest album The Hunting Party is amazing.
Miguel Zazueta
I feel sorry for that security woman at 2:54 who can not shout \
Mr Jones
RIP Chester 🙏🏼 this song is beautiful, my personal favorite live performance. Your music and voice will live on forever. Thank you.
Happy Birthday!!! My legend
Nguyễn Huy Hoàng
I would love Linkin Park for the rest of my life\nRIP Chester :( you sang my life and stay forever in my heart
Nitin Kumar
We will miss You ... Chester😥😥😥🇮🇳💕🙏😭😭
Parinya Prame
Who else is having a Linkin Park Marathon right now?
Pascal Ka_
So hard to hear it now :´(\nR.I.P god Chester
my fav LP song ever..\nalmost three months.. \ni miss him..\nwith or without Chester in person, i'll always be an LP's fan and you'll always be with us =)
rest in peace. you won't be forgotten.
Rahul Bhardwaj
Why the comment section is too old.\nHere is 2018!
Rena V.
Thank you for teaching me that even being numb is a feeling. In the end it does matter. #RIPChesterBennigton
Richard Morris
His voice....... Chester we still miss you. Always will!!
Ritwika Bandyopadhyay
GOD! They are soo amazing singers!!\nMike is as awesome as Chester... *-* ....Why don't they come to India????!?!?!
Robby Panayotov
Linkin Park is THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!
Robin De Keyser
This is real music. Just closed my eyes and didn't even realise when 4 minutes ended.
Ryan Vickramasinghe
the energy of that crowd is amazing
Sabbir-ul- Islam simanto
Who loves seeing Chester playing with guitar?
Samarth GBSV
As good as it gets. Missing Chester as bad as hell.
Soumyajit Mandal
There is a time, when legends have to go; but the creations always remain. \nThank you Linkin Park, for making the world a better place.
one of the best songs ever made...\nThis song made me think a lot in good and bad moments off my life...\nits a mix of emotions...
Steve Ridley
Whether singing softly or screaming into the mic, Chester retained perfect pitch. One of the purest and greatest voices ever to grace this planet. Although I never met the man, I consider it an honour to have shared time on earth with such a talent. R.I.P Chester. Gone but never ever forgotten.
Super Park
I tell you what this Linkin Park song can probably make me cry and it happen every time buy it probably one of my favorite
Swapnil Ghoshal
why does this one bring tears to my eyes everytime?
Syafiq Lukman
the crowd is just amazing. lovely to watch
Tae Haha
I miss Chester
Taylor Harper
After Chester passed away, every song, every lyrics every emotion added new meaning about him and Linkin Park, thank you so much Chester !
The Drop Official
Chester is Incredibile, his voice is overwhelming. The guy was in a league of his own...\nSomething that happens once in a million cases.\nMay you rest in peace LEGEND !
I still can't believe that Chester passed away. \n:''(
Tou Xiong
1:28\nThe most beautiful voice!
Tri Widyastuti
your song is good linkin park
Tý Khánh
Some legends are told..\nSome turn to dust or to gold..\nBut we will remember you...\nRemember you for centuries!
Unstable 003
Chester i miss you so much :(
Wanwad Marwein
linking park the best
LIVE\u003eSTUDIO \u003c3
You'll like it VLOGS
who's here in 2018 ?
chrisardo gatita
my favorite singer chester 😊
Chester, thank you for saving me and thousands if not millions of others so many times. I wish your words could've saved you too. Rest in peace, brother.
markus wallner
Miss him ......
phit pantiya
ruri avila
for me, it's the Best Linkin Park song ever. Numb? it's number 2 after this song. I'am LPU since METEORA ALBUM. :)) I'm felt old.
sOraL nEoG
chester miss you.... where you are now.....
seven oh seven
190 people doesn't have ears :'( \n\nI love you LP!!!!!!!! 
This song helped me get through such a rough time in my life. I wish Chester could've gotten the help he needed the same way this song provided relief for me. RIP dude.
xXAxwellXx no c bro disculpa
:C rest in peace Chester Bennington
ʟʏᴋᴀ ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ
this one is depressing to watch since the day it happened..
Валерия Бойко
Прощай,Легенда,ты для меня был и будешь самым лучшим другом, даже больше,твой голос будет звучать во мне всегда,когда-нибудь встретимся с тобой,поговорим,пусть земля тебе будет пухом, покойся с миром.
Олег Данилюк
Let it go.
It's probably the best live performance what i've seen. Such clean voice, great music and good audience.
ใครรวย ครวยรัย
กูคนไทย RIP จากใจเลย