Young Britney Spears Singing

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Young Britney singing

britney little singing spears young

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she never was too good was she
Something really dodgy happened to make it possible that a pre-pubescent girl could sing more powerfully than her adult self. She even seemed to have acceptable pitch too. At this point Britney's accomplished everything. I don't get it. If I were her, I'd want to show people that I could sing. Obviously after singing in her little girl voice for so long it may be a struggle, but if she wanted to she could get a voice coach etc.
Adem Hasi
she clearly needs a live performance to retain her position as queen of pop
Aiyana Land
holy crap she's great! what happened!?
When did she start Disney before, after or during star search?
Amara Winchester
Remember Nicole Scherzinger? She did the same when she was in Pussycat dolls. Totally sang in pop mode. But she was trained to sing classical music. She would have been bigger if she used her real voice and talent from day 1. Now she is forgotten!
Andy G.
Oh my gosh!!! This sounds nothing like Britney!!!! Betch'a it's that Myah Marie girl!!!!
Angel Miranda
me hubiera gustado ver a brit
Ashir A
Shane dawson anyone?
Sad how they ruined her voice
Bru Flogg
wow, how did she unlearn to sing ??
Carol Tamion
Courtney Elizabeth Te iu besc
1:27 the song i sing when somebody say they don't like me for no reason
Cristiano Rodrigues
Its really sad watch this, britney changed completely her voice to be just a product, really sad
I can blame many of them...
Doll-ish 17
1:02 wow
Domina Noctis
Eleni Iliopoulou
If she wasn't using that awful baby voice now, she could be a much better singer for sure. Her voice back then was so much stronger and mature, now she's just ruined.
Era Javukh
She had puberty backwards.
I don't feel the speed change helps
Listen to he about to lose me.. and you can tell her deep voice is still there...but she changes how she sings to sound more innocent and pop sounding.... and every genre youre gonna sing in a different style of voice
Gabriel Visda
She really has great vibrato
What happened, Britney?
He Learned
her fame has been clearly purchased by her parents
Ian Fernandez
Her voice sounds so enchanting
Isabel Castilla
Me: is here after shane dawsons conspiracy video
Jay Send
What happened?
Joanna Salazar
sounds nothing like right now she was loud now shes soft and skweeky
Jules Kooij the microraptor
Her voice was deeper as a child :O
Kameron Green
britney spears has been taught to sing nasally and high pitched thats why she cant do live songs cause its a struggle to replicate live...her going thru puberty did not make her voice change if thats the case her voice shouldve been light then deep sounding..i wish people would do research on stuff instead of posting nonsense answers..she never has lost her ability to sing..examples of this are \
Karissa Daigneault
how cute!!!! she was a cute girl growing up & a pretty adult now.
Katie S
What happened to her voice??? O.o She was such a great singer OMG. Puberty maybe?
King Z
i wonder what happened. 
Wow, this makes me sad for her. I wish she had the right people on her team to cultivate her talent and give her more age-appropriate material to sing. Her voice was shot before she ever made it big, but it WAS there...
Lenocas Nascimento
Sang better then
What happened to this poor girl's beautiful voice? Now she sounds like some GAAAHBLAAAGAAAAH evil dying animal.
Liam Tonga'uiha
Why did she change her voice like???
Liefke knol
I loved her voice more when it was lower, soda pop is a song from het first album she sing it with her natural low singing voice
Lin Tina
Luiza Alencar
she is 31 .-.
Lécio R.
It's creepy how industry limited her voice
M Noguera
Ursula stole her voice
Praga do justin! Hahahahahahhaha
Markith Harris
why I love youtube / young Britney xoxoxo
Girl had some talent. 1:23 when she finishes Judy Garland's \
Michelle Fox
Country Britney?
Mike Ole-Kuyan
Britney back then should have gazelles around her it would be beautiful
Jive destroyed her voice
Miłosz Warakomski
She used to be so talented, her voice was so damn good. It WAS. :(
Monique Nobrega
Uma graça des de sempre 😍😍😍
poor Brittney. just a little girl here, shoved into the industry so young.
Myth Detector
Waste of real talent
She could’ve been a vocal beast
Natalia Gogo
What happened with her voice? It was so beautiful
Nerion, Espy Of Wolves
who's the boy singing with her? is he popular?
OnCe yOu JiM-iN, yOu cAn'T JiM-OuT
R.I.P britney 's baby voice
PhanGirl Away
I miss her real voice, I wish her record label never made her sing in that baby voice
dang man she's been performing for a while then. that's crazy
i think it`s sad that people compare Brittany unfavourably to Christina, they were def on a par at this age, Brittany had the same potential and was just as good, she still is but has lost herself a little on the way :-(
Song at 1:06??
Ricky Dillon
Hmm, so she's never really been a good singer.
Rudolf Pap
they say it because she is is lip-synching on all her performances these years... you can't really blame them!
Saidi Maryam
1:05 omg she's great !!
Samantha Gauvreau
What song is at 00:51
Selene Oliveira
0:25. Better then now.
Silvio Serpico
whats is the last song name??
Sincere Carter
B you know? they can see you! and I know I hear you why could they not see the talent probably though because you didn't.. call Me l'n.. with it
Something Or Another
poor girl
Summer Imperial
What happened? They destroyed her wonderful voice! She still sound good right now but I thought it would be better if she still sing like this. Maybe this is the reason why she can't sing live. It would be hard to sing like a... Uhh-- child? If her real voice is much more deeper and whole than the voice she is using now.
She could actually sing as a kid
Tấn Nguyễn
0:41 and 1:23. What songs is this?
She could have been the biggest star ever.
Wafa chellouf
They wouldn't auto-tuned here VOICE!
Zakya Moussa Alkhoury
Omg i cant believe it brit is 45 now
a bean with intentions
1:05 Best part
alexgamer52 Bro crybaby
What happenf
Same thing happened to her that happened to Michael Jackson. A child with a powerful voice forced by Hollywood to change it to a baby voice as an adult.
her voice is so powerful and thats comming from me
Shane Dawson.. your conspiracy video has me messed up
before they made her voice sound a baby
si se hubiese perfeccionado y no dejarse llevar por la industria hubiese sido grande y admirada por su voz como lo es Christina.. pero quizas no llamaria tanto la atencion..en fin.. la fama le gano al arte en su caso
marlene dollesin
marshall mathers
0:55 outstanding
maryam aljssmi
She had the aguilera style
morw turty
I want to redirect people who say she can't sing to this video
Awe :3
The problem with Britney is that she doesn't know how to use her voice correctly. She doesn't know how to mimic her voice for different genres. She especially struggled when performing with Michael Jackson at his 30th Anniversary Special when she was singing through her nose. The only time she was successful at mimicking her voice is when she sang the cover of You Oughta Know\
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