741 Hz || Get Rid of All the Toxins and Negativity || Soothing Solfeggio Frequency Music

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741 Hz || Get Rid of All the Toxins and Negativity || Soothing Solfeggio Frequency MusicCopyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Rights Reserved.

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Thank you ❤love and blessings ❤❤❤
Andy Setiawan
meditative mind i am want link download music 741 hz
Anmol Goswami
Every time I meditate on Mantra my eyes get heavy and I can barely open it after meditation and during meditation near between my eyebrows I see green light changing it's shape and floating I'm doing meditation sense I was kid on mantras sometimes on Hanuman chalisa . plz can anyone tell me what happens to me is it good or bad??
Aros Li
Thank you for sharing....感謝
wow dont anyone know how to spell or use spell correct geepers lol copiulationn compilation
Carla Vela
Muchas gracias......🧡💚💜💛💙💝
Catherine GESTIN
1h11mn11sec .... wow ! i'm wondering what's the message behind all these number in mirror ;)
Chinga Welco168
I love it so much it makes me so happy 😝😍🌈❤️🧡💛💚
Chris Lamarche
Listen in silence let your journey begin not knowing where it Will take you or when it might end let the music guide you as you flow like The wind and your spirit will be lifted as you return home again..... Journey well my friend's!!
Claudy Guibert
The video and the melody talk to my deepest core; no matter where we come from  we all journey back to the source, are spiraling out to planets or spheres of existence, and spiraling in again to the source, over, over, and over until completion....
Controlling boss Lady
Listening to this. Something just sat on my bed. My bed moved. I’m laying it. In a C position. Something just made my bed rock Ummm. What that about.
Daniel Wahl
All this music is awesome and don't change it.
DarkWolf Nite
Thanks for this I like it
Dayna Jingles
I love Rainbows and crystals! Namaste
Donna marie Heard
Can't think of the dm all the time 😜♥️
Elena Elena
♥ Thx for sharing...Very good copilation..
Ember2460 Harrington
This is beautiful. Thank you Thank you Meditative Mind for all your beautiful music.😊😊
Erwin Apao
How often do you listen to this?
Fed Dev
Beautiful💥💫make one for women to get rid of fibroids💫💥 Thank you 🙏
Frederette Dickens
It's about understanding what ones believes. Of course if you do not ununderstand that then you will nor get it! In the beginning of time things were spoken into existence! As in spoken words!
Gaetane Ferland
Beautiful! Thank you! thank you! thank you!
Gianni Barbieri
brought tears to my eyes, truly removing all toxicity
God is the GREATEST simpson
I have a great peace and thank God for this !!! It helps to clear my head and calms my thoughts ,. God bless you !!🙏🙏🙏🙏💎
Helen Turner
Holistic-Healing UK
I like this apart from the high pitched sound that's running right through it
Ilona Jovnas
Thank You.\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3\u003c3 Gods blessing and peace. Love You.
J Brown
So amazing! I love your music!
Jade Mead
You guys are lucky to be able to remain in a good mood............
Jesse Gentry
So many toxins came out of my body I had to change my underwear.
Jessica Williams
That dinging tho
John Asimakis
nice one
Judy Hiscock
If a child in the womb hears loud noises there is no fear after birth.
Thank you 🙏🏼
Kirby Humphrey
Very soothing and the 741 mix is quite effective. I embrace the tone and as a musician I feed the interval back into the softness and it has infuenced my intuition. The spiral is so indicative of life itself and it all combines for a beautiful experience. Thank you.
Krystal Haskins
My body just began to vibrate.. Thank u for this experience. Adds to playlist😊
Larry Kelly
Thank you so very kindly✨
Leigha* Being FREE Again!
Yes :-) so happy & EXACTLY what I NEEDED to hear TONIGHT. ♡ and so MANY THANKS for your GIFTED talents of LOVING & moving MUSIC! ;-) CONGRATS and continued CREATIONS!!!
Lichnig Werner
😇 🙏 😇 🙏 💘 🌸 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 😇 🙏 😇
Lisa Geremia
I am going to look at this in the dark tonight
Logan Spitzer
This moved nicely through my home
Lovely Rita
I need you protection dhis moment with dhis nice meditation💛❤💚💜
Ma Deva nargis
fantastic,thank you.great work.
Mai Mohamed
This thumbnail so beautiful 💚💚
Michaela Ansah
Beautiful ,so relaxing ,so smooth. Thank you
Thank you 🙌💙💜love the colors!🎈Blessings and good day💫🙋✨💙
Munther Kareem
That's making me feel better thank you so much
Amazing! I think this is one of the best yet!
I never knew how much meditation could change my life! I thank the universe for allowing me to find that out. And for all of you that took the time to put meditation together. Namaste.
Nicole Bushong
as crazy as it seems did anyone else empty there entire system as in like getting the runs and riding there body of the toxins after listening to this. I woke up and was good then all the sudden I rushed to the bathroom and it feels like my body is getting rid of everything or was it just me
Nicole zzz
How sad 203 people want to hold on to their negativity
Nuno V
I love 741 Hz
Nyarai Humba
Thank you s much. more blessings unto you
Obiwon Skywalker
Sounds like it looks.
Oprea Tea
💜💜💜I'll be short: this is getting on my fav healing sounds. Clear as water
Patricia Prosje
Meditative Mind... you are truly a blessing
Patrick Moraru
I encourage you to harmonize with it ❤️🙏 beautiful
Piko Loves Olivia
I love this vortex background. Super soothing 🎵🎼🎶🏖🌅🏝⛵
Great... not wanting to kill myself for exactly 11 hours 11 mins and 11 secs
Randy Fadlila Nasser
it works for me, especially when i will stay for longer time in new room. feel comfy and peaceful
Reginald Andrews
Unbelievably soothing! My entire body feels re born!
Sadie Conlon
Love it so much relaxing my life is going really well because of it
Sieglinde Kinser
Thank you this is so calming Feel such PEACE. Love and Light to you......
Love it!!!💜
Tamiem Qadiry
Awesome 👏 thank you 🙏🏻
The 4
i hope this works in my BS work! Already got some mild anxiety attacks and im tired of it!!!
Tom Nelson
Yep. I am not one to meditate or any of that new age stuff. No crystals, no dream catchers, none of that. Buuutttt...this stuff is good for relaxing, clearing my head and whatever. Sooo, there you go. Thanks.
Transdimentional Soul
los invito a mi grupo, mantengo info ya filtrada de diferentes fuentes respecto al cambio de vibración. los espero a quienes quieran \nhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/213397025829382/
Viki Katrivanos
1:11:11 👍
Vivian Lawson
Thank you Mother/Father God for serenity and healing....You always give me EXACTLY what I need. I love the Universe amd all there in....#onelove1GodoneUniverse
Will Sikora
This is truly amazing I had a dream of me walking along a path of the colors towards the passage of lucid dreaming
Yvette Gope
Love it,perfect for a good night sleep
Zenaida Denton
Peaceful moments.
Normally I can only listen to these for a few minutes at a time, depending on the beat and tonal patterns... at some point the tones/beats/ and patterns just start to become irritating creating pressure and headaches... as pleasant as this piece is, I can still feel pressure building in my head, but not irritating... any thoughts from the \
antje schleithoff
Amazing 💚
Ran this video through frequency analysis and it’s dead on 741Hz!
asama alabide
اعادة من صفر
booker T
Imagine if everybody in the world listened to this
fearlesslybeautiful reasa
Thank u..ur doing a gr8 job
finestplanet 1
Thank you, Yahweh for your creations including everything that is was and is to come. Protect your elect. AMEN
Incredible sense of space. Reminds me of some of Steve Roach's earlier works
liz mcdonald
I love this music track it peace full x 👌👍 music too my ears. And mk me sleepy x wish is a good think at night x wen I can't sleep this chilli music dose help 10 out 10 x
This one works great for me...restful sleep and I could still hear it all the way to work in my car. It seemed to resonate right out of my skeleton and cells. Very compatible with me.
mark moore
I feel like floating in some environment that brings harmony, peace and solace in my entire being, body and mind...
mystic watson
I am feeling the whole 1;11.11 is deliberate, and I like it.
I need stress relief!
star murray
Beautiful xx
I've been listening for like, 12 minutes and while the synthesizer is ok, when does the band start playing?