Lucas & Edwin's Story (until march 24th)

Lucas & Edwin's Story (until march 24th) I DO NOT OWN THE MUSICS AND THE VIDEOS


@alwaysuseless do you have suggestion for romantic instrumental music? for next time!
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I love the songs.Good job with the video.
Thank you for posting this to me. I'm totally in love with Edwin & Lucas right now!! You did an excellent job with this summary video. Well done :))
I love Lucas & Edwin, too, and I know creating a video from recent events in their story is a labor of love.\nWhat I liked about the video: It's Lucas & Edwin & you keep a coherent, chronological flow. You include appropriate subtitles & even a bit of voice.\nWhat didn't work for me: Lyrics that go in one direction, while the subtitles go in another. It's distracting.\nSuggestion: Use romantic INSTRUMENTAL music—no lyrics—except where it's not romantic (Anton beating up Lucas).\nMy 2 cents. Thanks.
you did a nice job.. i like the music in the end. one of my fav songs. I look forward to seeing what the new chapter in Ludwin's lives are :)
You know the song by VAST-it's called FLAMES ? I'd love a romantic slo-mo kissing vid with that song. It's just intimate and stunning:) I your Lucas/Edwin collection. Love those 2.