396 Hz ❯ LET GO FEAR, Guilt Negative Emotions ❯ Healing Sleep Music based on Solfeggio Frequencies

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396 Hz ❯ LET GO FEAR, Guilt & Negative Emotions ❯ Healing Sleep Music based on Solfeggio FrequenciesCopyright ⓒ 2018 Meditative Mind. All Right Reserved.

396 hz healing music healing sleep music let go fear let go guilt let go negative emotions let go negative energy let go negative thoughts sleep musi...

Aaron Ford
just got done playing the xbox 360
Alia Wilson
Finally found one to sleep with because of music and pic, thanks,
Baguette Stealer
Thank you let my body heal to the fullest
Chris Bryant
For someone trying to heal from a breakup what do you recommend? anyone? please help. Which frequencies should I focus on? I seek anyones guidance.
Concerned Canadian
There is something wrong with the vid after ten minutes, the screen go dark..
Danielle Ramaker
I like this! 👍 It has a nice sound / music to it - not like a lot of these types that (although Good for you & your atmosphere) tend to wear on my nerves.. Good job! 🤗
Diana Martins
forever light. forever love.
Diane Giovanniello
Awesome I was in bed totally relaxed 👍⭐️❤️
Don Kapsalon
You wont believe how lucid of a dream I had falling asleep to this.. first I seen all different people with the most extraordinary facepaints and jewelry I thought to myself; damn it must be the music! I gotta comment about this on the youtube video.. then later I don’t remember what I exactly dreamt but I remember it was lucid and I kept saying to myself I gotta go back to that video and tell this 😅 Ive been trying to remember all day now. Also I next time I have a lucid dream I have to remember to take the steering wheel.
Doreen Watrous
My clients looove this
Fabiola M
So relaxing and help me elevate my frequency... Thank you! :) Why I can't watch the images in the video though?
Hannah See
Wooow that was really nice ☺️
Healing Nature & Meditation
Lovely!💕 \nWhat a peaceful sound and video! Really nice and relaxing💫 \nThank you!🌹
Helton Viktor
Hilda Rosli
Mi gratitud\n..te saluda ql escuchar este vídeo siempre!?!?? Besos ..sooo sweet👍👌🎶😘🙋💋💜💪 🌹
Kamrin The Kapricorn AsMr
Hey! Do you use subliminal affirmations in your videos? I thought i could hear a tiny voice in the back. Thank you!
Kay Muldoon
Beautiful. Namaste.
Om shanti 🕉🖤
Paulo Macedo
Sarveshwar Dowluth
I am enjoying this series so much and am sure by the end of the last frequency this will bring huge positive changes.. Thank you and much love ❤️
Stormey Knight
Today is my mom's birthday that is also the day of her death 7 years ago. It's been a rough day, you would think after 7 years it would just be another day by now. I bawled my eyes out within the first 15 minutes of listening to this I'm now two hours in and calm enough to try to go to sleep. Thank you for making this.
Sutra and Seed
helps thank you \u003c3
The Incredible Hay
Love your videos, but why can't you keep the visuals going for the entire 9hrs on your content? Why do you always end it so soon and then cut to blank screen?
[A]T. Mohr
Just what i need right now... thanks you very much MM.
f. fiori
Meditative mind not only has soothing relaxing music to accompany the frequency, but dark simple graphics that don't turn my room into a light show while i\
olen dita
Feel better even though still feel guilt for what i've done. I hope i won't do bad things anymore and make me suffer from feeling guilty😥
persian girl
i reallyy like the visual. Thanks 💓
wakyl Hakymzaada pashayeewar
I am very fear I use jbl wireless headphones \nWhy aren't these videos helping me 396 hz?
whatever dude
Thank You.