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3:13 Thumbnail
So that's how milk works in Russia
Ajax Film
4:10 In Russia, door drinks vodka
Allan Cooney
Russian glory hole has vodka go through it instead of penis
The hell was that on the other side of the door?
Bayron Leiva
5:30 russian protecting his vodka
Beckett Peale
Can anyone tell me the name of the song in the beginning
Blayne A.
1:55 \nThis looks like a nut I can’t hold back
BloXGameR :D
im not from russia but we have really similar languages, my is serbian, russians are my people same as serbians, do not hurt my people with bad words or ill hurt your people, tho soo much love from Bosnia And Herzegovina... PEACE!...
Brea Canyon Drifter
Jizz milk.\nCyka blyat.
Talk what you want but that dude has a skill to rest while standing.
Darth Daddy
0:50 , milk from a MossCow
David The Great
@1.56: The arse is tight!
Dominique Gonzalez
Bro that one girl that was on the car, bomb😍🙆\u200d♂️💆\u200d♂️ Russians chicks👌😋
El tomy
3:28 50-50 grind
Ensar Ilal
Love from Turkey. We love Russia . I miss \
Game Hunter
6:00 it's snow
Gaming Fran01
благодаря России за то, что мы приветствовали нас и большое приветствие из Хорватии😊
Gregor la montagne
Russia is not a country, it's a state of mind🤘
Grown Baby
Thanks, can not drink milk anymore. Fuucking yuuck !!!
Hamit Gasimov
1:13 Sperm ?
Heuckepeucke Borserian
most of it is actually just sad and not funny anymore..... even it is just Russia, it it still sad!!!!
Ildabaôth Frozen Devourer
Ah, the wonderous, mysterious world of Russia! I love it!!
Industrial Demon
2:26 Is from Estonia whit Estonian-Russian bc this energy drink brand and at end he says \
Ismet Subasi
Russian better then Usa
Jack Torrance
Now we know why Charlie zelenoff is a nut bag!!!
Jeseph Willis
I swear they have alcohol in their DNA code.
Joe Grills
No matter how bad of a day im having i know that somewhere somehow a russian is having a worse day than me
Joe Schlotthauer
If any country wanted to conquer Russia, they would just simply send over massive quantities of vodka. Then it would be easy pickings.
John C
We have many Russians near where I live in California. They have unique personalities and I like the ones I know. I hope Americans and Russians can remain friends.
John Matt
That milk looked like WALE CUM
Jon Garcia
Russians are badasses. much love from Texas
Joseph Muckensturm III
Much love to Russia from Ohio. Thank you for being unique and crazy ; )
Junior Mudd
whats with the peter north coffee creamer?😂🤮
Justice Warrior
0:56\nWen you haven't fapped for 6 months
Justin Reyez
in Russia vodka drinks itself
Kendall Johnson
Love from Canada comrades.
What the hell was that jizz milk!? Lol
NOT worried about the Russians taking over the world
Meher Khandadia
Love ❤️ Russia and its people.
Michael Nonya
Mika Korhonen
Russia, are you OK?
Miyu Miyu
0:01: In Russia Vodka serves you.\n0:20: In Russia motorcycle traps you.\n0:45 In Russia Milk spoils you.\n1:18: In Russia tree maples you.\n1:40: In Russia recycling wastes you.\n1:50: In Russia Future is you!\n1:55 In Russia prostitutes pose you.\n2:11 In Russia Bears survive you.\n2:27: In Russia bottle balances you.\n2:38 In Russia magic tricks shoe.\n3:03: In Russia Shovel snows you.\n3:12: In Russia Rhythm dances you.\n3:27: In Russia Road rules break you.\n3:33: In Russia Gasoline price faces you.\n3:44: In Russia Magic door reveals you.\n5:31: In Russia rabies catch you.\n5:44 In Russia Weather enemies you.
Nene Fondo
Only in rusia 😆😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ha ha you made my day😂😂😂👍👍 spasiba love you all my Russian brother and sister.
Paul Mauer
Russen..\nZwangloses Volk..\nIrgendwie mag ich die!
RADIschen 29
Meanwhile in Germany :\nWatch yt and see whats going onin russia
Интересно какие мысли посещают иностранцев когда они всю эту хуйню смотрят?
Rekoruru Convo
hello Poland you have a [Nice Brother]...(Ridicule)
Salem’s Ghost
Just here reading the comments...amusing to say the least!
Sebastian Lacki
Senpai Hikka
3 Видос это сперма её мужа 100%
Without Putin is Russia\nWith Putin is Gulag
Shehran Baloch
As a Pakistani it is funny reading the comments. Russians, Slavs and Ukrainians all fighting each other over borders. \n\nYou sound like Pakistanis and Indians in YouTube comment sections except less angry but somehow more racist.
Shiahian Reeves
Most Russian men are hot they are so manly its sexy!
Special Guest Star
Ok, I'm done, I'm building a bird feeding box tomorrow.
Supes Me
I \u003c3 Russians :)
Haha. \nLove that Gas Nozzle. \nDidn't know Russia had 7-11s.\nOr that Slurpy's could be served that way 😂
Ted Metta
God bless Russia. Love from England.
The Arrogant Beast
Love you Russia from India.
The Great Eldian Empire
in mother russia vodka is cheaper than coca cola!
The New Yay
Everything can happen in Russia and Japan, both are the same, but Russia for extrem e
The Tinman
Khabib T 2:16
*лайк если русский*
Tomáš Perutka
I am slav☭\nI love Russia🇷🇺\nSlavs love russia🇷🇺☭
Tyler Durden
Just a normal day in Russia
Russia needs to adopt the bottle of vodka as their flags emblem.
They accidentally milked the bull
Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man
That milk clip made me gag.
Zigedi Zach
😍😍girl on hood of car😍😍😍😍
They are just having a fun time
anon wong
Their tough climate, culture incalcates savagery into its people, its what makes them so restlessly resilient, strong willed, ingeniuity, they have learnt to thrive in it!! GREAT Respect to their spirit, the will to live and their gals are beautiful ~
beeryboy :
My Romanian father is an alcoholic and it's sickening seeing the same thing there in Russia, what's it about all Eastern European countries and hard alcohol?
felipe hernandez
It's illegal to be a gay in Russia
This is the country it claims it can take on American lol...
hardto sawllow
Russians lack the complexity of emotions.
hyou zan ren
In Russia birds drink vodka in bird house!
Topic of this video: Alcohol?
Why can't Russia and the US be friends..
noah gutierrez
Of course YouTube I want Russian caption while they are speaking russian
pete luis
Got cum?
3:45 - 5:28 Russian Glory Hole ;-)
thegoldenspartan Tehstupidspartan
0:47\n\nDecember 1st be like
Guys 1:55 your welcome.
Алексей Борзенко
Это лицо мужика слева 3:15 Как я его понимаю...😔😔😔
Надежда Тогузова
Ты скажи своему мужу чтоб он прекращал кончать после дрочке в пакет с молоком
Паша 85
Писец,это что за молоко такое?чем вас травят в России?
Пустырь русский парень
Proud to be russian
Рэй Чехов
I saw this girl twerking her butt alive. Half of year ago. Now lmao watching her here)
Да так и живём, и нам похуй санкции
Яна Понкраченко
Сплошной стереотип о русских...
думай сам
Russian Crazy? ))) guys!!!, I watched your video about American life, my hair stood on end.
исаас п
We are trying to fix our problems
кирилл иванов
Страна помойка
2:26 lol