Locomotive Train Hits the Snow: Plow-Transformer

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Locomotives and trains cut through the snow banks like through the butter! Bonus: awesome transformer plow!Check our partner`s channel! railpast - Паровозы и поезда рассекают снежные сугробы, как масло! Бонус: удивительный плуг-трансформер!

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Great video...steam and snow: what a combination!! thank you for the post!
Blorox Cleach
Brynne Landreville
Calmed By Nature
dude this is amazing
Christian Singhoff
Scheiß Werbung die man nicht weg machen kann ...
Daniel Libich
As the complication of plows and snow throwers knock through snowbanks only god knows the density before making it look easy.
Delaware Train Videos
So hey, thanks a lot for stealing my videos. I only drove 40 miles in the snow then hiked thru it so you could claim it as your own. But I guess that's all guys like me are good for, making videos for complete strangers who are too lazy to go out and actually work to capture something this incredible. You're welcome!
El Tigre
Why don't they wax those plows so the snow slides right off?
FR T-Rexx
1:37: the train disappears COMPLETELY behind and under the snow but keeps on moving! Very impressive!
Frank Sweets
Danke für das Video!
Geo Thomas
Cool vid
Gergő Rajkovics
CN= Canadian National .
Hank Henry
Back in the old days when we had real snow!
0:55 lol
Inferno 2020
Deutsche Bahn, lass dich erschießen.
John Ambrose
Trains how very interesting.
Ken Roche
Just always good to see these mighty snow blasters at work, spectacular, with the odd funny bits.
Larry Duran
How about that whistle?!! At.32secs.! Love that sound!
Leandro Da Rosa Marques
Holy moly. Awesome. There's Mongolian Throat Singing At 4:30sec. Thanks!
Leonard Chornomaz
This would be a job I would love to have.
Lester Aizlewood
Why play crap music when all the viewer wants to do is listen to the trains working? It sure stuffs up a lot of good footage.
Marcia M
Great video right up until that horrible music started at 5:09 Ruined it.
Mr. Freen
The \
Natalia Bonis
Koszonom , tetszett!!!
0:53 is insane lol. Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that
Orion TheGamingRaptor
0:54 your lucky you didn’t jump the tracks at that speed pal
Some of these Locomotives are pretty Loco!
Richard Savaglio
Yay more “borrowed” I mean stolen videos!!
Robert Condon
I would like to know how many horsepower these trains are rated at. I know the new ones run generators that drive electric motors that move the trains
Robert Gift
Nix the stupid \
Robert MacKenzie
Let it snow! Nice video!
Magical viewing/Thanks a lot
Sergejs Stepanovs
Паровозы используют и в наше время!???
Really wish people would stop posting bits and pieces of other folk's videos as if they were their own. Maybe if they'd get off their rusty-dusty and get out and create their own instead of hi-jacking the work of the original videographers?????
Why are they using steam locomotives?
Awesome video man. Not sure why 2 people thumbs down it, but I give it a thumbs up!!
What’s his face you know that guy
That’s Strasbourg RR in PA right?
Zachary ALT
It was at 0:57 that this guy knew, he messed up.
so um 4 minuten das schwarze Monster vor der roten Lok. DAS ist etwas einmaliges. so einen Schneepflug have ich noch nie gesehen.
bob Seas
How to turn up volume
franklin field
will a steam engine, of comparable horsepower, be able to push thru snow that a deisel cant?
gloria pearson
Maybe they are too lazy they don't want to go out there and do your own work which day he be doing
At 6:50, I couldn't tell if the snow blasting out of the exhaust was strong enough to break any of the tree branches.
jacob floyd vlogs
love it
I thought that was a steam engine.....I was right.
The Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. Ridden those trains many times.
merry chase
I enjoyed this video.
michel Forêt
Question : Dans quel pays ces images ont été tournées, merci
What's the purpose of the wings at 3:15?
patrick bochereau
musique de merde a la fin
Complaint filed with YouTube, you should be hearing from them. :-)
Its really exciting at 2x speed. 😳
sean donnelly
the 475 is out of Strasberg railroad P.A been there a few times if your ever in the States East coast go it's worth it
shantybps krishnasamy
interference voice interface its facebook Language
tornado terrassa-barcelona
whitey george
zane lile
BOY ! Simple raw power !
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