Betrayer Gameplay (PC HD)

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1080p 2014 660 ti ac... full hd fullhd game gameplay gamezine hd maxed out maximum settings maya98 nvidia pc proper ultra video game videogame

-jade Grioli
how come in my game its black and white
Geez the in game menu, inventory, or whatever ppl called it, is so ugly and looks kind of have a lazy design.
Barney Marshall
Of the few play through vids I've seen on this game, the map is never opened. It would be nice to get an idea of the location of some of the more important finds. I've found all the chests (got a notation), but I didn't discover that skeleton.
Bryan O'Rourke
Why did you throw the cracked bow away when you could have sold it? coulda had a musket in no time.
Wasnt this game black white?\n
This is exactly what gameplay should be.  No talking.  Just play the game.  Thank you GameZine.
Thanks for saving me of buying this game , its 3.99 € now on steam and i wanted to but i changed my mind XD.Keep up the good work !!!
Jürgen Kraise
What a boring game...\n\nAnd this game already acknowledged as the horror one....\n\nThanks for the review, though
Paul Middleton
yep alot of people leaving colour saturation on zero and actually thinking that the game is black and white. i actually noticed this straight away. but then again. i been gaming for years. and i like playing with settings. especially colour settings and brightness and gamma etc. so i found it very easy to turn up colour saturation and play the game in colour. 
Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu
:) The sole good thing in this game it's the sound of the wind ...
Rabbi Cartman
This is what a gameplay should be. Subscribed.
Robin Andersson
I like it in colour.
Thank you GameZine! This is what a gameplay should look like. Talking just annoys the shit out of me.
Sleeping Knights
I can hardly play this game for 10 minutes straight lol, atmosphere gets to me too quickly.
Game needs to be in 3rd person view. This whole first person view mode is exactly like the same over used and over recycled content of The Call Of Battlefield games. Enough of this first person view bullshit.
Does This Game Support Game Controller/Gamepad Of Any Sort ?
Ofc, due to the crap steam piles on their site this game has disappeared off the charts.
Game looks good, though not very exceptional, though for only $20, i didn't expect a hell of a lot.
it's so good to see this in colors :)
my game is NOTHING like this. I do not understand. I have no body in the road, no maiden, i cannot even open a chest or pick up the shovel. Thanks for the vid so i know it isn't me. What is UP with this game? Anyone? thanks
This game looks pretty good, and only has one bad review on steam. I think I might buy. Someone tell me if I should not spend my money.
kieren matheson
increase your speed and progress through-out the game at a higher rate, or do cut ins and outs. was to much of you standing around or you being clueless.
wie angenehm ruhig ! abo is raus..danke :)
I remember my first ring bell. I just jump off my chair looking sadly and desperately at the monitor. Then i felt something soft in ma ass area... Found that was my chocolate pudding.
Hey. Thank you for this wonderful gameplay video. I really love how you just show the game, no voiceover comments, no giant logo of your channel. Just pure gameplay. Subbed to your channel. Keep up the good work!
Text boxes are ugly! Change it or lose it.
Thanks for uploading the game play. Also many thanks for not spoiling it with gay let's plays forced chatter.
I like these games but the text is always too damn small, drives me insane