852 Hz ❯ AWAKEN INTUITION || Remove Fear, Self Doubt & Subconscious Fears || 852Hz

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Alicia Bessonette
I can dive into a deep meditation with this 20 min to an hr .It helps to release so many discomforts ,all I do is ask. I literally feel it leave so thank you beautiful beautiful manifesting energy to help me receive and let go🙏🦋😌💓
Andrew Riley
Thank You Very Much! :)
Angie Hitch
Thank you! ❤
gracias meditative mind
This is #OerationMicrowaveYourself
Good night sweet angels 😴🌈
Black Ceza Records
Thanks needed something new.
Briana Westermann
this is what I need right now
did this make anyone upset or exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to do?
Carolina Huidor
What does it mean if the frequences are too intense for you?
Castrial Being
Thank you so much for this we appreciate everything you do 🙌🏻
Charles Xavier
i woke up frm a bad dream and more fearful.why?
Christopher Terhark
This frequency actually caused some paranoia......
Clarissa Wilson
thx, needed that
Creatuitive Guru
Love the solfeggio sleep tracks, thanks so much! 😘
Criss Howe
I use this to go to sleep at night, and help me subconsciously.
David Crist
Vibrations of sound to help quiet the mind, so you can contemplate on what’s really important. All manifestations are effects and can be changed by changing the mental cause.
Devashis Karki
Wow. Thanks. Really had a deep sleep. 😀☺😊 Thanks guys.
Diane Giovanniello
Beautiful sleep mixed with peace⭐️👍❤️🙏
Dipit Tikadar
Dorian Pasian
Sounds beautiful! Are headphones needed for this? Thank you so much for these amazing frequencies!
This is weird listening to this gives me a mild stomach ache while listening to 432 hrs meditation gives me heart palpitations. Can you please explain eyes this is happening?
Emily Smith
It made my left eyeball hurt 😂
Esha Hans
I found this very relaxing initially but as I got into deeper meditative state.. it caused me a sharp pain in my heart and there even came a moment when my body started vibrating at a very high rate. It gave me mixed feelings.. I even had dreams of some of my very old school mates sitting in my house for no reason. After i woke up my chest was very heavy.. I hope it hasn't brought my fears on surface. Coz if it has I should listen to it more to dissolve them completely. Plz guide
Felipe Salgado
Como hacen para hacer esta musica?
I'm curious: who says that lets say exactly 852 helps to remove fear & self doubt while 528 repairs dna and 639 helps to let go of anger and jealousy etc.. ? has it to do with the corresponding chakras? and If so how do we measure the chakras resonating frequencies? \nwould be nice if some1 could give some \
G Hooghkirk HIGHLIFE
Perfect. Thank you. ‼️👍🏻
Are there subliminals with this? If so, what are they?
Golden C Petals
0.07 sign of illumunati ?
We shall all die one day, some have died before us, some will die after us, but are you willing to die every day? Every morning is your new life with no recollection of the past, not a blissful ignorance nor a stroke of luck amnesia, but simply freedom in the truest sense, freedom from illusion and delusion. What you see in front of you under a veil of illusion is not Reality. That person over there this person over here, you have been wearing the veil of separation for quite some time and it’s time for you to expose it. You’ve brought this idea with you throughout your life and it has lived day in and day out unbeknownst to you, it’s time for its death, you must wake up for its imminent demise. Look into the vastness of the ocean, each wave has its perfect place. The waves appear to be separate yet they are not just a part of the ocean, they are the ocean. Look around at this world full of people and don’t view them as a wave in the ocean, view them as the ocean, which you are a part of. Don’t listen to the voice in your head saying that is ridiculous or that can’t be true, where did that controlling voice come from anyway? Do you control your life or do clumps of judgemental thoughts you’ve picked up from somewhere outside of the real you control your life? It’s time for that to die, but you must wake up first. Has someone hurt you in the past? Have you been betrayed or hold hatred in your heart? If you died every day you would not know. That does not mean to say yes to abuse or to be taken advantage of, but it means to let go, forgive, and walk the path of the present moment without the baggage that has stopped you from living. \n\nOn the other hand, have you betrayed someone? Does someone hold hatred in their heart towards you for something that happened in the past? It’s time for that to die. This is your opportunity to grow from the things in life that you may not be proud of or hold a mountain of guilt within yourself for. Know that forgiving yourself is the first step into freedom, forgiveness is your key to unlock the prison that you have decorated so beautifully with suffering and pain. The new you is born every morning, not the old self strung together in guilt of past memories, these memories are yours to do with as you please. These memories can show you the path to love by allowing them to be signs pointing you to unconditional love, they are showing what you need to grow within yourself, to show you what you may be lacking but have never not had. Whatever you believe the world is withholding from you, you are withholding it from the world. If the world is always against you, you are always against the word. If you search for an abundance of love, give an abundance of love to everyone you will ever come in contact with. \n\nYou do not have to achieve anything to become who you are or want to be, you just need to realize you have always been it. You have been born a grandiose being that is an essential part of the portrait of love in this world. You are The One, I am The One, because We are The One. Why are you waiting to become something you have always been? Do you enjoy your jail cell that much? And if perhaps the answer is a reluctant yes, who is answering that question? Not You, the real You would never lie down in a puddle of misery while an ocean of love is at an arm's length away. You must become aware of your contentment with misery, your contentment with judgements and prejudices that has taken you nowhere except further into the shadows of darkness. Each time you allow one of these conditioned patterns to die you allow more and more light to shine through. Once the shadows are behind you, you will then realize the shadows were not real and had nothing to do with you. When the awareness of the real you becomes seen, you will see the world for what is it. People are not just people, they are a part of you. It is only through each other we are able to see who we really are, you are me, I am you, without one another we are nothing. Die every day to be born into truth and awake as the real You. Become love and become free, share this freedom with the world every day you wake up a new you. \n\n\nI love you.
Harley Reynolds
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Sounds Really Relaxing & Soothing! :)
Iahel Cathartes Aura
PERFECT for me tonight. Massive thanks. It's working.\n\nJust sent it to my loved one as well.
Ilona Geanina
Jeremy Buenaventura
I want the old me back. The organized, always happy, always on time, always exercising, always smiling, spreading joy and positivity throughout the world. I have realized that I am subs consciously afraid of being rejected, ignored, and misunderstood. I am afraid of never getting to say “I love you” to my father ever again when he dies. When I would be stressed my Fall 2017 semester at Leeward Community College I would visit my grandparents’ graves often and talk to them. I know deep down in my heart, I believe they are listening.
Kashif Riley
I love this channel and YellowBrickCinema for bringing peace and calm when I sleep at night. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression, and when I can't sleep, this relaxes me.
Happy Independence Day.. Live ❤ Love ❤ Laugh ❤ Always with a Grateful Heart💗
Laura Gilbert
It made me want a drink
Lauryn McAskill
I used this while doing a Tarot Reading for someone and honestly, I feel it helped a lot. Thank you! ♡
Life experience
Lisa Sutton
Thank you!!!!
Mai Mohamed
The best thing to hear after long day at work and stress 😊✨👌
Manuela Weets
Everytime i Put thuis,kind of high tone music on, my gf get’s aggitated... maybe the subconcious mind trying to take control ?
Marie Macédo
Thank you for sharing good god vibes all around the world :) Merci .
Melissa Estes
Let me explain again what you are energy and light you don’t die you evolve what you are walking in is a meat suite has be taken care the energy has to be tuned to your world it’s made for you and only you now it’s time evolve you a little faster you have forgotten what you are a being of light your family’s are here Fathers cleaning house we are late Aztec calendar had the day we were at one time United Stonehenge many temples so on we gathered together each created there own world together activates it time remember who we are our family made this world for you only you you are a being of light and energy in meat suit those angels are your family already advanced they had computers long before you
Melody Jackson
Thank you.
Michelle S.
I thought I wanted to hear this but I’m having a headache and I got nauseous 😔
Miguel Soria
Mitchell Mahon
When I do a mini pooja I use this for a half hour to do rhythmic breathing and also as calming background music.
this is nice
Path Finder
There's dozens of these videos, all sounding very much the same, while claiming to alleviate or heal certain \
Paul Goslin
if you correct / align (spine) posture during this you get a euphoric rush of happiness up your spine 🤯
well im awake now
Regina Maria
I can only handle about 20 minutes after that I was feeling a little anxious
Rita Treadwell
I just woke up. I am I am feeling a little disturbed because I usually don't have these type of Dreams. But after reading Gr8ful comment maybe this is why I had this long scary nightmarish dream. I dreamt that some dark force was trying to kill me and some family(s) I was with. They are NOT my family in real life and I don't know them in reality. To try to keep this short I was with a new set of people or family that I knew that was about to get killed. But this scenario kept happening over and over and I would always excape, only to find myself in a new situation of the same. IT was happening over and over but with a new set of people. Sonehow I would to get away while leaving others behind to be killed. Towards the end of his long dream I actually saw the dark spirit with this long barrel gun. I couldn't make out a face or anything it would just like a dark shadow with a dark shadow gun and he saw me and I saw him at the end. I was walking with some people that had already been killed before and it was at night outside on the street where the last family I was with had been executed while getting out of a car . The car doors were all still open. Next I found myself with one of the families or people I was with that already been killed before and they were scared. I told them don't worry about it we're already ghosts. Thats when I sae the dark fiure holding a shot gun ready to aim at us. ThenI woke up, thank God. This dream was like the movie Inception and Sixth Sense rolled into one.
Roslynn Mckoy
Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Namaste will send people your way
S. T.
Sarveshwar Dowluth
I love this frequency, it gives me spiritual chills.. Thanks a lot, many blessings.
Sisipho Bronwyn
i bumped into this today. I dont really meditate or know how to but this makes me think of a lot of things, some of which i do not wish to think of. It makes me both happy and sad.
Steven Kay
I am great full of you Gr8ful. Great full of realization and this video too.
Listening to this brings about the memories of my break up and it shreds my heart in pieces, constant thinking and remembering of my wife :(
Vidhesh Patel
Thank you
Vorasgh Morqane
wow, so many synchronicity numbers on this video, 333k views, 222 comments 999 on the time and i randomly paused it on 444
Xena John
Everytime I listen to you’re videos ! They work instantly.. I can feel it 💚
Yoga Sun
The past and the future melt away when the mind becomes fully focused on yoga ! Thank you !
Zsuzsanna Moher
Thank you! Köszönöm! 💟🙏🙏🙏
beautiful men16
can someone tell me why i cry with this sound.........i am playing online at the same time click this one and suddenly i felt i was hurting inside and tears fall from my eyes and why am i crying.. ..i maybe feeling sad but why there were sad moments but i dont shed tears.in just an instant.......the downloader please explain this
dorothy ponder
I have enjoyed this awesome bless music and foremost I want to say thank you for that lovely message that was said in the comments it is a blessing to read such encouraging words to help guide us into a wonderful world of being who we are as a Gods people of love and unconditional love. Love over take evil. \nThe more love we give the more we overcome the negative in our lives and others. Thanks with Love. God bless.
I have been listening to the all Solfeggio Frequencies for the past couple of nights, but I think this one is going to be more beneficial to me. Thanks so much!!!
The sounds & vibrations in this video are fantastic. I have used this for meditation & put it on before going to sleep. My meditations are deep & I wake up feeling rested. Thank you so much for uploading this. You have a wonderful day.
haiku spirit
Very relaxing, thank you. ☮️
jane edey
I tried, to help my fellow human beings, l guess that some are not? All things are not as they seem, sometimes AVE to dissolve! Thanks for your lovely music, much appreciated! Thanks!
katTy A
Thank you for sharing this.
Understanding that your minds creates the illusion is the first step to true freedom.Just think about the moments when you are sad, it seems that the whole world is sad, think about the moments when you are happy and full of life, it seems that the whole world is happy and full of life, see, this is how your mind creates your reality.Meditation is the key to free from this cycle of creating your reality again and again, and I know you want this freedom, in fact, we all want it, that inner peace.
illuminati eye...
michael mckenney
Love is the answer to the world's questions. It's either you got the love and you got it all or you don't got love and you don't got shit. It's that simple. Love is literally all we got and at the core of our being. Love is all that we truly are.
michelle 77Va
I love all of your music. Thats why I am subscribed to your channel. Your music is so peaceful. Thanks and keep up the great work!💜💜💜💜
miguel mendoza
Gracias por este aporte..!!!
patrick glancey
I am an alien
richard collins
sambit pradhan
There is one suggestion from me - kindly provide some basic instructions along with the videos on how to gain maximum out of the video contents. Like what is minimum duration of listening? How to use the 9 hour long video etc.
Елена Лим
Thank you for the wonderful music, it helped me to pass some blockages of the mind and clean \
คเนชา พงศพลภูวเดช
Great 👍🏻 I can access in my subconscious easily. And told everything I need into my soul. Thank you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻