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Adraa Jasm
Alex Mihai
bag pula in ea fantoma
Alexis IKYG
0:58 lol dumbass
Alyssa Mayle
This is my favorite scream movie 😎 I remember watching it a lot on tv as a kid but what's weird is just recently I watched from start to finish and I literally said to myself, \
Amanda Eklund
How old were Neve in all scream movies? :-)
Angelina Perez
Who go for 49ers their so cool im single
Ben Logan
Brandon Spain
0:58 in a horror movie though...\nThat's even funnier than the whole Scary Movie franchise, it's sad when a horror film is funnier than it's parody that's a comedy.
The way dewey was running 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brooklyn Chatman
Why didn’t ghost face notice their was a chair right there lol 😂
Carla Graça
Mata- a sim
Charlyn Rose Aloran
Ghostface didth notice theres a chair while chaseing sidny then he fall off the chair XD
Wow and I thought Micheal Myers was weak but nope it's this guy ._.
Darth Vader
A very clumsy killer I wouldn't be surprised if he accidentally stabbed himself with the knife lol
DeeK KayE
god damnit stop cutting everything so early..what about the very last part of this scene where he wipes the blood off the knife with the great music playing in the background...jeeezzz maaan
Diego Lopez 99
Sidney is always making this face😬 throughout all the movies
Eduardo 2018
Hello Sidney.❤
Eyeless Jack
It's showtime stabs threw door you know some things in these movies are so stupid
FaZe Sniper
I hate the movie scream
Wes Craven. Able to create suspense, horror, and humor (the two girls wondering  by the door...) and the scene ending where we know what Sidney is thinking without her saying a word. Why aren't there more directors like this?
Firstname :v
the scream guy is so bad at running😂
Fnaf fan586
0:58 Looool 😂
Fred the Fish
He's a clumsy psychopath
Garfield show
We all can tell scream has had a few Stella's for fallin all over the couch
Giass Uddin
Grry Mxwll
I can't take this movie seriously anymore after watching scary movie hahahahaha
Hannah James
Sidney \nWhy did you answering the phone
Who was the killer
Indigo Kid
these movies make me laugh the way he falls over ever thing
must take a lot of strength to drive a knife through a wooden door
J&C Animations
I love when Mrs.Loomis grunted when she was about to stab the door
Jaczyna 12
Hello dorwe cie
Jamie Jaffa Martinez
The killer is so clumsy, it's too funny
Jayden {Wolf} {Nice} {Bisexual}
sidney is the beast at it
Jose Chavez
Dowe is always getting hurt
Juan José Marín Londoño
0:58 you are supposed to take this seriously but you can't
Jules Love
I just love seeing how girls in Wes Craven movies run. It's so feminine, a guy wants to protect her at any cost. Go watch his past movies the girls run like delicate flowers, I think it's cute.
When you think about it, the reason why Ghostface is always tripping over shit is because of the obstructed visibility caused by the mask. I've worn the costume before for Halloween. All you can see is straight in front of you in a dark POV. You have to turn your head left, right, up, or down to know precisely where you're walking (I tripped over a rock while walking around the streets on Halloween night).\n\nNotice how he was looking at Sidney when he tripped over the chair.
King PRO
2018 ????()
KurtlarVadisi Sevdalilar
Its funny how clumsy he run ‘the killer’ :D
Kyle Baxter
The thing we all agree on what part we all love in this clip...Ghostface trips on the couch. Frickin hilarious lol Epic too.
0:58 Ghostface trips 😂
Laughtill YouCry277
0:58 thought I was watching Scary movie for a second
Lazy Jessie
Scary movie had me face my fears😆👍(actual scary movie)
Lj Ellsworth
This was the best part of the film.... Nobody knew who it was after this part...
Marsel Jr
Ghostface.halo sidney remember me hihihi. sidney.what do you want im.Want you is syowtime
Marwa Orabi
بدي الفلم هاد كامل
the way Dewey runs...
Math Marker
my pleasure - ghostface 1997
MissEmzyy Cleversleyy
So its billys mom.
Mlp DV Studios
I love this movie! Derek is such a good bf I miss him!!!
Mrs Khan
Who watching this in 2018
Mundo da Maria Vitória Da
pessoal vão ler a Bíblia porque a revolta tá chegando Deus vs inferno Deus vai castigar todos vocês para de ver isso os anjos vai dese pra pega que é evangélico eu só evangélico vocês não Deus não vai permitir que vocês vão pro céu Deus vai permitir vocês pro inferno é para então de ver essas coisas
Nico Setiawan
After falling, ghostface said \
Nyai Nurlaela
Pamela Williams
Have you watch scream 2 and Sydney always get attacked
Parmaram Leelawat
Paulina Ruiz
Paullo André
Why he fell from de sofa?
see i always thought when he fell on that couch sidney outsmarted him in the chase but he genuinely tripped up on the couch lol
Randy Long
ghost face is funny
Raul Sarabia
is this suppose to be scary because it looks like something from scary movie
Richard Botelho
Rodolfo García
0:57 lol jajajajajaja
Ronnie G
ghostface is not my favourites
Samuel Shin
You can tell this wasn't Mickey. It was Mrs. Loomis. About the same height as Sidney, and not to mention clumsy like everyone pointed out. Unlike the Scream 4 killers, this film at least had a realistic/believable height to her in costume.
Man this dude gotta be the worst killer ever lmao dude tripped over a couch
Savage Damian
0:58\nGhostface: *falls over the chair*\nme: your an idiot😂
Solid Bake
best scary movie of my childhood
Spooks & Books
Ghostface is the most clumsiest killer in slasher movie history
Ten Skripz
This is horror comedy
The Joker
Rest in Peace Wes Craven, Master of Horror :(
Tyrell Bass
before the script got leaked it was suppose to be that he cut him self because he was one of the killers
Ultra D-Rex
0:58 - World's Clumsiest Killer...
Vakayla Minor
Scream always hurtin himself 😂😂😂
Vegeta Solo
Ghostface is one clumsy bastard lol
Vicky VIDI
It's not scary its funny lol...
X GhostX
Host face is clumys
arijus balulis
0:49 ohhhh
0:58 LOL.
icyhot Sam
i remember when i was a kid i watch it on VHS .oh good old times
irakli chitaishvili
k_u sf
00:58 هههههههههه
kooy tia
natalie johnson
I think this is fake
nathan hiner
Nice video
prank Tv
tamara m.
Immer wenn es eine englische folge ist dann schreiben alle englisch
the mom manojlovic
tyler beez bear
it's just Mickey and ms loomis
vüsal Həsənov
Кристина Ангелова
Доста яко. 😂😂😂
я не хрена не вижу
خليفه محمد
كيان انثى
ابيه كامل
وليد عرابي
Lol I laughed when he fall down