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Sergei Shnurov, described as Russia's most popular rock star, with a fanbase to match Putin. Meet Sergei ShnurovClick here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube:

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Andrew 123456789
Love the videos
Ekaterina Jdowdkw
очень странно
Garry Perkins
Why does the volume change so much between videos?
Grigorij Borzov
This is actually just propoganda from my point of view. As a Russian I unbdertsnad everything they sing in this whole video. So I can definitely say that most of this said is just used in the wrong context. If you go to russia or ST Petersburg you would never see a drunk policemen on the street or someone throwing a policeman into the river
Jordan Casey
So he's a 40 year old teenager?
Juan Manuel Ortega Cantin
My name is Mud
Sergey Tulyan
Gavno chto eta tvar govorit po anglijski, pozorit Seregu. Pozor dure, minus tvarjam. Uvazenie - Serege
Tristan Morrow
...seems much of the same could describe Pussy Riot, except—oh, yeah.
My name jeff
sagar pandey
Russia is my city.
Денис Болвинов
Good report! As russian I can say that Shnurov and Putin are looking in the same direction because both of them are very wise persons... and they are popular among the same people. There is no dichotomy :)
Христофор Бонифатьевич
Lenigrad is crazy band - it's the Putins bad a head!