Dr. Sebi Inspired Electric Breakfast l Teff Teff Porridge l VEGAN GLUTEN FREE

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Today's short electric foods recipe is a small grain from Ethiopia that packs a powerful punch! This sebi-approved recipe provides optimal nutrition for those wanting well rounded breakfast ideas. Teff Teff is a grain native to Ethiopia with a long list of health benefits. It is essential for those following an electric foods way of eating! It is gluten-free, high in iron and super versatile. This small but mighty grain aids in digestive health, provides immune support, and helps with managing blood sugars. Instructions: 1. Stir Teff Teff while pouring into hot water to make sure there isn’t lumps. 2. Use 3x more liquid than Teff Teff. Ex. 3 cups liquid for every 1 cup teff teff 3. Stir when it starts to thicken to make it blend nicely. 4. Have your favourite toppings ready to go! Some of my favourite toppings are: blueberries, walnuts, hemp seedsLike, Comment, and Subscribe to stay tuned for more high vibrational content.Blessed love! IG: akeemo.therapyTwitter: akeemo_therapyWebsite: www.richsoulsfitness.com

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