Holding onto Hope - Bridges

Holding Onto Hope-Bridges (Live)


HOH at the Paso Community Church for their CD release show....it was freaking EPIC! haha. sorry about the vid quality...my ...

DACA Voices | Angeles: Holding on to Hope


Sen. Lindsey Grahams BRIDGE Act aims to continue the provisions of the DACA program. The BRIDGE Act is about fairness, ...

Holding Onto Hope - Standing Still As Greatness Passes Me By


Artist: Holding Onto Hope Song: Standing Still As Greatness Passes Me By Album: Holding Onto Hope (2009) Genre: Post ...

Holding Onto Hope KickStarter!


holding-onto-hopes-new-record We encourage you to take the ...

Holding Onto Hope Studio Blog 2


Boys making music Part 2. The music in this is by Ruth Moody, the song is called The Garden.

Holding Onto Hope - Old Voids


New Record Out October 4th 2011. www.facebook.com/hohband www.comeandlive.com.

Holding Onto Hope ourselves lyrics on screen


Holding Onto Hope ourselves R.I.P to an amazing band .

Holding Onto Hope - Your Path In Great Waters (Children of Men)


Amazing band, amazing movie! I do not own the rights to either the song or the movie clips. www.myspace.com/hohband (I only ...

The Power of Hope Interview on Bridges 2017


Does your future seem unclear? Are you filled with fear and anxiety about life? Have you lost hope? With everything going on in ...

Holding Onto Hope - Europe Tour Blog 1


Tour blog from Holding Onto Hopes first European tour 2010.