<span aria-label="클맅트 이스트우드/ Clint Eastwoods Pale Rider Ending Cut


출처 Pale Rider(페일 라이더), 1985년 클린트 이스트우드, 존 러셀, 시드니 페니 Cut.

<span aria-label="Clint Eastwood vs. Richard Kiel door nospinzoneyoupinhead 6 jaar geleden 2 minuten, 31 seconden 145.517 weergaven">Clint Eastwood vs. Richard Kiel


classic scene from the Eastwood western one of my all time favorite Eastwood films. Kiel was a huge mother i read he ...

<span aria-label="Pale Rider - Theatrical Trailer door Warner Bros. 4 jaar geleden 71 seconden 93.205 weergaven">Pale Rider - Theatrical Trailer


A nameless stranger who rides into a small California gold rush town finds himself in the middle of a feud between a mining ...

<span aria-label="PALE RIDER SHOOTOUT SCENE door dbache 6 jaar geleden 3 minuten, 22 seconden 2.125.569 weergaven">PALE RIDER SHOOTOUT SCENE


HERE IS SOME GREAT INFO OF CLINTS REMINGTON REVOLVER. *Firearms expert Phil Spangenberger tells us: “The gun ...3D

<span aria-label="Opening to Clint Eastwoods Pale Rider 1985 VHS [True HQ]


Tape distributor: Warner Home Video | Original pressing | Original release date: December 9, 1985 ...

<span aria-label="PALE RIDER CLINT INTERVIEW 1985 door dbache 1 jaar geleden 6 minuten, 34 seconden 5.892 weergaven">PALE RIDER CLINT INTERVIEW 1985


Play in HD Quality. Clint being interviewed in 1985 about the movie Pale Rider and the storyline behind it. Clints as relaxed as ...

<span aria-label="PALE RIDER AXE HANDLE SCENE door dbache 6 jaar geleden 3 minuten, 45 seconden 3.443.181 weergaven">PALE RIDER AXE HANDLE SCENE


HICKORY WOOD INFO BELOW. * HICKORY WOOD: Very hard, stiff, dense and shock resistant. * Handle/Head ...3D

<span aria-label="Pale Rider door Warner Bros. Worldwide 4 jaar geleden 1 uur, 55 minuten">Pale Rider


Superstar boxoffice champ and Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood () is back in the saddle again in ...Acteurs: Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Richard Dysart